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Site Visitor UPDATE   
WINTER 2015 
Standards Revisions Update 

The comment period closed on December 31 for the communities of interest to submit comments on the proposed CAAHEP Standards.

The next step is for the Standards Revision Subcommittee to review the nearly 115 comments and determine how it will address them. The review of the comments will occur during the month of January and will culminate in a final report to the CoAEMSP Board during its February 6-7 CoAEMSP Board meeting.

With the pending CAAHEP Standards revisions, there will be training required by all site visitors on the new CAAHEP Standards. This training will take place in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for more information.
Maintaining Eligibility as a Site Visitor

Thank you for the continued support you have provided the CoAEMSP and Paramedic programs across the country! Your time and expertise are appreciated, even when we don't say it.
Just a reminder for everyone, to maintain eligibility as a site visitor, you must:
  • Successfully complete any Site Visitor Updates.
  • Consistently achieve acceptable quality assurance reports.
  • Attend any CE sessions provided by the CoAEMSP (web-based, in-person, or other format) to ensure continuous compliance with the CAAHEP Standards.
  • Participate in a minimum of three (3) site visits in a 24-month period.
  • Attain successful completion of the Site Visitor Training Workshop under current CAAHEP Standards or acceptable alternative as identified by the CoAEMSP Site Visit Subcommittee.
  • If retired or not currently working in a CAAHEP accredited program, must have worked in EMS education within the past five (5) years.
  • All requirements are subject to the discretion of the Site Visit Subcommittee and the CoAEMSP Board of Directors.
If you have not participated in a minimum of three (3) site visits in the last 24 months, you may be contacted by either a member of the CoAEMSP staff (George, Gordy or Jennifer) or a member of the CoAEMSP Site Visitor Subcommittee to assess your desire to continue your status as a site visitor.

There may be a valid reason for not participating in at least three site visits in 2013 & 2014, such as pursuing your doctorate degree, health related concerns, a change in job status, etc.; therefore, we would like to learn why this requirement has not been met. Please let either George, Gordy or Jennifer know.
Recap of 2014 Site Visits



New! Expense Report for Site Visitors

Effective January 1, 2015, a new overhauled and streamlined expense report will be in use. Please delete the old one, as it is no longer valid.

The expense report must be filled out as a spreadsheet and emailed with the PDF receipts to heather.parker@whitleypenn.com. Benefits of the new expense report include a calculation for additional per diem if appropriate, and a more streamlined workflow.

Please note that if you submit the old expense report, it will be returned to you.

Please direct questions to Jennifer at jennifer@coaemsp.org or 214-703-8445, Ext. 114.
Site Visitor Reception is a Hit!

More than 20 site visitors came together for fun, fellowship, and education in mid-September during the NAEMSE Annual Symposium. The reception was held on a Friday evening, which allowed people to relax, and share ideas and stories. The evening reception was such a hit that the CoAEMSP hopes to host an evening reception again next year!

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.

~ Buddha
Time to Review the CoAEMSP Social Media Policy!

In today's technological age, it is getting more and more difficult to separate our public, professional and private lives. When we make posts on social media sites, we often are unaware of the impact they can have, regardless of whether it is a personal or professional site. Our posts paint a picture of who we are and connect us to other aspects of our lives. What's more, anything we post on the Internet is not really private. There is always a chance that something you put in writing can get into the hands of the wrong person or be misconstrued.


Imagine that all of your social media contacts are sitting in the room with you and you are reading aloud the comment you are about to post. Would you still push the 'post' button?
The following social media guidelines are designed to help you avoid posts that are inappropriate, embarrassing, or legally compromising. This includes posts you make in private, after work hours, and to close friends and family.


After you read through this document you will find that the policy is not complicated and simply raises common sense guidelines that you may not have considered. These guidelines are easy to implement and, after time, will come naturally to you.

Don't Forget... 

It is often much easier to say something in writing rather than face-to-face, but once posted, it can never be taken back. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you would verbally say what you posted to someone face-to face. If the answer is 'no', then chances are it should not be posted.

Review the complete CoAEMSP social media guidelines

periodically, and post a copy in your office. By following these guidelines, you will avoid causing undesired harm, embarrassment or a legal issue to the CoAEMSP as well as yourself.
Gift Policy Approved by Board

During a recent meeting, the CoAEMSP Board of Directors approved the policy for gifts that site visitors may receive during an on-site visit. Periodically programs will provide a thank you gift to the team, such as a pen, coffee mug, folder, or other item with the school logo. The policy states:

"Site Visitors can graciously accept program gifts up to a monetary value of approximately $25. Gifts that appear to be over $25 should be graciously returned to program with apologies concerning CoAEMSP site visitor policies."
Revamped Peer Evaluation

If you have completed a peer evaluation in the last few months, you may have noticed it is different. The new peer evaluation provides more constructive feedback to the CoAEMSP and ultimately to you. Although it may be a year before it is implemented, the long-term goal is to provide you with an annual report card of how you are doing as a site visitor.
Unique Site Visit Management Software Being Developed

A Site Visit Management Module (SVM) built expressly for the CoAEMSP will dramatically change the way site visits are documented, executed and controlled. The system will greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of site visits.

