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Moulton Barn -- Join the festivities at the T.A. Moulton Barn centennial party!
Wildlife Whereabouts -- Summer updates on wildlife in Grand Teton from senior biologist Steve Cain 
Upcoming Event -- Presentation by Grand Teton's bear management specialist for kids and families!
In the Spotlight -- Corporate Partners help Youth Programs Dress for Success!
TravelStorys GPS -- Download your personal guide to Grand Teton
Love Photography? -- Register for this fall's workshop--and mention us at sign up!
Grand Teton Trivia -- Tidbits of interest about our favorite national park
Discover Grand Teton Online -- A dynamic website focused on Grand Teton  

The T.A. Moulton Barn celebrates 100 years on July 20th

On July 20th, photographers, historians, and visitors alike will have the opportunity to publicly gather to honor the 100th anniversary of this iconic barn that continues to serve as a reminder of the area's original homesteaders.  Often referred to as "the most photographed barn in the country," few structures tell the tale of the Teton valley's history in as striking of a setting.  Members of the Moulton family, in collaboration with Grand Teton National Park, have planned a day of activities for the barn's centennial party.  

The celebration will be preceded by a volunteer-driven w
ork week led by conservator Harrison Goodall.  

For more information, visit
or to contribute funding to Moulton barn restoration work, contact the Foundation:
Photo by Jerry Herman
  • "Child rearing" season is in full bloom for all species.
  • Wolf pups from all Grand Teton packs are out and about, learning about the new world around them, playing and growing rapidly. 
  • The bison herd in Grand Teton was still calving in June. In July, early-born bison calves will start to turn from their bright orange natal fur to a dark brown coat.
  • Osprey, eagle, and swan nestlings are still developing and preparing for flight later this summer.
  • Moose have calved and are VERY protective of their young. Please be cautious.
  • Hibernating rodents, such as uinta ground squirrels, chipmunks, and marmots are very active, putting on weight to get them through the next winter.
  • Pikas, smaller relatives of hares and rabbits, are becoming more noticeable as the snow continues to recede.
  • Neotropical birds, such as ruby crowned kinglets, western tanagers, and hummingbirds have returned and are busy breeding and raising young.
  • Pronghorn antelope had their fawns during June. By July, both pronghorn and elk calves are very mobile and move with their mothers for most of the day.
  • Grizzly bear 610 is on her own this year and has been seen only occasionally.  Bears presumed to be her two-year-olds, that were weaned this spring, have been seen regularly in the park.
  • Grizzly Bear 399 and her three cubs have been less visible this year. If you are lucky enough to see them, please give them the space they deserve so that others can also enjoy their presence. Park regulations require that visitors stay 100 yards or further away from bears and wolves.  
  • First year bear cubs are growing rapidly and become much more mobile, which allows their family groups to travel more widely in search of food.
  • Mosquitoes are now out in force (but vary in abundance across the landscape), providing food to birds, bats, fish, and other species.
  • So far, regular spring and early summer rains have kept vegetation green in most parts of the valley green, resulting in significant seasonal growth and many benefits to wildlife. 
  • As daily high temperatures rise with the season, mid-day wildlife activity will be reduced considerably.   
Learn about the Foundation-funded Wildlife and Natural Resource Initiative and the crucial research of black and grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars it enables. 



Auditorium seating is limited to 150 and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For planning purposes, please let us know if you'll be joining us: laura@gtnpf.org, 307-732-8869.


Many thanks to our Corporate Partners who helped our Youth Programs Dress for Success in 2013!
The Youth Engagement Initiative encompasses three annual programs that connect youth to nature and national parks. 

Youth Conservation Program (YCP) is a teen trail crew that operates for ten weeks each summer, offering a unique educational and employment opportunity.  Pura Vida (PV) is a Latino experiential and mentoring program for underserved middle/high-school students in the area.  NPS Academy is an internship and mentoring program for diverse college students from across the country that includes a spring program and 12-week summer internships.


By providing in-kind gifts for these programs, our corporate sponsors outfitted these groups of young wilderness enthusiasts for success in Grand Teton!

Youth Conservation Program 2013

Marmot is an award-winning, globally distributed brand of high-performance technical clothing and equipment.  Marmot works with professional mountain guides, world-class athletes and expeditions-pushing the limits of product innovation and technology and pioneering possibilities in the most extreme environments on earth.  Since 1974, Marmot products have been worn by climbers, skiers, mountaineers and adventurers world-wide.  This summer, a group of hardworking teens in Grand Teton will sport Marmot gear too!

Marmot ensured the YCP crew was dressed for success by providing high-quality apparel and backpacks for the summer.


