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June 2015  |  Volume 19   

It's officially the summer, but once again there's no rest for the team!  Since our last newsletter, we've been involved in and attended so many conferences and workshops. I just returned from last week's WBENC National Conference, held in our home state of Texas.  Bob has traveled the world over the past few months and just completed projects in Canada and Ireland.
We are so pleased to announce, that the Great Plains Communication's NOC has achieved ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certification.  BIZPHYX is proud to have led their implementation project.  Great Plains is now the first Tier 3 Service Provider in the USA to achieve TL 9000 certification. This summer we will be producing a podcast with Great Plains about their experience implementing the TL 9000 quality system in their Network Operations Center.  Be watching our social medias sites for that feature interview.

This edition of THE STANDARD is fully loaded with content.  Why?  There are so many standards in revision mode and ISO 9001:2015 is on track to be published by September, 2015.  Get ready, because that will set in motion a great deal of work for our clients as management systems will need to be updated.  Please read about the standards we're tracking and take advantage of the complimentary resources that we're providing to our clients and followers.   

Also in this issue, is a great ISO 9001 podcast with Konsultek CEO, Judi Buckhart.  Learn how Konsultek has used their ISO 9001 certification to develop a corporate "culture of quality".  Judi's enthusiasm is contagious.

So encourage colleagues and friends to subscribe to THE STANDARD.  It's full of quality news you can actually use.  Who knows, by the next issue we may be welcoming ISO 9001:2015

Have a great summer! 

Sue Clancy, President  

TL 9000 News and Updates
Dr. Scott Vowels To Keynote The Small Business Workshop "Supply Chain 2020" At The Americas BPC in San Diego (September 14-18)              
QuEST Forum TL 9000 Logos
We are so pleased to announce that Dr. Scott Vowels, PhD, will be the keynote speaker for the Small Business Workshop at the upcoming QuEST Forum Americas Best Practices Conference in September.  Dr. Vowels manages the Supplier Diversity Program for Apple, Inc. 
Here's a registration link > to the event on the QuEST Forum website.

In addition to Scott's keynote and a presentation from Joanna Bloor with Pandora Radio, there is a solid executive panel of Service Providers.  Most importantly, there will be great networking opportunities with leading ICT companies such as Apple, ALU, CenturyLink and so many more! 

Read more about Scott and the other ICT executives presenting at this year's Small Business Workshop on our blog (article...)Download the flyer below, spread the word and make sure you register as soon as possible.  This is probably one of the best workshops the Small Business Group has ever produced!


Dr. Scott Vowels, Apple  
Dr. Scott Vowels  
Head of Supplier Diversity, Apple, Inc
Supply Chain 2020 Workshop Flyer  
Click here > to download the flyer 


Current Webinar

Upcoming TL 9000 & Sanctioned Training Courses
TL 9000 Sanctioned Auditor Course, July 7-10
TL 9000 Effective Internal Auditing Course, July 14-17

All BIZPHYX courses are virtual instructor led courses (VILT) live on the web, so it's very easy and cost effective to obtain the education you need! 

TL 9000 Effective Internal Audting  

TL 9000 Sanctioned Audit (VILT), July 7-10, 2015: 

This 4-day course provides information and guidance to auditors in order to verify the implementation and evaluate the effectiveness of TL 9000 requirements and measurements.
This class is designed for TL 9000 CB Auditors (third party), internal auditors, management  representatives, quality managers and individuals who are responsible for verifying and maintaining the TL 9000 certification for an organization.  We're just about full on this course, but we may be able to accept a few last registrants.

TL 9000 Effective Internal Auditing Course, July 14-17, 2015:    

This 4-day course will teach you the basic skills and knowledge necessary to conduct effective TL 9000 Quality Management System internal audits.  This course meets the "qualified auditor" requirements for internal auditors and will qualify an individual to become a TL 9000 internal auditor.

As a QuEST Forum selected training provider, we offer TL 9000 Sanctioned Courses throughout the year.  Like many of our webinars, these course are VILT (virtual instructor-led) and there is no need for travel!  However, we also facilitate instructor-led TL 9000 courses.  For more course information, pricing and to register, please contact


Great Plains Communicartions
New and Recent Certifications
The First Tier 3 Service Provider In The USA Certifies NOC To TL 9000

We are pleased to announce that Great Plains Communications (GPC) has achieved ISO 9001 certification and TL 9000 certification, under the product category 7.3.2 for Network Operations Centers.

BIZPHYX led the implementation project for GPC's Network Operations Center (NOC), which provides 24/7/365 monitoring, technical support and notification in support of the company's voice and data networks.  Great Plains Communications is Nebraska's largest privately owned telecommunications service provider and is one of the nation's first Tier 3 Service Providers to certify to TL 9000.  Mike Huggenberger, Senior Director of Technology and Engineering Services is a Director on the QuEST Forum Executive Board.


