April 17th, 2014
Issue No. 97
Dear Abundant Ones,

Remember last newsletter when we all hoped that we had reached the point of no return in springtime? ...When we had started our gardens in hopes that nighttime temperatures would not again reach freezing until October or so? 

Well, it is mid-April and the past two nights have been below freezing in many parts of the the Triangle. We hope you tucked in and took care of your spring veggies the past couple nights! Cheers, once again, to the nimbleness of springtime!

In other news, want to tune up your bike for summer and ride through the streets with a custom-made, satin cape flapping in the wind behind you like the super hero that you are? 

Well, then it's time for you to sign up for our Super Hero Bike Repair & Ride this 
Saturday, April 19th from 2-5pm at the Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro! Go ahead and register here!

April showers bring May flowers,


Jenny, Tami, Beth & Charlotte
The Abundance Foundation 
Making sustainable attainable.
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Super Hero 
Bike Repair & Ride!*
THIS SATURDAY, April 19th 
from 2-5pm at Back Alley Bikes! 
100 Boyd St., Carrboro, NC
*super hero capes provided


Nestled on the back porch of Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro, Jason Merrill will walk participants through a basic understanding of their favorite fossil-fuel-free transportation. 


First, folks will get an introduction to their bike's anatomy. Then we will learn about the most common bike issues and how to repair them. Participants will have the opportunity to repair their bikes with hands on guidance and tools.


After everyone's hands are sufficiently covered in grease and happy with their bike's progress, participants will receive their very own super hero cape with a bicycle themed stencil. With the wind flapping through your hair as you glide around Carrboro on your smooth ride, you'll feel your new bike cape flapping on your back and see the smiles of your bike gang friends, who's hands are probably as dirty as yours.


Jason Merill of Back Alley Bikes has long loved and played on bicycles. Check out this video to learn of his bike enthusasium, his dog Basta and see some of his crazy bike creations. (Our favorite is the big bike you probably need a ladder to get on top of.)

We had a record turnout and fantastic weather for our 
6th Annual Briar Chapel 5k 
on Saturday!

HUGE THANKS to our volunteers from UNC and Auldern Academy, to the UNC cheerleaders, and to all our sponsors and runners and supporters of all kinds. 
Thanks for helping make our 6th Annual Briar Chapel 5k & Kids' Dash the BIGGEST one yet!  



 photos by JY Visuals

One Last HUGE Thanks to: 
briar chapellynn
 O2 Fitness

Abundance Foundation offers Sustainability Tours which cover the following:
  • Green Building - Strawbale construction, passive solar design, The Abundance Foundation's "Office of the Future", photovoltaics & solar thermal applications in action
  • Biofuels - learn how biodiesel is made from french fry grease!
  • Aquaponics - learn about how tilapia (an herbivorous white fish) can be raised with duckweed (a plant that grows in the water)
  • Sustainable Agriculture - Solar double cropping, hydroponic vegetable production, constructed wetlands where water is cleaned before returning to the environment & biodiversity plantings


The Abundance Foundation
making sustainable attainable. 

220 Lorax Lane #5 Pittsboro, NC 27312
Call us: 919-533-5181
Email us: wow@theabundancefoundation.org

The Abundance Foundation brings people together to meet their neighbors, share ideas, learn new skills, and inspire and support one another in our shared efforts at building vibrant local economies and resilient communities. 

Through our varied projects, coalitions and gatherings, we raise awareness about the value of a sustainable local economy, we celebrate the abundance of good food, renewable energy and other resources here in North Carolina, and we empower people to take action to create their ideal community. 

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Photos from our Intermediate Beer Brewing Workshop with Ethan at Fifth Season Gardening Co two weeks ago.

Want to sign up for our next Beer Brewing Workshop?
Email us at wow@theabundancefoundation.org

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Interested in teaching a workshop or have other workshop ideas? Contact us!
Give the gift 
of self sufficiency 
to a Friend or Neighbor!
DIY Workshops make unique & memorable gifts.

