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  MAY 2013
EMS Week 2013: Thank You

We acknowledge the tireless work you perform throughout the year for the good of the EMS profession and for the safety and health of the American public. You make a difference.     

EMS Week 2013  
Airway Management Recommendation

The challenge? To define airway competency. The result? A recommendation based on research and validation. In August 2012 the CoAEMSP Board of Directors released its recommendation on airway management; however, due to the feedback received from the communities of interest, the recommendation was revised to make it clearer.

The following revised language is based on months of work by a task force consisting of CoAEMSP Board members and non-Board members who obtained input from program directors, researched the literature, and vetted EMS focused organizations. The result of its due diligence and hard work is the CoAEMSP's recommendation on airway management. The recommendation has been added as a CoAEMSP interpretation to the CAAHEP Standards.

The paramedic student should establish airway competency by mastering the following:
  1. Adequately assess, establish, maintain and monitor the airway throughout patient contact
  2. Perform basic airway management, including the use of basic maneuvers and airway adjuncts
  3. Prepare and perform advanced airway management
  4. Demonstrate psychomotor skill proficiency related to all levels of airway management
  5. Perform airway management in various environments, including laboratory, clinical and field
  6. Verify correct placement of airway devices utilizing the following assessments and adjuncts: direct visualization (preferred), capnography (preferred), indirect visualization, chest sounds, abdominal sounds, oxygen saturation, changes in level of consciousness, skin color, and vital signs
  7. Demonstrate critical thinking and clinical judgment regarding total airway management decision making
The paramedic student should be successful in any combination of live patients, high definition fidelity simulations, low fidelity simulations, or cadaver labs in all age brackets (neonate, infant, pediatric, and adults). High definition simulation, defined by Sim man, METI man, etc., is highly recommended but optional. Low fidelity simulation is defined by traditional simulation manikin heads, such as Laerdal, Nasco, Simulaids, etc. Paramedic students should have exposure to diverse environments of learning, including but not limited to hospital units (e.g., operating rooms, emergency departments, intensive care units); ambulatory surgical centers; out of hospital settings (e.g., ambulance or field environments); and in laboratory settings (e.g. floor, varied noise levels, and varied lighting conditions).

Based on current research, the paramedic student should have no fewer than fifty (50) attempts at airway management across all age levels (neonate, infant, pediatric and adult). And, in order to demonstrate airway competency, the student should be 100% successful in their last twenty (20) attempts at airway management. Airway management may be accomplished utilizing any combination of live patients, high fidelity simulations, low fidelity simulations, or cadaver labs.

It is recommended that the majority of attempts be accomplished by using either live patients, realistic simulation labs, or both. As with all other required skills, terminal competency in airway management must be defined by the program's Advisory Committee and validated for each student by the program's Medical Director.
Important Instructions for Submitting Correctly!
Progress Reports & Response to Site Visit Findings Due June 1

deadlneDo you have a progress report due June 1? Have you recently hosted a site visit and have a response to the site visit findings due June 1? Be sure to submit it as a single PDF document to Karen (karen@coaemsp.org) on or before June 1 to prevent a recommendation for probation or a withhold of accreditation.

Imagine, you are charged with reviewing more than 60 programs' accreditation records. Imagine the documentation you have submitted for ONE program multiplied by 60. Imagine the person receiving the 60 programs' submissions and collating it for dissemination to the Board. This is what the CoAEMSP staff  has been responsible for. To ensure ALL of the documentation is received and reviewed, programs MUST submit a single PDF document and on time, with no imbedded documents or external links.

The CoAEMSP Board has taken a hard stance on reports submitted after the deadline, in multiple files, or the wrong format. The report or response will be considered not received and the Board will NOT review the material.

Questions? Contact Karen (karen@coaemsp.org).

