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CAAHEP Board of Directors Meeting

Annual Reports Due for CAAHEP-Accredited Programs

Deadline for Progress Reports & Response to Findings Letter


CAAHEP Board of Directors Meeting

CoAEMSP Board of Directors Meeting

Deadline for Progress Reports and Response to Findings Letter

CAAHEP Board of Directors Meeting

Annual Reports Due for CoAEMSP LoR Programs
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Annual Reports

Thursday, November 14,
1-2 pm CST


Co-Facilitated by:
George W. Hatch, EdD, EMT-P, LP, Executive Director
Bill Goding, MS, RRT, Technical Consultant

At the end of this Annual Report webinar, the participant will be able to:
  • Identify the accreditation Standard that relates to the Annual Report (AR)
  • List the required outcomes
  • State who must file an AR and when
  • Describe the components (tabs) of the AR
  • Discuss the data required in each of the tabs
  • Identify the Standard that relates to Resource Assessment
  • Describe the surveys and matrix for Resource Assessment
Attention Program Directors! 
CoAEMSP Will Be Validating Your Highest Degree!

Currently, when a change in program leadership occurs, a component of the required documentation that must be submitted for the new Program Director is an official sealed transcript from the institution awarding the highest degree of the new hire.  The official sealed transcript must be mailed from the awarding institution to the CoAEMSP.

Additionally, if an existing Program Director completes an advanced degree (e.g. Masters or Doctorate), to validate the new degree, the CoAEMSP requires an official sealed transcript mailed from the awarding the institution.

Effective immediately, all currently accredited programs applying for continuing accreditation, as part of the required Continuing-Accreditation Self Study Report (CSSR), the Program will be required to provide an official sealed transcript for the Program Director of record.  The transcript must be mailed from the awarding institution. The CoAEMSP notifies each program at least six (6) months in advance of the self study due date and included in that email message will be a reminder of the required transcript.  The transcript must be received by the CoAEMSP by the due date of the CSSR. 

2013 Annual Report Due December 1

Support is available by email and phone: Lynn Caruthers at lynn@coaemsp.org or 214-703-8445, Ext 115.

Annual Report Instructions

  • Enrollment/Retention: a) do not enter any class starting PRIOR to accreditation; therefore, nothing should be entered into the Annual Report (AR) for any class starting prior to accreditation; b) data is entered based on the YEAR of enrollment, not on the year of graduation; c) enter data for class starting in 2013 and enter as much as possible up to December 1, 2013; if class graduates after December 1, 2013, they will complete this class next year on the 2014 AR.
  • Outcomes: include recording the first time pass rate and subsequent pass rates for a 3 year average. The first time pass rate is the percentage of graduates who pass the NREMT exam on the first attempt. Outcomes will also be based on the cohorts entered on Enrollment and not on cohorts who started prior to accreditation--even if they graduated after accreditation.
  • Be sure to always hit the Save or Update button before leaving a tab (section).
  • IF the AR is submitted and an error needs to be corrected, the report must be resubmitted after the correction(s) are made.
  • NEVER attach anything to the AR unless requested to do so.
Avoid Confusion! 
Use Your Program Number
When Contacting Us!
We don't want to mistake your program for another one in our system. The best way to make sure that doesn't happen is to use your unique CoAEMSP Program Number (which is like an account number) when you email, call or mail us correspondence. Your Program Number begins with '600' followed by three additional numbers (600xxx).

The CoAEMSP is managing the accreditation process for nearly 700 programs, and some have similar names. Using your Program Number ensures we don't confuse you with someone else!
Take Note! 
ONE Person Now Receives ALL of Your Documents!
Karen Franks
Karen Franks

We wanted to make it easier for you and streamline the process of submitting documents to the CoAEMSP. One person, Karen Franks, will now receive all documents.

This includes:
  • Response to the
    Findings Letter
  • Self Study Report
  • Progress Report
Please email Karen at: karen@coaemsp.org.
JEMS Article Birth of EMS is Written by Paramedic Education Coordinator Dennis Edgerly, BS, EMT-P 

The article Birth of EMS
appearing in the October issue of JEMS magazine recounts the birth of the Paramedic, as well as the history of emergency medical services in general.

CoAEMSP is proud to recognize the article's author Dennis Edgerly, BS, EMT-P, who is Paramedic Education Coordinator at HealthONE EMS. Dennis is also the lead instructor for the Paramedic Education Program and instructs in a number of other EMS classes at HealthONE EMS. He is also the resident expert on EKG interpretation and care of the cardiac patient. 


Be sure to read this excellent and informative article.  

Airway Management FAQs Now Available!

You've attended the Airway Management webinar. You've read the definition of Airway Competency...the Airway Management Recommendation...even the Airway Management Bibliography! And you've been waiting PATIENTLY for the release of the FAQs--answers to those challenging questions asked during the webinar--answers to questions that SHOULD have been asked but weren't!

The Airway Management FAQs have NOW been posted on the Standards & Guidelines page of the CoAEMSP website to assist you. You can also view them here

Thank you for your patience as we compiled carefully thought out and researched answers to your questions. 
New Article:
When Is It a Team Lead?
Variations on a Theme: What, Why, When, Where, How (many), and Who

by Patricia L. Tritt, RN, MA

The Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP) continues to explore the nuances of 'when it is a team lead' and 'how may team leads do we need'?  Both may appear to have simple answers but clearly do not.

Team leads are a capstone component.  Capstone refers to a culminating student experience in which students apply the concepts that they have learned to solve real-life problems. It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have achieved the terminal goals for learning established by their educational program and to demonstrate entry level competency in the profession.  The CoAEMSP Policies and Procedures Manual define a capstone experience as: "Activities occurring toward the end of the educational process to allow students to develop and practice high-level decision making by integrating and applying their Paramedic learning."

Read the complete article...
Welcome Gordy Kokx!
New Assistant Director of Accreditation Services
The CoAEMSP Board of Directors recently named Gordon (Gordy) A. Kokx, MS, NREMT-P as Assistant Director of Accreditation Services. Gordy assumed his position November 1.

Gordy will be responsible for self-study content, consortia agreements, CAAHEP Standards & Guidelines, best practices for program directors, and distance education.

With the overwhelming increase in accredited programs in the past two years, the need for a second staff member serving in this capacity was essential. Gordy will be highly visible in the EMS community, visiting educational programs; supporting and assisting program directors as they become accredited and maintain accreditation; and representing the CoAEMSP at EMS conferences and events.

Gordy can be reached at gordy@coaemsp.org or 214-703-8445, Ext. 117.

Welcome, Gordy!
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