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Manage your accounting documents:

Print checks

 * Increase security by printing onto blank check stock
 * Add a security protected signature
 * Restrict the personnel who can print checks
 * Print the check amount with a secure background
 * Create a security stamp that identifies the person who printed the check
 * Automatically create a Positive Pay file

New Sage Approved Third Party Solution - very affordable and works with both Master Builder and Timberline.


February Newsletter
for Master Builder and Timberline 
New Law Signed to Address
Subcontractor Retainage and Liability

Gov Jerry Brown signed two new laws dealing with retainage and liability for subcontractors working in California.  SB 293 puts a 5% cap on funds that can be retained from subcontractors on state and local public contracts until 01/01/2016.  It also requires upper-tier contractors on public projects to pay lower tier contractors with in SEVEN days of receiving a progress payment.

SB 474 establishes a liability standard that holds each party responsible for only  the damage it causes as well as its defense cost for those damages.

MyAssistant for Timberline


Sage Timberline Office MyAssistant proactively identifies what needs to be done, determines who needs to be informed, and automatically performs the task.  Fully integrated into the Sage Timberline Office Desktop, MyAssistant uses Microsoft® Outlook® to deliver essential information, when it's needed. For example, MyAssistant can help with tasks such as:

* Identifying vendors with insurance expiring in 30 days and send them a letter.

* Sending past due customers a list of their delinquent invoices.

* Generating and distributing personalized reports on a regular schedule.

* Notifying executives when jobs drop below a profit threshold.

* Sending each project manager a list of costs codes that are over budget for their jobs.

* Auditing processes such as job, contract, or employee setup to ensure they are completed correctly.

Over 1,000 companies rely on MyAssistant to extend the capabilities of Sage Timberline Office. For a product demonstration or to learn more about MyAssistant, call 800-659-5851.  Special pricing for the month of February.


EZ Writer Version 2.0 is Here

Our new report writer for Master Builder is now available. Check out these sample reports. Want a free Trial Copy that will allow you to write reports for 21 days? Send us an email requesting the CD. Please send me EZWriter

AP listing by Job

AR Listing by Project Manager 


Are You Using the Right Tool to Manage Jobs?

Both Timberline and Master Builder offer a fully integrated project management solution.  Many companies have not invested the time to implement it for one reason or anotherLet us show you why you should.

Want to take a look at project management for your company?  Call Jean to save a spot, call today at 800-659-5851 or
Send Jean an Email.

Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday 02/22 at 10:00am for Timberline and Master Builder will be at 1:00pm on the same day.  Bring your questions and see how we can eliminate a lot of duplicate efforts in your processes. 
Thanks for taking the time to read our second newsletter of 2012.  If you have any questions about Master Builder or Timberline please let us know.  We are putting together some more FREE training classes.  If you have suggestions please let us know, we want to provide content that you want!



Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go