The Board of Directors recently reviewed 61 programs during its May 3 Board meeting. Of those 61 programs, only one had not submitted on time or as a single PDF document. Don't be that one!
Award is Typically Reserved for Individuals
CoAEMSP is One of Few Organizations to Receive CAAHEP Presidential Citation

Front Row: George Hatch, EdD, LP, EMT-P, CoAEMSP Executive Director; Doug York, NREMT-P, PS, Chair, CoAEMSP Board of Directors; James Atkins, MD, FACC, Treasurer, CoAEMSP Board of Directors. Back Row: Jeff Beeson, DO, LP, CoAEMSP Board of Directors; Bill Goding, MEd, RRT, CoAEMSP Technical Consultant; Jennifer Anderson Warwick, MA, CoAEMSP Accreditation Consultant; Deb Cason, MS, RN, EMT-P, CoAEMSP Board of Directors; Theresa Sisneros, CAAHEP Director of Accreditation Services; and Rob Wagoner, NREMT-P, NREMTP Associate Director.

CAAHEP's Presidential Citation is presented periodically at the recommendation of the CAAHEP President, as stated in the CAAHEP Policy Manual, to "a volunteer who has been especially instrumental in helping the President."

In the case of CoAEMSP, according to CAAHEP, the efforts of the entire group of volunteers that make up the CoAEMSP Board was so unique and vast that the President, Cameron Harris, RPSGT, felt the Citation should honor the whole group of volunteers.  The CoAEMSP was recognized for the processes it put into place in preparation for the onslaught of requests for accreditation coming into the CoA with the profession's accreditation requirement changes.  This included:

  • instituting the letter of review program
  • revamping the CoAEMSP board member review team process
  • allowing documents to be submitted electronically
  • retraining site visitors and holding multiple site visitor training sessions
  • educating the education programs on the need for accreditation and how to prepare for the process
  • and increasing the CoA's overall communications to its community
"The mission of CAAHEP is 'to assure quality health professions education to serve the public', said President Harris. "NREMT and NASEMSO heard  through publication from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Health Resources and Services Administration and Institute of Medicine, that  best interest of public would be served by a single pathway for educational accreditation and personnel certification for the emergency medical system.  Faced with the influx of an enormous number of programs seeking accreditation to meet the deadline for this new requirement, the CoAEMSP showed great ingenuity and determination to accommodate the public interest and the needs of their profession while maintaining the standard quality required by CAAHEP."

The CoAEMSP is greatly honored to have received this award, but acknowledges that receiving it would not have been possible without the significant contributions and support of the EMS community--most specifically NASEMSO and the NREMT.
By the Numbers

The CoAEMSP continues to receive 5-10 new Self Study Reports each month. The latest status is shown in the diagram below.

By the Numbers May
Position Now Available:
Assistant Director of Accreditation Services

Applications are now being accepted for Assistant Director of Accreditation Services for the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions (CoAEMSP), the professional organization that provides services for national accreditation of Paramedic educational programs under the auspices of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Qualifications for the position include a highly motivated, organized, individual dedicated to the mission of the CoAEMSP;  a Master's degree (or higher) from an accredited post-secondary academic institution (official academic transcript required); current state or national Paramedic certification;  a strong working knowledge of the accreditation process; experience in leadership roles, management, and the site visit process; and extensive work in paramedic education.

To be considered for the position, please send a cover letter, vitae, official transcripts, current EMS credentials and three letters of reference by June 7, 2013 to:

George W. Hatch, Jr. EdD, EMT-P, LP
Executive Director, CoAEMSP
8301 Lakeview Parkway Suite 111-312
Rowlett, Texas 75088       

The position will remain open until filled.  The CoAEMSP is an equal opportunity employer.  Compensation includes competitive salary, health insurance, dental coverage, retirement plan, and great working environment.  Salary is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience.


Avoid Late Fees & Other Necessary Actions!
Annual Fees Due July 1

Invoices for the 2013-2014 annual fee were emailed the week of May 6 to programs that are CAAHEP accredited, hold the CoAEMSP Letter of Review, or are in the process of seeking accreditation. 

