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                                                                                                             January 2015
YCS Foundation transformed into a
Secret Santa Treasure Trove

New supporters from the NJ Butterfly Center visited the YCS Foundation with new bedding (sheets, blankets and pillows) for all the youth at two YCS shelters. "The

public response to our holiday campaign was truly heartwarming."With everyone's support, we were able to fulfill every child's wishes,"said Richard Mingoia, YCS President/CEO.

Photo: Richard Mingoia and YCS AVP Fran Spiegel with Butterfly Center founders Jedsy Torres and Aracelis Tejada.
'Twas the night before Christmas and all the children were nestled safe in their beds wearing new comfy pajamas because of you

It started out  with a few donors asking what could they do to make the holidays more special for the children.  When they were told the children could use new pajamas, they not only responded with gifts  but shared the request with their friends, family and places of worship. And, in the "blink of an eye"  every child at our group homes had crisp new PJs for the holidays.
Six decades of Caring
Grace Terwilliger - A True Jewel 

Shortly before her 100th birthday, Ms. Terwilliger visited a YCS children's shelter, in Newark, named in her honor.  At that time, Ms. Terwilliger had been an ardent supporter of the children at YCS for more than 50 years.  Now, six years later, Ms. Terwilliger continues to support the shelter and says how much she looks forward to reading the YCS newsletters (with the help of her nephew).  We cannot be any prouder of our staunchest supporter and wish Ms. Terwilliger a new year of continued health.
With a Little Help from their Friends 
a Brother & Sister Support YCS Cam

Three years ago, David Lutsky organized a party to raise funds for children at the YCS Laurie Haven Group Home. It was so successful that it became an annual

tradition for David and his sister Rachel. This fall, they invited friends for an afternoon of fun with special guest, retired NY Knicks' player John Wallace to raise money for camp for the children at the home. With their support, every child at the home will be able to attend camp.

YCS Institute grant promises hope
for moms & babies affected by trauma

The Child Welfare Fund (CWF) awarded the YCS Institute for Infant & Preschool Mental Health a $54,000 grant to expand dyadic therapeutic services in Essex County. The grant supports the Institute's Baby Steps Program and its outreach program for mothers and babies at Newark Renaissance House (a therapeutic community for pregnant women and young mothers affected of substance abuse).

Research increasingly demonstrates early interventions can prevent and alleviate the consequences of early childhood trauma. Hence,the CWF has made trauma in babies birth - three, its principal focus.

This grant, which allows clinicians to work with mothers individually and in dyads with their babies, is critical in helping new mothers work through the guilt of being separated from their babies and the anxiety they may experience from reliving past traumas when they're reunited with their babies.

During the Baby Steps program, mothers build self-confidence and cultivate healthy connections with their babies/toddlers through bonding activities such as singing, reading and playing. To learn more, please visit our website.

More heartwarming news to share

Celebrate our children's accomplishments
with us, and join us in thanking some
outstanding donors.

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