August 21, 2014
Issue No. 105
Dear Abundant Ones, 
We're rolling out an exciting and packed fall schedule for our DIY Sustainability Workshops! Check out the full schedule to the right --->

Big Thanks to everyone that helped on the Collective Biodiesel Conference last week! We hosted folks from across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Africa, and beyond, all to talk together about the next big things in biofuels.

We thank the News and Observer for naming us #86 Best Kept Secrets....
(let's let out the secret ya'll!)
Article is here along with the other secrets:  click here
red wasps and asian pears,


Tami, Jenny, Beth & Charlotte
Making sustainable attainable.

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7th Annual Amazing Pepper Festival
Sunday, October 5th from 3-7pm
Music by Phil Cook & the Guitar Heels &
Tender Fruit

Only $20 until September 1st

Chefs, Brewers and Artisans announced next week!

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The Abundance Foundation
making sustainable attainable. 

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The Abundance Foundation brings people together to meet their neighbors, share ideas, learn new skills, and inspire and support one another in our shared efforts at building vibrant local economies and resilient communities. 

Through our varied projects, coalitions and gatherings, we raise awareness about the value of a sustainable local economy, we celebrate the abundance of good food, renewable energy and other resources here in North Carolina, and we empower people to take action to create their ideal community. 

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Saturday, Sept 6

Brew Your Own! The history,
healthfulness, & production of Kombucha 
with Grant Ruhlman
The Plant - 9am-12noon

Sunday, Sept 7
Cold-Processed Soapmaking 
with Shaun Hundley
 Perch Studios - 1pm-4:30pm 

Sunday, Sept 7
Drink n' Think: Global-
Local Mixology
with Colbey Reid & Gary Phillips
religion, ritual, distilling, art, conversation, stories, spirits, culture, imbibing, magic,
medicine, history, tasting...
(a 3 part series)
 4-6pm - The Plant

Sunday, Sept 14
Cold-Processed Soap making 
with Shaun Hundley - The Plant - 9am-1pm 
Saturday, Sept 20  
Keyhole Garden Build & Garden Party 
with Deb Tolman, brought in from Texas - The Plant - 2-7pm
if you want to know this cool youtube about Deb! 
It's very amazing and a great way to water your garden less: 
Keyhole gardens|Deb Tolman|Central Texas Gardener 
Keyhole gardens|Deb Tolman|Central Texas Gardener

Saturday, Sept 20
Communicating for Sustainability
 with Michiel Doorn
Chatham Community Library - 1-5pm

The intent of this workshop is to train as many people in being more effective advocates by relating better to stakeholders, funders.

It is easy to engage your own peers! But what about people with totally different world views, personalities or goals?


Saturday, Oct 18
Intro to Aquaponics
 with Rachel Tinker-Kuhlberg & Mike Yablonski -
The Plant - 9am-2pm
During this hands-on workshop, Mike and Rachel will show you how to build your own backyard system. Just add plants, fish and water and you will be taking another step down the path to self reliance! 

Sunday, Oct 19
Drink 'n Think: Cocktail Alchemy Fête
Colbey Reid & Gary Phillips
 The Plant - 4-6pm
This Fair Game Drink n' Think session will enact a comparative religious history of the alchemical traditions implicit in the distilling of spirits and mixing of cocktails. The very word "cocktail" originated, in 1803, from descriptions in the Farmers Cabinet of a concoction of spirits, bitters, and sugar ostensibly consumed as a hangover remedy.
Saturday, Oct 25
Raising Rabbits for Meat 
with Mary DeMare & Dan Shields-
Fatty Owl Farm, 10am-3pm
The Basic Rabbitry workshop is designed for homesteaders or
just anyone who wants to rely less on commercially produced meat. Twodoes and a buck can provide enough meat for a family of 4-6. Rabbitmeat is healthy, lean and very low impact. With the manure you can fertilize your garden and with the fur you can make warm stuff!

 Sunday, Dec 7 
Drink 'n Think: 
Prohibition & Repeal Day Party
The Plant - 4-6pm
This workshop explores what Prohibition reveals about the cultural energies and desires brought into greater relief through repression. That is: Prohibition, a historical episode, actualized a philosophical attitude. Tonight we'll endeavor to understand that attitude by examining its origins and antitheses in a thinking and drinking party that commemorates the Repeal of the Volstead Act on December 5, 1933.