As the snow continues to disappear in the mountains and alpine flowers begin to bloom, it is time to venture into the high peaks of the Tetons and catch some of the best views in the country.  It is refreshing to know that we still have several weeks of long days ahead of us to relish the beauty of summer in Grand Teton!
Grand Teton National Park's Wildlife Brigade is a group of volunteers that manages roadside wildlife jams, patrols picnic areas for unsecured food, and shares educational information with visitors to the national park. Catch a glimpse of what they're doing and why they choose to do it!
Our NPS Academy students are now in the internship phase of the program! These young people are not only spending each day outside in some of the most beautiful parks in the country, they are also gaining invaluable life skills that will help them prepare for their futures.
Adventure Journal - Grand Teton Summit
GTNPF staff member Laura Yungmeyer climbed the Grand during the final weekend of July - her first trip up the big mountain! Laura reported clear weather, warm temperatures, and a safe, fun ascent during her two-day stint in the high country.
Volunteer in Grand Teton
Are you looking for a new way to be a steward to Grand Teton? Do you love to take advantage of long summer days by walking the trails of the park? We have the perfect opportunity for you! GTNP is looking for volunteers to help with trail maintenance.
Grand Teton Trivia
What is the fastest in animal in Grand Teton National Park?

The peregrine falcon, which can dive on its prey at speeds up to 180 miles per hour.
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