This Sunday is Youth Sunday!
 Both services, 9:00 and 11:15, will be held in the sanctuary.
Wake Forest Presbyterian Leaflets
For Friday, March 24, 2017
OfficersbLogWFPC Officers' Column
One of the really cool things at session meetings is at the end three people, selected at random, answer the following questions. What do we have to be thankful for? What do we need to pray for? How have we seen God here tonight? The last one is the one I would like for us to ponder on for a moment.

Think about how you have seen God today. Yes I know, the potentially obvious. I have seen God in nature. I have seen God in my family and maybe my children. But where else have you seen God?

It is indeed tumultuous times we live in. Personally, the degree of negativity and disregard for others is worse than one can fathom at times. However, even in these difficult times, I see God every day. In those trying to make a positive impact. Those showing love and acceptance for others. Those wanting to make this world we all inhabit a little more habitable. You know, it is not the big things that make a difference but all the smaller things each of us try to do each day to show the love and acceptance Jesus showed us.

I saw God this past Sunday in His Kids. I saw God in the Youth Sunday evening. I saw God when talking about backpack buddies with Jane Hydeman on Sunday. I see God whenever I think about all the people engaged in our church programs. I see God in you.

Prayer - Lord, help us to see your wonderful creations in everyone we meet. We are blessed and I thank you for all your love.

Alan Perry,
Elder, Finance
koinoniaKoinonia Suppers
Registration for the spring dinner groups, officially called our "Koinonia Suppers," is starting. Koinonia (Koi-no-ni-a) suppers are simply a time for fellowship with other Christians. What could be more fun? This is a great opportunity to get to know members of the congregation and to share good food and good conversation. A group is typically 8 people and meets in a host's home. Everyone shares in bringing a part of the meal. Most groups enjoy meeting again over the next several months in each others' homes. Some groups may prefer to meet at a restaurant. If you are interested and/or would like more information, please contact Lucy Deeprose at New groups will begin meeting in April and May. We will offer a new rotation again in the fall.
greetersWelcome to Our Home!
Do you mind getting to church a little early every once in a while, say 20 or 30 minutes before the service starts? No big deal to do that, right?

Another question: If you think people should make visitors feel welcome in their homes, it's only logical that should be the case at your church home too, right?

Greeting people who come to WFPC is important. It helps build up members' appreciation of our church and it lets visitors know that we are a good bunch of folks to be with. It's a job for multiple people, not just a handful.

All that said, we need to multiply the multiple; we need more people to help with greeting, and with ushering, too. Several time slots are unfilled, especially as Easter approaches. Even if you have just a little interest in helping, please let us know! Contact either Michael Slayton at or George Dudley at
concertIPMW Concert Event



In the summer of 2016, one of IPMW's chaplains offered "Singing a New Song" for the women in the prison, led by local pastors/musicians. Eight women completed this 10-week course and, as a group, wrote and composed over 25 songs that tell the stories of how and why women come to be incarcerated as well as the depth of their spiritual response to the reality of imprisonment. This concert will be a unique opportunity to hear original songs and testimony, as well as to see the impact of IPMW's ministry on the Raleigh unit.

All proceeds raised in this benefit event will be used to support new areas of transition and re-entry efforts with IPMW to support women once they are released from prison.

Reserve your seats today at:

Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and we will have food and beverages available for purchase. We also invite you to join us after the show at 8:30 p.m. to mingle with performers and members of the IPMW team as we enjoy dessert and coffee.

Please contact Millie Seiler ( if you are interested in attending this event.
healingHealing and Wholeness Service Thursday
We will hold a Healing and Wholeness Worship Service at 7 PM on March 30 in the Sanctuary. Healing was an integral part of the ministry of Jesus which the church has been called to continue as one dimension of its concern for the wholeness of people. There are moments in our lives when we need comfort and a reminder that God walks with us - in the peaks and in the valleys. This worship service will offer prayer and laying on of hands for participants who so desire. An invitation is extended to all persons who have physical, emotional, spiritual or other needs, and those who desire God's healing and wholeness for themselves or others. Childcare will be provided. Questions? Email Rev. John Fawcett at
teaSave the Date!
All the women of WFPC are invited to our annual tea on Sunday, May 7, from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. Look for our sign-up coming soon!

