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Need remote access?

Want to save money on servers and the cost of operating them?

We work with three separate companies that know how to host Sage Construction Solutions.  For a small monthly fee you can have your software hosted.  You will have access anywhere you have an internet connection.

Quit using that slow VPN connection, stop performing your nightly backups and stop loading the new updates.  All this and more are included for a flat monthly fee per concurrent user.

Hosting for:
 Timberline Office
 Sage Master Builder
 Timberline Estimating

Want to learn more, please call our office for more information or to ask questions about the service or pricing.

Just call 800-659-5851


March Master Builder and Timberline News

Drill down Financial reports available for Timberline

Start the short video

Click on the link above to check out really cool Drill Down Financials. Coming from the accounting side of things I wish I had this as a Controller.  The time it would have saved!


The same principals can apply to Job, Labor, or other information to start at a high level, decide what you want to research, and drill down on the spot!


Want to learn more call Mike at 417-581-7700 

 Great NEW Add On for Master Builder or Timberline Users

with Over 100 Employees


Employee Web Portal from EWA Software Solutions provides your employees 24/7 secured web access to their: 


Direct Deposit stubs

Payroll check stubs

W-2's and related instructions

Detail of time records for reviewing hours reported and amounts

History of completed HR documents

 Using our powerful workflow automation software

we provide job processes to: 


Allow employees to enter address/phone number changes that automatically update your PR system
Submit request for time off that is routed to supervisor for approval
Complete HR forms and route
Enter expense reports/submit backup and route for approval
Custom workflows
Want a demo? Send us an email to get a demo scheduled


Master Builder Version 18 now known as  

Sage 100 Contractor 2013

Sneak Peek Webinars


We are planning these webinars for the last week in March and the first week in April. When Version 17 was released, I said it was the best release in 10 years.  Well, I am saying it again.  The new version has integration with ACT and more enhancements to the Dispatch Board and Service module. Oh yeah!  A brand new look and feel!

Register now

Want to Improve Efficiency

in your Service Department?


Industries: HVAC & electrical contractors, property management


FieldConnect: Maximizing Field Service Profitability for Timberline 


Imagine that your field service technicians spend less time on the phone with dispatch and more time on the job.  Or that your billing department spends less time doing manual data entry and correcting errors, and invoices are sent out immediately.  FieldConnect provides software solutions that increase the efficiency of your field service technicians, billing, and payroll departments, while integrating seamlessly with your existing Timberline ERP.  You can automate your paper-based processes to a streamlined electronic system that allows you to dispatch techs to jobs immediately and invoice the same day, minimizing manual data errors, increasing your cash flow, and satisfying your customers.   


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Have you seen the Latest for Timberline/Master Builder

that is Planned for Later this Year? 


Have you seen Sage Construction Anywhere?

Sage Construction Anywhere
Sage Construction Anywhere

Need more information, call our office at 800-659-5851 x222
Does your Consultant have the Latest Certification
from CFO on the go or Sage?

This is important!  As the new releases are issued only certified consultants are offered training and tested to help you maximize these enhancements.
CFO on the go is here to help you maximize your investment in your software solution. If you want to verify that your consultant has the latest certifications; please call Amy Carr, our Customer Care Manager.

Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go