To order: 
or call 919-533-5181

The Collective Biodiesel Conference is geared toward active and open collaboration among participants, including home brewers, grease collectors, multi-million gallon producers, and everyone in between. 

This conference is designed to provide sufficient detail for participants to put what they learn, both technical and logistical, directly into action. In addition to open forums and lectures, the conference also features case studies from active Biodiesel co-ops and companies. 

If you are wondering about whether or not attending will be worth your while, we suggest you go ahead and jump...

Fund 4 Democratic Communities has offered a $5000 matching grant for the conference.

Donate here to HELP make the Collective Biodiesel Conference happen! $100 donations (or less) to the Abundance Foundation through April 30th will go toward this F4DC matching grant.

Coming up in Carrboro on May 2nd, a great opportunity to help improve local foodshed issues by supporting local organizations with your hunger and thirst!

Five UNC students from the Nutrition class that is helping organize this food truck rodeo have been volunteering with the Abundance Foundation since February, and this is the culminating event of the semester! All Beer/Food Trucks will be donating 10% of proceeds to the six participating organizations. Come hungry!

invites you to a webinar TODAY April 17, 2014 on the exciting concept of community food councils.
Agriculture Building Auditorium
 at 65 East Chatham St. in Pittsboro
Participants are welcome to bring a brownbag lunch.

Community food councils are a new and emerging form of partnership organization in counties and regions across the United States. They are aimed at bringing together the key stakeholders in local food economies to improve community and regional food systems.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the Chatham Food Council, complete an application form no later than April 30, 2014.

The Honeysuckle Tea House is OPEN! 
Located at 8871 Pickards Meadow Road in Chapel Hill, the Tea House is an apothecary cafe that sells farm-grown herbs, teas, kombucha, soups, and smoothies for community health. 
Come support this farm center for alternative health care that was financed through Slow Money NC and Kickstarter. 
Tell them "Abundance" sent you 
and your first cup of tea is free! 



Chasing Ice

Friday, April 25 from 6:00-8:30PM

Pittsboro Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

95 East Street, Pittsboro, NC  27312


Chasing Ice portrays the long-term impact of climate change on ancient glaciers and the subsequent rise in sea levels and changes in weather patterns.

Join us to become informed about and discuss our responsibility to protect all of Creation. 

Feel free to bring dinner to enjoy during the movie.


For more information, contact Joelle Brummitt-Yale, Director of Christian Education at joelle@pittsboropres.org or (919) 542-4706.




 co sponsored by:
cccc logo

The community partners include the Small House Institute, Central Carolina Community College,Habitat for Humanity and the Abundance Foundation. Each partner organization is committed to affordable housing designed to be energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and to fit the small house model sized under 500 sq ft.


The primary goal of the contest is to bring visibility, attention, and research to good design around affordable, energy and resource efficient, aesthetically pleasing small houses and to create an opportunity for amateur or novice designers to feature their home design concepts.


June 1, 2014 - Entry Deadline

August 15, 2014 - Winners Announced




Mark Your Calendar!


The Abundance Foundation will be hosting Sustainable Sprits on 

Tuesday, May 27th

at the Plant in Pittsboro along with Fair Game Beverage Company, Piedmont Biofarm and Piedmont Biofuels


Parlez-Vous Crpe will be there to meet your hunger needs and there will be plenty of libations available cash bar!


 The next Sustainable Spirits is at Crank Arm Brewery in Raleigh on Earth Day, next Tuesday, April 22nd at 5:30pm!


 Join us!


Become a sustainer or one-time donor
 to Abundance Foundation today!

We understand that you want your hard earned money to hit the ground and go to work on creating resilient communities and a post-carbon economy, and we think we are a good way to ensure that action happens. 
Have a friend who might want to hear about these workshops, events, etc?
Forward this email to them! 
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