We would like to have some teapots for our tables. If you have one that we could use, please bring it to the desk in the narthex. They will be returned, or if you prefer to donate them, we will keep them to be used each year. Be sure your name is on them. If you have questions, contact Loretta Highfield at

newbabyNew Baby Ministry 
Our New Baby Ministry falls under Compassion & Encouragement, and it is in need of a volunteer to assist in identifying any parents who are expecting a child. The duties are to keep in touch with the parents, identify the expected birth date, and see if they need any help during the pregnancy. Once the baby is born into our church family, the members of New Baby Ministry prepare and present a gift basket from WFPC to the new parents as a welcome gift and celebration!

There are currently two volunteers who do this but we need a third to help. The Ministry Leader is Darcy Thomas. Please reply to Darcy Thomas: or Emory Butcher:

wfpcdayI Love WFPC Day
In preparation for our Easter celebrations, we will hold our spring clean-up on Saturday, April 1, no fooling! The good Lord has blessed us with a wonderful facility, where we can grow together in Christ and reach out to others. In response to God's grace, we need to show gratitude by giving of our time to take care of His church. We will gather at the narthex entrance at 8:30 AM and plan on finishing by noon. There will be projects for all ages, but we will concentrate on raking leaves and spreading pine straw. Most tools will be provided, but they will be useless without YOU. If you can't stay the whole time, come when you can and leave when you must. 

Due to the third Saturday falling on Easter weekend, Premise Keepers will be on the second Saturday, April 8. If there are any items left over from the I Love WFPC Day, we will finish those up. 

Contact Wayne Moore at or Jon Gutekunst at if you have any questions.
mandsMission and Service
Habitat for Humanity Spring Schedule Begins April 1
Habitat for Humanity invites you to participate with the Northern Wake Faith Coalition to help construct a new home at 219 Caddel Street in Wake Forest starting on April 1. The family moving into the new house will be our new Wake Forest neighbors. Let's welcome them into their new community the way America's early settlers did - with hands-on labor and Christian fellowship.

Saturday, April 1st - First Work Day!
7:15 AM to 11:00 AM.
Construct frames
Habitat Wake Construction Center
2615 Westinghouse Boulevard, Raleigh
Five WFPC volunteers needed

11:45 AM
Wall-Raising Ceremony
219 Caddel Street, Wake Forest
Rebekah will introduce the Partner family
One WFPC volunteer needed for a speaking part in the prayer for the community

Thursday, April 6th
Clergy & Staff Work Day
8:15 AM to 12:00 PM
219 Caddel Street, Wake Forest

Saturday, May 6th
Construct Siding/Frame/Boxes
219 Caddel Street, Wake Forest
Five WFPC volunteers needed!

Saturday, May 27th Memorial Day Week-End
Paint interior and trim
219 Caddel Street, Wake Forest
Ten WFPC volunteers needed!

Help Mandy provide lunch for 25 -30 volunteers
Several WFPC volunteers needed!

Questions: Please contact Kevin Meese at 919-552-2914
wednesdayWednesday Nights Together
Wednesday Nights Together menu for March 29:
chicken cordon bleu
baby baked potatoes
broccoli salad
fruit and carrots
hawaiian cake
The cost is $5/adult and $3/child. Please make your reservation by Sunday evening by emailing Dean Tryon at or texting to 919-441-1271.  

Click here for the entire winter/spring menu.
bodysoulBody & Soul Ministry Factoid
What Can I Expect After a Healing and Wholeness Service?
Most of us have had the experience of praying desperately for someone to be healed and not seeing any evidence that God has heard us. Where, we wonder, is God's mercy and love? The answer to our prayers for healing may be "not yet" instead of "yes, now," because we know that God's promise is that there will be no sickness in heaven. But not being healed does not mean that we do not experience the beauty and reassurance of God's presence with us. We may experience a different kind of healing than we expect, being made whole in spite of what is wrong with our bodies, minds or relationships.

