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Need remote access?

Want to save money on servers and the cost of operating them?

 Download our NEW PDF about Sage 100 on the go, just click below:


Want to learn more, please call our office for more information or to ask questions about the service or pricing.


Last month we saw 6 more companies make the move to hosting.  Now accessing information on their IPAD.

Just call 800-659-5851


June's Sage 100 and Sage 300

Updates and News

New view 


Sage 100 Contractor is Here and Getting 5-Stars
From Our Clients Who Have Installed It


Loaded with new features.  Take a quick look at the You Tube video we have recorded.  Here is a partial list of improvements.


Easier to use Lookup Windows

Brand new customized work spaces

Edit Posted Transactions

Job Security -User list by project and over budget warnings

Purchase Order over Budget

Subcontract over Budget

Colors can now be chosen for work order types

Vendors can now be scheduled on dispatch board

Email Direct Deposit slips directly from Sage 100

Accounts Payable ACH

Search for reports (My Favorite)

Grids reformatted now easier to use and read (Jean and Amy's Favorite)

Here is a short 3 minute video on the new desktop and Job Level security option that has been added.

New Job Security and Desktop in Sage 100 Contractor
New Job Security and Desktop in Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor 2013

Brown Bag Bytes


 We are planning these short webinars for the June, July  and August. 


Learn how to use this new release and maximize your investment.  Most of you are only using a small percentage of it's features.  Think of it like this, you have a Ferarri but you are still  first gear.  Such a waste, right?


Attend these free classes and we will have you in the fast lane to improving your reporting and efficiencies.


Send us an email for the schedule, classes will be scheduled once a week for 30 minutes at lunch time.


Seating will be limited so if you want to learn more send us an email soon.

NOW Available Sage Construction Anywhere -

 Unlimited Users for a Small Monthly Fee 


Sage Construction Anywhere for Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate(Timberline) is now available and Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder) is just a few months away.  Special pricing is being offered for a short period.  Visit the link below, currently three free months with a new subscription, but this is subject to change.


Sage Construction Anywhere
Sage Construction Anywhere


Plenty of information can be found here!


This is one of those no brainers, get field access without the normal headaches and cost.  Subscription is for unlimited users for a small monthly fee.

Are You Still Wondering if MyAssistant Will Help You?
Here are few customer testimonials that will help you get a feel for what the product could do for you.

"Our 'Work Orders not scheduled' Task identifies WOs that have not been scheduled so they do not languish. We also have a MyAssistant Task that identifies WOs that have had the scheduled date slip and require updating. And the 'Work Orders not assigned to a technician' Task ensures we have scheduled each WO to a technician so the WO is not forgotten."


"The software is great for letting us know when job cost codes are over budget, and that's critical in what we do because that's not something we want to learn about after the fact. The sooner we know about it the better.  We can address the overage right away.  Getting automatic notifications of over budget cost codes has been a huge, huge, help for us."


"We use MyAssistant to communicate with people we work with outside our organization.  For instance, with submittals we use MyAssistant to send an email that reminds them they have submittals due in thirty days, and reminds them again in two weeks, and then one week, and then again as soon as they're late.  It can help make sure people don't forget to get them to us."


"We also use MyAssistant with Accounts Receivable. We use a default Task [a pre-built rule that ships with MyAssistant] for past due accounts, which I modified slightly to notify me immediately when invoices hit 30, 45, or 60 days past due.  [MyAssistant] sends out an email with that information, including the customer's phone number and contact, so we can get a call out to them."


"Obviously cash flow is very important.  Prior to MyAssistant, our aging report was typically only looked at once a month, so if an invoice was 29 days past due it would not show up on that month's report, so we wouldn't always know about it until the next time the report was run thirty days later, but by then the invoice is 60 days out.  Now we know immediately as soon as someone is 30 days out; we can give them a call to make sure the invoice is in their system and they're aware we haven't received payment."


Want to see the full testimonials, we have six of them on hand.  Call and ask Jean to send them to you 800-659-5851 or  Send us an Email.


This a tool that every company can use, still not sure?  Checkout this six page list of Pre-Built tasks that are ready to provide you information to manage your company.  Click here to view or download



Has Your Consultant Passed the Latest Certification Exam from CFO on the go and Sage?

This is important!  As the new releases are issued only certified consultants are offered training on the new releases and tested to help you maximize these enhancements for your organization.
CFO on the go is here to help you maximize your investment in your software solution.  If you want to verify that your consultant has the latest certifications please call Amy Carr, our Customer Care Manager.

Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go