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June 10, 2011
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Dennis Feidner
CFO on the go
Popular Contractor Training Guide Now Available as Audio Download
CFO on the go, long-time Sage Master Builder and Timberline Office Reseller, republishes "7 Secrets of Successful Contractors" in MP3 audio format. This popular guide delivers practical tips, training, and best practices for building and maintaining a successful construction company.

Temecula, California - June 10, 2011 -  CFO on the go (, a Sage Master Builder and Timberline Office reseller and construction business consulting firm, has republished its popular "7 Secrets of Successful Contractors" as a free MP3 audio download. First released in print in 2003, "7 Secrets" provides valuable guidance based on insights gained from CFO on the go's experience working with construction companies for over 2 decades. The new MP3 format is the first release in a series of audio training programs for contractors, making it more convenient and accessible for busy construction professionals.  "7 Secrets" is available for free downloaded at

CFO on the go founder and CEO Dennis Feidner says the audio book offers a wealth of insight and practical advice. "We've had an opportunity to work closely with hundreds of builders and contractors over the years and have discovered some common misconceptions and outdated practices. If contractors are willing to take a fresh look at the way they operate their businesses, the best practices laid out in our '7 Secrets' guide can significantly improve their bottom line and help to remain financially healthy despite continuing economic challenges."

'7 Secrets' free contractor training recognizes that builders and contractors face unique challenges that other types of businesses don't necessarily experience. Topics include:


  • How to develop effective relationships with suppliers for better pricing, terms, and service.
  • How to end the "boom-and-bust" cycle and create financial stability for long-term success.
  • Why contractors, great at taking action, must also become great at planning.
  • Why a consistent and documented approach to every construction job is mandatory.
  • 10 questions a builder must be able to answer to remain competitive and profitable.
  • Tips for time management, effective delegation, negotiation techniques, and conflict management.

Feidner points to the time-tested nature of the audio book's guidance. "Everything in this book that was valuable when we first released it in 2003 is perhaps even more important today. The management techniques that help contractors reel in profits during boom times are even more essential for them to stay competitive in this extended industry downturn. These are proven and time-tested business-building practices."

Go to download a free MP3 audio copy of "7 Secrets of Successful Contractors."


Specializing in construction accounting software and consulting for contractors, CFO on the go is a Sage authorized reseller of Sage Master Builder and Sage Timberline Office.

About CFO on the go

Chief Financial Officer on the go is a leading construction oriented services firm that assists and guides contractors in growing their organizations through technology and good sound business processes. With over 1,500 clients that range from under $1 million to nearly $1 billion dollars in annual revenue, CFO on the go works with a variety of construction contractors from developers and GCs to home builders and specialty contractors. Their professional consultants are all former accountants or estimators in the construction industry.  CFO on the go is a Sage Authorized provider of project management software for the construction industry including Sage Timberline Office and Sage Master Builder.


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