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Here is a quick list of the top five things that Sage 100 Contractor, (originally called Master Builder) will help you do better. And better WILL lead to more profitable jobs and higher margins!

  1. Better Visibilty and Control of your business and projects (over 125 job cost reports to select from)
  2. Know where you are at in real time (Committed cost reports and an auto alert system)
  3. Produce PO's and subcontracts with a click of a button
  4. Certified payrolls in a few clicks, AI702 and 703 as well
  5. Attach documents, GO Green, and have access to information anywhere anytime

There are two ways you can learn more, fill out our questionnaire for a custom demo video or call us for a full presentation. Call today to schedule and be sure to mention this email for our June special.


Sage 100 Contractor Overview
Sage 100 Contractor Overview





Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go

CEO for CFO on the go, Your Sage Construction Business Partner currently working with over 1,500 construction and construction service companies for the past 11 years.


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PS: There are many more reasons to own a construction specific solution and the only way you can be sure it is or isn't for you is to attend a short webinar. Call today!


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