Huawei USA recently completed their TL 9000 certification to (V) R5.5 and BIZPHYX SVP, Bob Clancy assisted with that process.  Huawei sent some kind words about BIZPHYX and they've allowed us to share their comments about Bob and his expertise:


I want to say a special thanks to our friends at BIPZHYX and you personally!  We couldn't have done this without you! Your partnership with Huawei USA from the beginning, has been an integral part of our success.   I hope you can find time in your schedule next week to have lunch, so we can express  our appreciation in person!  Thanks again for your continued support!

W. Osburn 

Huawei USA is based in Plano, TX and is a leading global ICT solutions provider serving telcos, and producing enterprise solutions and smartphones for a better connected world.


KCI Telecommunications

BIZPHYX also had the privilege of leading  KCI Telecommunications to TL 9000 certification in May 2015.  Based in Harrisburg, NC, KCI is a service-based partnership providing engineering, installation and asset management capabilities for telecommunications Service Providers on a nationwide basis.  The company is led by  CEO and Co-Founder, Henry Graham.

Some of their services include installation, decommissioning, hardware testing & certification and engineering, as well as inventory management, asset management and technology staffing.  Make KCI Telecommunications a part of your ICT supply chain.

Congratulations to all of these companies and their commitment to ICT quality management.


Social Media Learning PODCAST
BIZPHYX Learning Features
A Passion For ISO 9001 Quality: An Interview With KONSULTEK

Subscribe to our YouTube and podcast channels to obtain quick tips, e-learning videos, complimentary training and industry news.

This podcast episode features an interview with Judi Buckardt, President and CEO of Konsultek, an award winning, ISO 9001 certified WBE, specializing in global information security solutions. 
In this podcast, Judi shares her passion for ISO 9001 quality and how she motivates her management team to communicate, embrace and leverage the company's ISO 9001 certification.  She describes how she has made quality a part of the corporate culture at Konsultek and in doing so, how they have been able to drive new business and provide superior customer service to the firm's clients.  Get ready to be motivated, as Judi's enthusiasm for ISO quality is contagious!

Click on the image to listen to the podcast directly off of our website or you can listen to the podcast in I-Tunes on the BIZPHYX podcast channel. 


Countdown To ISO 9001:2015
Countdown To ISO 9001:2015 
Complimentary Webinars, ASQ TV Video Resources
The most important question to ask is are you ready?  At this point that's still a difficult question to answer, however the revised ISO 9001 standard is at the final stage (FDIS), with publication expected in September, 2015.

Remember, education and preparation are things you can do now, which is why we are constantly adding new content to our new Countdown To ISO 9001:2015 page.

Our March webinars were so full, we're offering additional, complim
entary courses on both
ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.  Click on the image below or our countdown page for class descriptions.

ISO 9001: 2015 Webinar

Contact for more info and to register.  Did we say these are FREE?

ASQ TV Videos

This recent video resource from ASQ TV can be found on our countdown page.  It features Quality Digest contributor and ASQ Fellow Denise Robitaille.  She is Vice-chair to USTAG to ISO/TC 176 and has participated on both ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 revisions.  Denise discusses how the revised version of ISO 9001 may handle risk, as well as the revision's effect on small organizations.   

Denise Robitaille, ASQ Fellow
"Risk, Organizational Culture and Small Business" 
(click the image to watch this video on ASQ TV) 

2015: "The Year of Quality" PDCA
Quality Trends, Tips an Tools
NQA (National Quality Assurance) Quality Blog, How ISO Standards Are Developed

BIZPHYX recently attended a regional NQA Team Conference in St. Louis and we simply cannot say enough about the team at NQA.  Like ASQ, we consider NQA to be a great thought leader on quality management in general, and on the impending ISO 9001 revision.  We encourage you to read their blog, as well as our own.

Here's a post depicting the ISO 9001 DIS, by the numbers (click on the image below):

ISO By The Numbers, NQA
(image, courtesy of NQA's quality blog)

Have you ever wondered how NEW ISO standards are developed?  The process is actually pretty intense, but it's clearly outlined in this very lighhearted video from, utilizing sock puppets.  Yes, sock puppets.  Enjoy the "sockumentarty".

"How ISO Develops New Standards"
(click to watch the video on YouTube)


NEW Standards, Revisions and News   
ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 17021-1, AT&T Achieves ISO 22301 Certification     
What ISN'T going on in the world of ISO standards today?

Things are buzzing right now with many new standards and revisions set to publish in September, 2015.  Some will impact the way we do business, and for those who are certified to standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL 9000, you will have some work in store over the next few years to bring your quality management systems in line with the new revisions.

ISO 45001 Will Replace OHSAS 18001:
This forthcoming standard from ISO on workplace safety has reached the committee draft  stage of development (CD).  ISO 45001 is poised to replace OHSAS 18001.  Why an international standard for workplace safety?  Read more on our blog here > to learn why.