In a sermon at The Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City, Pastor Michael L. Lindvall, explained it this way:
"We do dare to pray for healing, that is we pray that people might be cured of their diseases or freed from their demons just as Jesus did ... But we also pray for wholeness. Wholeness is bigger than healing. Wholeness is the peace, the acceptance, the integrity the trust, the fullness that God always offers, healing or no. Sometimes wholeness comes with healing; sometimes wholeness must come without healing. That is to say, you can be healed and be whole. But it's also true that you might not be healed, but still be made whole. God sometimes offers healing, but God always offers wholeness."
May the healing mercies of the risen Lord Jesus enter your whole being, heal you from all that harms you and fill you with his love, his joy and his peace. (Burrswood Health and Wellbeing, United Kingdom)

CPR Training
The Body & Soul Ministry is sponsoring a CPR class. This class is open to WFPC members and to individuals from the community. Rohn Hull, with CPR Associates, will teach the American Heart Association "Heart Saver" class for non-healthcare professionals on Saturday, May 6 from 9 AM until 12 noon in the CLC. This class will include infant, child and adult CPR, as well as AED training. Anyone 18 years of age or older can sign up for the class. In order to assure that we have a minimum of 10 participants, anyone wishing to participate must register by April 23 by clicking here. The cost is $45 per person, payable by April 23. See registration page for payment details.

Caregiver Resources
Many members of WFPC are facing the challenges of being caregivers for family members or friends. To help provide support for these individuals, the Body and Soul Ministry will begin including a listing of resources for caregivers in Leaflets. These resources may include community events and educational opportunities, books, websites and support groups. The listing of resources will be brief with a link provided that includes further information and, where applicable, registration information. Please let us know if you find this information helpful.

  • 2nd Annual Senior Lifestyle Expo - Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, Richland Creek Community Church, 3229 Burlington Mills Road, Wake Forest
  • Senior Scam Jam - Thursday, May 18, 2017, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm, Renaissance Centre, 405 S Brooks St, Wake Forest
  • Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped? - Thursday, May 25, 2017, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm., Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St, Wake Forest. Registration required but site not open yet.
  • Caregivers Summit - Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 8:00 am - 3:30 pm, McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman St, Raleigh. More information to follow.
  • Dementia Education Programming Series - Thursday, July 20; Thursday, August 17; and Thursday, September 21, 9:30 am - 10:30 am, Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St, Wake Forest. More information to follow.
 Click here for more complete information and registration links for the resources listed above.

HisKidsHis Kids News
EASTER CANDY COLLECTION: FINAL WEEK! We are still collecting individually wrapped candy that can fit in a 2" plastic egg for our church-wide Easter egg hunt. There will be a collection box in the Narthex. Please: no nuts or chocolate! Some suggested "safe" candies are: Skittles, Starburst, Smarties, Sweet Tarts, Laffy Taffy, Nerds and Swedish Fish. THANK YOU!


CLUB 4/5: Meet in the CLC!  3-4:30 Sunday afternoon!  We will be playing games and stuffing eggs for the Children's Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, April 9, and talking about how Club 4/5 will help make that happen!! 


YOUTH SUNDAY All children will stay in the sanctuary on Sunday, March 26, for Youth Sunday (nursery care will still be available for the little ones). It is a wonderful experience for our children to see our youth in leadership, so we will not have His Kids worship on this day.


FIRST FRIDAYS FOR FAMILIES will meet in the CLC on Friday, April 7, at 6:30 for pizza. This is our last gathering until next fall! We'll show Sing, beginning at 7:00, on the big screen. Bring blankets, beach chairs, and anything else you need to get comfortable. Please RSVP to Amy Cebrick ( by noon on Friday, April 7. There is no charge, but we do accept donations to offset the cost of our dinner! Note: we've pushed the time later by 30 minutes to allow better viewing during Daylight Savings Time.