The annual fee of $1200 is due July 1, and is considered late if not received by July 31.

The CoAEMSP must take action when programs have not paid their fee by the due date.

 Programs are subject to:
  • a late processing fee of ten percent (10%) of the overdue accreditation fee amount;
  • possible administrative probation; and
  • a recommendation to withdraw the program's accreditation at the next board meeting.
The CoAEMSP wants to avoid assessing these penalties; please help us avoid taking these measures. Note: The invoice was emailed to the program director unless the program informed the CoAEMSP otherwise. The email address it was sent from is ruth.crump@whitleypenn.com.
CoAEMSP Board of Directors Approves Strategic Plan

The CoAEMSP approved a new strategic plan during its May 3 quarterly Board meeting. The strategic plan provides a road map for the organization as it continues to strengthen Paramedic education and accreditation and move toward evidence based standards. As part of the strategic plan, the CoAEMSP Board of Directors approved a new mission statement, a new vision statement, and core values.

Mission Statement
The mission of the CoAEMSP is to advance the quality of EMS education through CAAHEP accreditation.

Vision Statement
CoAEMSP is recognized as the leader in evidence based standards for accreditation.

Core Values | CLARITY

Core Values

Strategic Goals

Developing a high level process for the collection and analysis of data for the purpose of improving EMS Education

Restructure Board/Staff to meet the needs of the growing organization and EMS profession. Improve Board engagement and effectiveness.

Position CoAEMSP to effectively respond to and manage trends in EMS Education including developing competent evaluative processes especially for Distance Education.
CAAHEP Standards are in Revision

The Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) requires the CoAEMSP to review its Standards at least once every 5 years. Due to the NREMT's accreditation initiative, which required all Paramedics wishing to take the NREMT-P be graduates of a CAAHEP-accredited Paramedic program as of January 1, 2013, CAAHEP waived the 5-year requirement. The last time the CAAHEP Standards were reviewed was in 2005. The revision process will be transparent, and all of the communities of interest will have an opportunity to provide input. The CoAEMSP anticipates seeking public input during its two sessions offered at the NAEMSE Annual Symposium this year--CoAEMSP/CAAHEP Standards: Where are we and where do we want to go?

Watch future eUpdates for open comment period on the draft Standards.
Make Plans & Register Now!
CoAEMSP & NAEMSE Co-Sponsor Workshops
CoAEMSP/CAAHEP Accreditation
Update & Evaluating Student Competency Workshops
June 25-27, 2013
Los Angeles

September 26-28, 2013

Registration will close June 17 (for LA) & Sept.11 (for Chicago) OR when 75 people have paid in full--whichever comes first! Registration opens at the close of the workshop immediately preceding it.


Accreditation Workshop--June 25 & Sept. 26, 2013
This workshop is designed to bring the new paramedic program director and others in on the CAAHEP accreditation process including self study, site visit, and on-going issues as well as provide input on any Standards changes. Additional information.

Evaluating Student Competency Workshop--
June 26-27 & Sept. 27-28, 2013
This 2-day workshop is designed to assist instructors in appropriately evaluating students in all domains as well as complying with CAAHEP accreditation Standards related to student evaluation. This workshop has an online pre-course component that is approximately 4 hours in length. For this session, it is advised that participants have access to the NAEMSE Textbook, Foundations of Education: An EMS Approach 2nd edition (available for purchase from NAEMSE; $60 plus tax, s&h. To order the text book contact NAEMSE at 412-343-4775).  Additional information.

Make Plans to Attend!
CoAEMSP is Attending the 2013
NAEMSE Symposium!

Make plans to attend the 2013 NAEMSE Symposium and Trade Show August 5-10, 2013 in Washington, DC at the Omni Shoreham. Join us for CoAEMSP sessions and visit us in the Exhibit Hall, Booth #308.

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