MAY 2014
Summer has Arrived!

The sun continues to shine and snow has melted from the valley floor -- it's time to get outside and enjoy everything that Grand Teton has to offer. The valley is bustling with life as the first wildflowers are starting to bloom, the aspen leaves are quaking in the wind, and some of our favorite animals have begun raising their offspring. Whether you're hiking, floating, horseback riding, or driving, there are plenty of ways to explore and appreciate the park during the early months of summer.


National Trails Day is a nationwide holiday that occurs every year on the first Saturday of June. The day is devoted to celebrating and promoting the extensive trail systems throughout our country. On Saturday, June 7th, Grand Teton will celebrate National Trails Day by engaging a group of volunteers in a trail maintenance project in the park. 

One of the most unique aspects of time spent in Teton County is interacting with the abundant wildlife that also call this valley home. As we transition into summer, it is important that we take a moment to learn and reflect on how to safely and responsibly interact with our local wildlife.  Watch this park-produced video!
Grand Teton Trivia
How do you tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear?

A grizzly has a distinct shoulder hump, and its face has a slightly dished profile. The black bear's face has a straight profile, and its rear end often looks taller than its front shoulders.

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