Marmot has a rich history with the Tetons and Grand Teton National Park. For over 20 years, Marmot has sponsored the EXUM Mountain Guide Service, a local company that offers climbing instruction and guided ascents throughout Grand Teton National Park.  Marmot's vice president of marketing, Tom Fritz, elaborates on his decision to provide Marmot gear for the Youth Conservation Program in summer 2013: "This initiative ties into our company history and our long-time support of outdoor recreation throughout the Tetons. GTNPF is a great organization doing important work. Grand Teton is an area in which we all love to recreate and I can't think of a better way for Marmot to give back." 



Born of a life in the Tetons, High Country Outfitters has the expertise and equipment to provide authentic experiences that enhance outdoor pursuits and lifestyles.  For over forty years, the shop has had an outstanding reputation for supplying locals and visitors with guided fishing trips, quality outdoor apparel, footwear, skiing and snowboarding gear, firearms and camping equipment.


Invested in the futures of today's youth, High Country Outfitters generously donated FITS Socks to NPS Academy. 


 Kristie Eggebroten, vice president of operations for High Country Outfitters explains, "High Country Outfitters is committed to serving youth in their exploration of outdoor pursuits.  We believe that the youth of today are the stewards of our environment in the future.  Supporting this program gave us the opportunity to share our passion for Grand Teton with students from throughout the U.S."



Rugged. Authentic. Reliable. Timeless.  Mountain Khakis, developed in Jackson Hole, has become a top-performing mountain-inspired lifestyle apparel brand. Established in 2003, Mountain Khakis has quickly become a staple in the wardrobe of everyone from ranch hands to golf pros, those who travel by jet, as well as those who travel by thumb.  The Mountain Khakis brand story continues to resonate as it connects to the enthusiast who believes that freedom and rugged adventure is a way of life.


Since the Youth Conservation Program's inception in 2006, Mountain Khakis has provided the YCP with high-quality, durable work pants.


Mountain Khakis believes they must be stewards of the environment and the communities in which they are present.  Mountain Khakis marketing manager, Erin Hoffarth, explains "Grand Teton National Park is our backyard and we believe in building long-term relationships here through GTNPF to protect it.  It is a pleasure to support the YCP through GTNPF each summer.  We believe the YCP is a fundamental building block for young adults to understand the great outdoors, all they have to offer, and how to protect them."



Next year marks Skinny Skis 40th anniversary! Located just off the town square on West Deloney, the shop opened in the fall of 1974 and continues to provide excellent service under current owners Jeff Crabtree and Phil Leeds.  Although cross country ski equipment, clothing, and service were at the root of Skinny Skis', the summer season features a superb selection of high quality gear and clothing for running, hiking, backpacking and climbing in the Tetons. 


Through a generous gift of Vasque hiking boots to the Youth Conservation Program Trail Crew, Skinny Skis is helping keep the crew happy while on their feet all day!


Based in the heart of Jackson, Skinny Skis believes strongly in giving back to its community.  Phil Leeds explained, "Engaging today's youth is critical to the protection of our wild spaces in both the United States and worldwide. Being able to help facilitate opportunities for youth to get more involved in the outdoors, both in the summer and winter, is at the core of Skinny Skis' values." 


Lee's Tees has provided visitors and locals alike with classic, humorous and retro T- shirts to celebrate their time in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton.  Started 32 years ago in a small shop where he printed each shirt individually, Lee Gardner has grown his business into a leader providing Jackson Hole T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats.


Lee's Tees helped to provide T-shirts for this year's Youth Conservation Program uniform




With over 100 years of experience producing socks Crescent Sock Co. decided to leverage their experience and develop their own high-quality sock product under the name FITS.  Using well-developed materials, processes and quality control, FITS Sock Co. has designed products to be the best fitting performance socks in the industry.


FITS Sock Co. helped keep NPS Academy students' feet warm through their generous sock donation this spring! 



Hone your photography skills in  
Yellowstone National Park 

This fall: benefit from the instruction of two of the area's most
notable photographers and help support our work in Grand Teton! 

Join Foundation friends Ed Riddell and Jonothan Stuart in the midst of exquisite fall colors for a four-day photography workshop in Yellowstone National Park.  For every person that mentions GTNPF at sign-up, Ed will donate $100 to the Foundation in support of our mission to protect and enhance Grand Teton's resources. 


Ed and Jon, both veteran photographers, have photographed in the greater Yellowstone area for over 35 years.  Having taught over 20 workshops in Yellowstone over the years, they know the best locations for fall photography. Their local knowledge will allow you to escape the crowds and visit "secret spots" for unique shots. Daily field trips and critiques along with group and individual instruction are guaranteed to make you a better photographer.

September 26 - 29, 2013  
(optional additional day)

All ability levels welcome!



Click here for tuition information, etc. and to sign up!


Did you know? 
Did you know that the granite and gneiss composing the core of the Teton Range are some of the oldest rocks in North America, but the mountains are among the youngest in the world?



*Source: National Park Service, nps.gov/grte/naturescience/index.htm



The Foundation is proud to have funded Discover Grand Teton, an interactive educational website with resources to engage park-lovers of all ages.

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