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015:
A new standard for the standard's auditor? Yes.  Now, the certification process is even better with a new standard for auditors and certification bodies who certify organizations to ISO's management system standards.  Read more here > at the ISO news center.

ISO 22301, Business Continuity Management:
Congratulations are in order for AT&T.  They are now the first and only telecom to be certified under the new international Business Continuity Management standard (ISO 22301) for the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Program (PS-Prep™).  Read the news release here >  It's great to see a Major Service Provider lead the way in BCP!

  ISO 14001
ISO 14001 | Sustainability | Recycling 
ISO 14001:2015 Nearing Completion, SCTE's Energy 2020, SERI's R2 Newsletter
ISO 14001:2015 Will Be Published Soon:
IEMA's Chief Policy Advisor, Martin Baxter, who represents the UK on the ISO 14001:2015, has told the international community that a FINAL DIS is being prepared for international ballot, before publication of the new standard in September.  You can read more and watch a 1-hour video, which details what's in store for the new ISO 14001.  Are you ready?  If not, BIZPHYX can help!  Contact

Cable Takes The Lead With Energy 2020
We all know networks and servers draw lots of power.  Energy efficiency is an imperative for the entire ICT industry.  Learn more about a great program from SCTE (The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers), called Energy 2020, which has set lofty goals for reducing power consumption and dependency on the grid.  Read the story on our blog >, which includes a video clip on this 6-month old program.

Energy 2020 Program

E-Waste Is A Hazard, Stay Informed With SERI
SERI, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International
is the home of the e-waste recycling standard R2, which is now at revision R2:2013.  Since SERI assumed management of the R2 standard, their newsletter just keeps getting better with more organizations certifying and joining the R2 Leaders program. Get copies of their newsletter here >
BIZPHYX helped lead Teltech Communications to R2 certification.  A special thank you to Teltech CEO and Co-Founder, Lisa Hanlon and the company's work on social media in bringing more awareness to the harmful impact of e-waste.  Follow them on Twitter @TeltechComm and follow their lead---become a R2 certified!

Teltech On Twitter  
   image source: @TeltechComm on Twitter 

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ASQ 2015 Quality Report
TL 9000 Alert 15-003A, ASQ's 2015 Future Quality Report  
Read and download current additions to our Knowledge Base, including the April TL 9000 Alert 15-003A on the Code of Practice for Certification Bodies, as well as a great new report on the Future of Quality from ASQ.

 Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice  
Telecom and Supply Chain Feature Articles

In case you missed these stories on the web or on our social sites, here are our picks for this edition:


BIZPHYX News and Events QuEST Forum Pledge
BIZPHYX Takes The QuEST Forum Pledge

Have you taken the pledge?  We recently recommitted our support of QuEST Forum and the TL 9000 standard.  In doing so, we now display this seal on our website and have joined the company of many other organizations committed to ICT quality.

For a complete list of companies who have taken the pledge and who also proudly display this seal, visit the QuEST Forum website where you can learn more about "the pledge" and what it means!
BIZPHYX executives have been road warriors this spring working on some very large client projects, many outside of the US.  We've also been very active in industry conferences like TIA, ISM (Institute For Supply Management) and DiversityNTX to name a few, and we recently participated in a great NQA Team Conference in St. Louis:  

NQA Partner Workshop  
BIZPHYX At The NQA Team Conference in St. Louis

Featured in this photo from left to right are Kirsten Smith, Business Development Director, NQA,
Sue Clancy (middle) and Terri Sena, Western Regional Sales Manager, NQA.

BIZPHYX and Broadsoft 
BIZPHYX In Belfast, Ireland With Broadsoft

Featured in this photo is BIZPHYX SVP, Bob Clancy (left) with members of
the Belfast Management Team at Broadsoft after their recent May audit. 
To view all photos from the recent WBENC National Conference in Austin, TX and any other events, please visit our Facebook page or our Flickr page.

  quest forum
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Americas Best Practices Conference, September 14-18, San Diego, CA   (learn more...)

BIZPHYX Calendar of Events
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NTCA Northwest/Southwest Regional Conference, July 19-22, Portland, OR  (more...)
OSP (Outside Plant) EXPO 2015, September 1-3, Denver, CO 
CTIA Super Mobility Week 2015, September 9-11, Las Vegas, NV  (more...)
NTCA Fall Conference, September 19-23, Boston MA  (more..) 

ISO 38th General Assembly, September 16-18, Seoul, South Korea (more...) 
ANSI World Standards Week, September 28-October 2, Washington, DC  (more...)
ISO World Standards Day, October 14, The World (more...)
The Elite SDVOB National Conference, August 19-21, Long Beach, CA  (more...)  
WBC Southwest Harvesting Partnerships, September 10, Irving, Tx  (more...)
USHCC National Conference, September 20-22, Houston, TX  (more...)
NMBSDC National Conference and Business Fair, October 18, San Diego, CA  (more...)

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