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CoAEMSP & NAEMSE Workshops: CAAHEP Accreditation Update & Evaluating Student Competency, Chicago

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Important Information Regarding Your
2013 Annual Report 

Support is available by email & phone:
Lynn Caruthers
at lynn@coaemsp.org or 214-703-8445, ext 115.

Annaul Report Login

If you are a program that is CAAHEP accredited, you will receive an email later this month informing you that access to the annual report is available for data entry, along with your program's user name and password. The filing deadline is December 1, 2013.

If you are a program that holds the CoAEMSP Letter of Review (LoR), you will receive an email early January 2014 informing you that access to the annual report is available for data entry, along with your program's user name and password.  The filing deadline for LoR programs is April 1 2014.

When Completing Your Annual Report
  • Satellites and Affiliates: Be sure to review the definitions for Satellites and Affiliates.  Enter each Satellite campus site that has been CoAEMSP approved or that is currently being used.
  • Enrollment & Retention: Continue adding enrolled classes up through December 1, 2013.   REMINDER: The column title must match the YEAR of enrollment and not the graduation year of the class.  Do NOT enter data for classes graduating after December 1, 2013 as this data will be entered on the 2014 Annual Report.  Enter all classes enrolled at Satellite campuses up through December 1, 2013 as a separate entry.
  • Survey Worksheet: Survey results for the graduates of 2012 are to be entered.
  • Review each Annual Report section and hit "SAVE" before moving to the next section.
  • If you already filed a 2013 Annual Report, you must update that report and re-submit.


Plan to Attend this Webinar
CoAEMSP: Recommendation on Airway Management


Wednesday, September 11,

1pm, Central Time


Join Dr. Murray Kalish and Mr. Gordy Kokx as they share WHY the CoAEMSP developed the recommendation for airway management, HOW the recommendation was determined, and WHAT the recommendation is for airway management. There will also be time for questions and answers.


Who should attend: program directors, site visitors, state EMS directors and training coordinators, medical directors, anyone with an interest in the CoAEMSP's recommendation on airway management.



By the Numbers
By the Numbers Aug  

Last Set of Workshops this Year! 
CoAEMSP & NAEMSE Co-Sponsor Workshops
CoAEMSP/CAAHEP Accreditation
Update & Evaluating Student Competency Workshops
September 26-28, 2013


Registration will close September 11 OR when 75 people have paid in full--whichever comes first! Reserve your seat now!

Accreditation Workshop--Sept. 26, 2013
This workshop is designed to bring the new paramedic program director and others in on the CAAHEP accreditation process including self study, site visit, and on-going issues as well as provide input on any Standards changes. Additional information.

Evaluating Student Competency Workshop--
Sept. 27-28, 2013
This 2-day workshop is designed to assist instructors in appropriately evaluating students in all domains as well as complying with CAAHEP accreditation Standards related to student evaluation. This workshop has an online pre-course component that is approximately 4 hours in length. For this session, it is advised that participants have access to the NAEMSE Textbook, Foundations of Education: An EMS Approach 2nd edition (available for purchase from NAEMSE; $60 plus tax, s&h. To order the text book contact NAEMSE at 412-343-4775). Additional information.

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