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APRIL 2014


This month our focus is on Spring Cleaning your Liver!  The liver performs many essential functions related to digestion, metabolism, immunity, and the storage of nutrients within the body. These functions make the liver a vital organ that deserves our attention. We're hoping that after reading this issue you are inspired to begin taking better care your liver!   

You need a healthy liver to:
* Maintain a healthy weight.
* Be less susceptible to getting sick.
* Avoid feeling sluggish and sustain energy throughout the day.
* Fend off dark circles under your eyes and have a glowing complexion.
* Maintain mental clarity and avoid a foggy mind.
* Be pain free!

Unfortunately, Fatty Liver Disease among "non-alcoholic" Americans is growing into an epidemic due to the Standard American Diet (SAD), lack of preventative care, exposure to toxins and use of prescription medications.  Every medication has to be filtered through the liver.  Even Tylenol and common over the counter med's negatively effect the liver.  Every pesticide, plastic, paraben, unhealthy oil, air pollutant, chemical preservative, and much more... put a burden on the liver.  So let's clean it up!  

In this issue you will learn about liver cleansing foods, vitamins & tea's.  You will be encouraged to participate in our 3 week Detox.  And you will learn how Chiropractic adjustments & Acupuncture treatments can be your allies in maintaining liver health.
Until our next adjustment...
Yours in Health,
Dr. Heidi & The InnerMovement Wellness Team
Get To Know Your Liver

The liver is the body's largest organ, weighing three to five pounds in adults, and is the master organ for creating optimal nutrition for all the 50 trillion cells in your body.  The liver routinely performs over 500 known functions to regulate your cell's metabolism and helps your body by providing it with energy, fighting off infections and toxins, helping clot the blood, regulating hormones and much, much more. 


Here is just a partial list of it's critical functions:


Cleanses blood:
  • metabolizing alcohol and other drugs and chemicals,
  • neutralizing and destroying poisonous substances.
Regulates the supply of body fuel:
  • producing, storing and supplying quick energy (glucose) to keep the mind alert and the body active,
  • producing, storing and exporting fat. 
Manufactures many essential body proteins involved in:
  • transporting substances in the blood,
  • clotting of blood,
  • providing resistance to infection.
Regulates the balance of many hormones:
  • sex hormones,
  • thyroid hormones,
  • cortisone and other adrenal hormones.
Regulates body cholesterol
  • produces cholesterol, excrets and converts it to other essential substances.
Regulates the supply of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and copper.  (Be sure to supplement with Vitamins B, D and E!)

Produces bile which eliminates toxic substances from the body and aids digestion. 


Yet the liver is probably the organ most assaulted by toxic modern lifestyles, full of pollution, stress, junk foods, drugs, etc. In the U.S. 40,000 deaths a year are due to liver disease. Yet most people will never suffer from hepatitis, cirrhosis, or jaundice, the "classic" liver diseases. Toxic modern lifestyles may however promote "subclinical" liver disfunction such as Fatty Liver Disease which is why it's crucial that you take steps to proactively protect the health of your liver.

How To Avoid Liver Dysfunction

Early symptoms of liver dysfunction include dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, pale facial complexion, muscle weakness, weight gain/loss, day and night vision complaints, joint stiffness and/ or a decrease in menstruation quantity.  Liver blood deficiency can be triggered through simple Liver Qi stagnation which could be caused by emotional factors or as a complication from spleen Yang (Qi) deficiency.


Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is the most prevalent liver disease in the Unites States, representing an estimated 24% of cases of liver disease!  Studies show that 2-5% of American children over the age of 5 are now affected. 


Thankfully there are Holistic Therapies available to encourage healthy liver function to ensure a healthier you!



Your Chiropractor can help ensure that your liver is functioning optimally in several ways. Most importantly, your chiropractor will make sure that the liver is receiving proper nerve flow by adjusting the vertebral levels that innervate the liver. Cleansing the liver, essentially removing chemicals and metabolic intermediaries, will allow the liver to process the chemicals thoroughly and efficiently. Advising on how to minimize the chemical stresses on the liver will also help. Once the liver is returned to normal functionality, then your body can return to a normal chemical balance.


How ACUPUNCTURE can help:

According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body and smoothing our emotions. Anger, irritability, and frustration are all signs that our Qi is not flowing smoothly. This is referred to as Liver Qi Stagnation, one of the most common imbalances treated by Eastern medicine practitioners in the United States through Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies.

How a DETOX PROGRAM can help:
While the liver does have the remarkable ability to regenerate and heal damage, that only works up to a point. A steady onslaught of poor diet, alcohol and/or drugs, exposure to everyday toxins, plus other health complications scar the liver, leading to permanent malfunctions.   A structured, supervised detox program will eliminate toxins, remove potential food allergies, and boost your immune system to encourage proper liver function.


Want more information?   Schedule an appointment with Dr. Heidi to create a customized wellness plan to optimize your health.

Foods That Cleanse The Liver:  

1. Garlic:  activates liver enzymes that helps your body flush out toxins. Garlic also holds high amounts of allicin and selenium, two natural compounds that aid in liver cleansing.


2. Grapefruit:  High in both vitamin C and antioxidants, it increases the cleansing processes of the liver by boosting production of liver detoxification enzymes that help flush out carcinogens and other toxins.


3. Beets and Carrots:  Both extremely high in plant-flavonoids and beta-carotene. Both beets and carrots can help stimulate and improve overall liver function.


4. Green Tea:  This liver-loving beverage is chock-full of plant antioxidants known as catechins, known to assist the livers overall functions. 


5.  Dandelion Tea:  improves the function of and maintains optimum liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and gall bladder functions.


6. Leafy Green Vegetables:  extremely high in plant chlorophylls, greens literally suck up environmental toxins from the blood stream. They help neutralize heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.


7. Avocados:  This nutrient-dense super-food helps the body produce glutathione, which is necessary for the liver to cleanse harmful toxins. 


8. Apples:  High in pectin, apples hold the chemical constituents needed for the body to cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract. 


9. Whole Grains:  Grains, such as brown rice, are rich in B-complex vitamins, nutrients known to improve overall fat metabolization, liver function and liver decongestion. 


10. Cruciferous Vegetables:  Eating broccoli and cauliflower will increase the amount of glucosinolate in your system, adding to enzyme production in the liver that helps flush out carcinogens, and other toxins.


11. Lemons & Limes:  high in vitamin C, which aids the body in synthesizing toxic material. Drinking freshly-squeezed lemon or lime juice in the morning helps stimulate the liver.


12. Walnuts:  high in the amino acid arginine, walnuts aid the liver in detoxifying ammonia. Walnuts are also high in glutathione and Omega-3 Fatty Acids which support normal liver cleansing actions. 


 13. Cabbage: helps stimulate the activation of two crucial liver detoxifying enzymes that help flush out toxins. Try eating more kimchi, coleslaw, cabbage soup and sauerkraut.


14. Turmeric:  Try adding some of this detoxifying goodness into your next lentil stew or veggie dish for an instant liver pick-me-up. 

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Recipe Of The Month
Liver Cleansing Juice
(serves 1)


  • Apples - 2 medium (scrubbed, peeled)
  • Beet Root - 1 beet (scrubbed, peeled)
  • Carrots - 4 medium (scrubbed & peeled)
  • Celery - 3 large stalks (scrubbed) 
  • Ginger Root - 1/2 thumb (peeled)

Process all ingredients in a juicer (or Vitamix), and serve.

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