Because the site visit program is being built expressly for the CoAEMSP, the customized software will better serve the purposes of site visits as opposed to using an existing off the-shelf product. The Site Visit Management Module will manage the site visit process beginning with identifying the site visit date with the program, building a site visit team, and managing the site visitor profile. The program will also serve as a repository for all documents related to a site visit including the self study report, site visit report, expense report,
Standards, Interpretations, and more.

The SVM is currently in the development stage and is scheduled for release this Spring. Training sessions will take place with site visitors and program directors at that time.

More information will be shared as the unveiling of this exclusive software program gets closer.
Help Us Name the New Software!
Currently the software in development, the Site Visit Management Module, is being referred to as "The Community." This module is the first of several more to come, eventually resulting in a larger Accreditation Management System that manages the accreditation process and revolutionizes how the CoAEMSP carries out its operations. 

We are looking for a new name for "The Community"--one that's more catchy.

Please help us find a new name by sending your creative ideas to jennifer@coaemsp.org by January 19.
Form 1099 Update

In 2014 the site visit per diem amount was increased from $200 to $225.    In order for us to be in compliance with the IRS reporting requirements, Form 1099-MISC will be issued to any site visitor who has excess per diem over the federal per diem for meals and incidentals totaling $600 or more for the calendar year commencing with the 2014 year.   

Site visitors are allocated 75% of the federal per diem rate for the site visit location for each travel day and 100% of the federal per diem rate on the full day of the visit.  This translates to a total of 2.5 days subject to the federal per diem rate.  Any excess of the per diem amount over the calculated federal per diem rate will be considered taxable income.

The CoAEMSP is tracking the excess amounts for each site visitor and periodically Jennifer will notify the site visitor if and when they are about to reach the $599 threshold.  In most cases, depending upon the location of the site visit, site visitors are able to conduct about five site visits per year without reaching the $600 amount.  

If you would like a quarterly report, inform Jennifer at jennifer@coaemsp.org. Reports will only be distributed upon request or if an individual is approaching the $599 threshold.
Profile Updates & TSA Pre-Check Alerts
Contact: Melanie Gray / graym@travelleaders.com

You are no longer required to update your traveler profile with Travel Leaders. Effective immediately, simply email all profile additions, deletions or modifications, including airline frequent flyer numbers and hotel membership numbers to Melanie Gray at graym@travelleaders.com.  Please note this is a new contact at Travel Leaders!

TSA Pre-Check
An issue was recently discovered with TSA pre-check, Known Traveler Numbers, and airline frequent flyer numbers. Anyone who has a TSA pre-check/Known Traveler Number should make sure ALL frequent flyer numbers are assigned to the exact same name that is listed with TSA. Those whose names do not match may be denied TSA pre-check, as well frequent flyer miles.
Meeting the Needs of Site Visitors:
Best Practices for Program Directors
To support the program directors and you, the CoAEMSP has created a document that program directors receive approximately 2-4 weeks in advance of the site visit with keys to a successful site visit. The keys are suggestions YOU provided. If you have suggestions you wish to have included, email them to jennifer@coaemsp.org.

Direct Deposit Now Available for Per Diems & Expense Checks

CoAEMSP now offers you the option to receive per diems and expense checks via ACH/Direct Deposit. ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. Using this method of payment, as opposed to paper checks helps reduce errors, speed up the payment process, saves valuable resources, and provides much greater security than with paper checks. Direct Deposit via ACH is a simple, safe, convenient and cost-effective electronic payments option.

The CoAEMSP introduced this benefit to its staff, contractors, and several volunteers earlier this year. The implementation has been smooth with no glitches. Often the payment is made and deposited into the recipient's account within 72 hours of receiving an expense report. The per diem checks are deposited within 14 days of the site visit.

Electing ACH/Direct Deposit for reimbursement payment is not required; however, site visitors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of that payment method. If you do not choose direct deposit payments, then you will receive a check through CoAEMSP online banking (typically a paper check mailed by the bank's vendor). The CoAEMSP is moving away from writing paper checks.

To take advantage of this opportunity, complete and return the ACH Payment form to heather.parker@whitleypenn.com.
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