~Katherine Peiper, Director of Children, Families and Youth Ministries |
YouthNewsYouth News
SPRING RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS will be a little different than our December version. On April 2, during our normal youth group time, we will be making bracelets for children in the hospital, as well as for children in our church. the idea is that all of these children will receive a beaded bracelet from the "big kids." When they wear it, they will be reminded that they are loved by you! Join us on April 2 to help make a difference to the children of our community.


PLANT A ROW FOR THE HUNGRY: Our middle school youth will be helping in the church garden. With Larry Roper's guidance, they will learn to plant, care for, and harvest food from the garden. We will work on this on Sundays right after middle school youth group (at 6:00) and work for about an hour. Be on the lookout for a Sign-Up Genius to get involved in this amazing project.


LOOKING FOR SOME EXTRA YARD WORK OPPORTUNITIES? Want to help raise funds for upcoming mission trips and help some of our church members in the process? Larry Roper would like to pair our youth with our older adults in need of extra work around the house, building relationships across our church family. If your youth is interested in helping out, please contact Larry Roper at 919-616-6187 or to get paired.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: April 16 - Easter (no youth group) | April 29 - youth yard sale | May 14 - senior recognition Sunday | May 21 - annual dinner and talent show | June 4 - commissioning for all summer trips and end-of-year cookout

~Janet Briley, Assistant Director of Youth Ministries 
ScriptureSermonMusicSunday, March 26, Scripture, Sermon and Music
This Sunday the youth are leading our worship! It will be a lively, exciting, and meaningful experience. Both services will be held in the sanctuary.

Our normal schedule: we have a Contemporary Worship Service at 9 AM in the Christian Life Center and a Traditional Worship Service at 11:15 AM in the Sanctuary. Join us for our Discipleship Hour between services beginning at 10 AM for Sunday School for all ages!

Click here to check out our Music Ministry's selections.
Tithes and Offerings

2017 Annual Budget
Year-to-date Budgeted Income(Feb)
Year-to-date Actual Income (Feb)
Year-to-date Deficit

March Budget
March Tithes and Offerings (thru 3/19/17)$66,782.57

March 19, 2017
Tithes and Offerings$21,461.81
Designated Gifts$459.00
Debt Elimination Gifts$1,629.00

Sunday School Attendance109
9:00 Attendance190
11:15 Attendance200

Debt Elimination Monthly Budget
Debt Elimination Received (thru 3/19/2017)$3,309.50

...all shall give as they are able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God that he has given you.
Deuteronomy 16:17
WFPC Calendar Highlights

Friday, March 24
6:15 AM | CLC | Friday Morning Men's Bible Study

Saturday, March 25
7:00 AM | CLC Youth Room | Iron Sharpens Iron

Sunday, March 26
9:00 AM | Sanctuary | Youth Sunday Worship Service
10:00 AM | Campus Wide | Discipleship Hour
11:15 AM | Sanctuary | Youth Sunday Worship Service
12:30 PM | CLC | Timeless Creation Praise Band
3:00 PM | CLC | Club 4/5

Monday, March 27
6:00 PM | CLC | FaithFit
7:00 PM | Campus Wide | Boy Scouts

Tuesday, March 28
7:00 PM | Blue Mod | Stephen Ministry
7:00 PM | CLC | Praise Team Rehearsal
7:00 PM | CLC B103 | Women of the Word

Wednesday, March 29
5:30 PM | CLC | Wednesday Night Dinner
6:30 PM | Campus Wide | Wednesday Night Programs
7:00 PM | Sanctuary | Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, March 30
5:30 PM | CLC | Faith Fit
7:00 PM | Sanctuary | Service of Healing and Wholeness

Friday, March 31
6:15 AM | CLC | Friday Morning Men's Bible Study

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