This week at High Meadows Camp                                              June 11, 2015
Aloha Friday/All Camp Cookout
Today was our Hawaiian-themed All Camp Cookout. Campers and counselors ate hot dogs and snacks prepared by Jake the Super Seniors Unit Leader and Jake from Waterfront. The treats were then served by our amazing CITs. To cap it off, counselors from each unit competed against each other in the Ring-of-Fire Minute to Win it Challenge.

Western Wednesday
This past Wednesday was Western Wednesday. Campers and staff came dressed as cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, and sheriffs from the Old West. Additionally, Pony Specialist Walt taught some of our campers how to lasso.

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This Week's Menus

Senior Quest

Late Night Menu


* Dinner - Sammy bar (veggie option is available) as well PB&J.

* Dessert - S'more bar



Snack Menu


* Monday - Chocolate covered bananas

* Tuesday - Veggie cups

* Wednesday - Snack scavenger hunt

* Thursday - S'more bar

* Friday - Popsicles



Snack Menu


* Monday - Trail mix scavenger hunt

* Tuesday - Magic wands

* Wednesday - Surprise Disney-themed snack

* Thursday - S'more bar

* Friday - Popsicles


Creature Highlight
Archery Monster hunts stray arrows

Ever since High Meadows Camp's beginnings in 1973 there have been reports of this not-too-scary "monster". Not much is known about the actual appearance of this creature, but its habits and territory have been well-documented. It lives in the woods near the archery ranges. Its primary food source is arrows. It is said that when campers shoot arrows and cannot find them, the Archery Monster must have quickly gotten these arrows and brought them back to its lair, deep in the woods.
Class Highlight - Unit Discovery
For the second year in a row, the project classes for Grasshoppers, Juniors, and Super Seniors have been replaced with a new activity: Unit Discovery. The focus for Unit Discovery is providing age-appropriate activities that promote learning through exploration and creative problem solving skills. In addition, each unit has their own special anchoring principle that direct the nature of the activities: "exploration" for Grasshoppers, "discovery" for Juniors, and "independence" for Super Seniors.

Ants March

* We made Ants on a log on Friday


* We took our group picture and we will make frames for it next week


* We made our Ants t-shirts, complete with a footprint of your camper


* Our unit choice for next week is Pajama Day, but be sure to bring a change of regular camp clothes so your child does not swelter in the Georgia heat (because, man, it's HOT out there!). 


Grasshoppers Gazette
* We made our grasshoppers t-shirts on Wednesday.
* We made our Grasshoppers Banner.

* An outlaw, whom we later found to be Sir Bentley Dragon, stole our haystack snacks, but returned them upon being caught the next day.

* Our unit choice for next week is Pajama Day, but be sure to bring a change of regular camp clothes 
so your child does not swelter in the Georgia heat (because, man, its HOT out there!). 

Juniors Journal
* We made haystacks for Western Wednesday.

* We cooled off on the water slide on Wednesday.

* Please send a plain white t-shirt in with your child by Monday of next week for them to tie-dye.

* Our unit choice for next Wednesday is Disney Day. 



Super Seniors Shout-Outs
* Please send in 2 liter soda bottles with your child for us to use for our compost and then they can watch worms eat it all away.

* We are starting our No TV challenge next Monday through Thursday, and campers who complete it will be honored for their hard work and dedication with a traditionally decorated feather.

* Some of our campers performed their own camp parody of "Uptown Funk" called "Camptown Funk" during group time and at the all-camp cookout. You can watch the video by visiting the High Meadows Camp age at

* Our Unit Choice for next Wednesday is Halloween Costume Day, but be sure to bring a change of regular camp clothes so your child does not swelter in the Georgia heat (because, man, its HOT out there!).

Senior Quest Quips & Legend Lore

* Connecting to this week's value of community, we are discussing what it means to be an upstander vs. a bystander.


* We had Quest Day on Wednesday with Legend off campus, and gained lots of castle points. 


* Unit Choice is Camper-Counselor Switch Day! Come dressed as your favorite counselors


* Quest Lake Trip is Monday 6/15. Quest campers will load up on a bus and take a short drive to Victoria Beach on Lake Allatoona. What to bring: Close-toed shoes with heel straps (old tennis shoes are the best for protecting feet in the water), towel, sunscreen, and bug spray.



* Quest Evening is Tuesday 6/16. A wonderful way to spend an evening on our campus! Quest campers will play a Greek mythology themed group game, enjoy a dip in the pool, eat snacks and dinner, enjoy some down time with games in the Barn Theatre, maybe sing some old camp songs and finish the night with - what else - s'mores! Rain or shine, they plan on having a great time! Campers who do not plan on staying for the evening will go homeat the usual time of 4:00 pm. Pick up is at 8:30 pm at the carpool location. There are no buses, so if your camper will be staying, you will need to pick them up at 8:30 pm with the rest of the campers. Any evening medication must be turned into a counselor in the prescribed bottle and with instructions. Please fill out and turn in the Medication Release form found on our website

You may email it to [email protected] or print and turn it in to a counselor.

What to bring: A mess kit (we encourage using a reusable plastic plate, bowl, cup, and a fork/spoon)


* Senior Legend's overnight and the river trips were a great success! It was nice to have a day to ourselves off campus and to cool off on the Amacalola River. For the overnight, we enjoyed an exciting camper-counselor soccer match, fun pool time, a tasty sandwich bar, and getting to know your counselor games. We concluded the evening with a great ceremony by the Native Lore classes.

Unit Choice for next Wednesday is Pirate/Ninja Day.

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