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Today's Wildlife Event -- Presentation by Grand Teton's Senior Wildlife Biologist Steve Cain 

Download TravelStorysGPS! -- Public Access channel stories offer captivating Teton tales

Wildlife Whereabouts -- Updates on wildlife in the park from Senior Wildlife Biologist Steve Cain  

In the Spotlight -- Vail Resorts' Echo Day 

Discover Grand Teton Online -- A dynamic website focused on Grand Teton   




Presentation on Park Wildlife:  Tonight in Moose, WY 


Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott invites wildlife enthusiasts to an evening presentation about park wildlife on Thursday, October 25, at 6:30 p.m. in the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center auditorium at Moose.  


Steve Cain, senior wildlife biologist, will provide a recap and overview of the current status of several wildlife species that occupy home ranges in Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway.  More details here!   


A new, free app for Grand Teton debuted this summer!

TravelStorysGPS shares vivid and engaging stories about park history, geology, animals and activities. 
Highlighted feature! Tune-in to the the
content on the TravelStorysGPS
Public Access channel
fascinating personal accounts of Grand Teton adventures and history shared by the people who know the park best!  Here's a preview of the story by Michelle Smith, a longtime snowboarder, climber, and mountaineer in the Tetons.

"There aren't many things that are more fulfilling to me than challenging myself in the Tetons while summiting a peak.  One day that challenge took a turn for me;
I took a bad fall while attempting an ice climb on the Grand Teton.  My partner and I set out to climb the Enclosure Couloir on the northwest side of the Grand. 
We began our adventure at 4:00 am..."

For the rest of the story, download the app here! 
The TravelStorysGPS team welcomes your feedback at feedback@travelstorysgps.com 

Wildlife Whereabouts


Photo by Jenny King
October is a month of transition in Grand Teton and the surrounding Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Temperatures have dropped and we have received the season's first snows. Animals in Grand Teton are busy preparing for their stay during the long winter or for their migration to a milder climate.  More specifically:


  • Snow in the high elevations forces bighorn sheep lower and to south-facing and windblown slopes up high. 
  • The elk rut is winding down.
  • Pronghorn antelope begin staging for migration.
  • Remaining osprey head south for wintering areas along southern coasts of the US, Mexico and Cuba.
  • The last marmots and Uinta ground squirrels have gone underground for the winter.
  • Fish move to deeper water as river and stream levels drop.
  • Beavers continue to cache food near lodges, preparing for the freeze.
  • Bears continue to forage, but activity levels for many start to drop in preparation for hibernation.  Most black bears begin hibernation during October, whereas grizzly bears will wait until November.


Learn about the Foundation-funded Wildlife and Natural Resource Initiative and the crucial research of black and grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars it enables. 





Vail Resorts' Echo Day: A model for dynamic corporate support    


In early September, Grand Teton Lodge Company and Flagg Ranch Company, in partnership with GTNPF, brought local resort employees to Grand Teton National Park as part of Vail Resorts' Echo Day.  This annual, daylong volunteer event features a service project in each Vail Resort community, bringing a total of 46 volunteers to the park this year to tackle invasive species removal, native seed collection and other improvement projects.   


We're delighted to share the following video, which documents this year's Echo Day accomplishments in Grand Teton and beyond!   




Vail Resorts, along with its local properties, continues to be an exceptional supporter in our mission to improve resources and educate young people in Grand Teton National Park. Many thanks to Vail Resorts, Grand Teton Lodge Company and Flagg Ranch Company! 


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With Expert's Help, New Feature on Discover Grand Teton 

Foundation board member and University of Utah geophysicist Robert B. Smith, a leading expert on earthquakes and volcanism in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks region, recently collaborated with park staff to update and enhance the Teton Geology
segment of the Discover Grand Teton website.

Dr. Smith's work to improve the website comes on the heels of a exciting honor --
he was recently awarded the 2011 John Wesley Powell Award from the U.S. Geological Survey!  Three cheers, Dr. Smith, for recognition of your fantastic work and for your contributions to creating an engaging, informative new website feature on behalf of GTNPF.


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