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This month we are focusing on the healing benefits of  Massage!  Don't miss the breakthrough new research that we've highlighted stating that massage not only feels great but actually helps the muscles repair while decreasing inflammation, thus pain.  

When I was practicing Chiropractic without the addition of massage therapy, my patient outcomes were good.  But when I added massage a few years later, my patient outcomes improved dramatically and my business expanded three-fold.  I cannot say enough about how helpful massage is for balancing conditions of the Musculoskeletal system. Massage along with Chiropractic is the power combo for decreasing any Musculoskeletal pain. And for those of you who prefer a deeper massage or if your muscles are particularly tight, we recommend our Heated Bamboo Massage.  It is great for a deep tissue feel with added heat and relaxation!  

If you happen to have caught a summer cold, don't forget about our Cold Stone Sinus Massage.  It is extremely effective in relieving sinus pressure, allergies and headaches!

And this month we are giving you financial incentive to book your next Massage and end the summer relaxed, refreshed and pain free!  We look forward to  seeing you soon for any of our wonderful massages!

Yours in Health, 
Dr. Heidi & the InnerMovement Wellness Team
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Healing Power of Massage
Scientists have unlocked the secret behind the healing power of massage. The kneading eases sore muscles by turning off genes associated with inflammation and turning on those genes that help damaged muscles heal.


Both post-workout muscle tissue samples than in the pre-workout samples were studied and it was determined that massage suppresses the inflammation that follows exercise while promoting faster healing. Massaged muscle tissue was also studied and it shows that Massage Therapy could also potentially speed up recovery from muscle injury in athletes, as well as promote healing in patients with musculoskeletal problems.  Read the article in it's entirety HERE

The Lactic Acid Myth
It was long believed that lactic acid was a negative by-product of over-exerted muscles, thus the cause for the soreness we feel when muscles are pushed to exhaustion.  However new evidence is proving that lactic acid is actually an energy source to be used by our muscles, along with adrenalin, to protect against the electrolyte balance brought on by the loss of potassium.   
Read more HERE
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The Importance of Hydration 
Without enough water, the human body cannot function properly.  Dehydration occurs when a person doesn't take in enough fluids or loses too many resulting in fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fatigue weakness, headaches and more.  
So, drink lots of fluids (10 glasses of water every day), eat foods with high water content (watermelon, tomatoes, broccoli), and avoid dehydrating beverages like soda, sugar-laden juices and coffee.
TIP:  Try Dr. Heidi's Morning Super Smoothie (recipe below) to start your morning with a nutrition-dense, HYDRATING beverage!
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Nutrition Corner
Dr. Heidi's Morning Super Smoothie
2 scoops Biotics Whey Protein Powder*
1 scoop Shentrition*
1 Banana, peeled 
1 1/2 cups Coconut Water
Ice (amount depends on desired consistency)
Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender. Cover and blend to desired consistency.  Coconut Water and Ice can be adjusted to personal taste. Enjoy!
*available at InnerMovement and on special this month!  20% off
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Ask Dr. Heidi 
Question:  My 54 year old father has pain and numbness in both of his legs.  His legs feel weak and often give out when walking.  Is this something Chiropractic can help?
Dr. Heidi:  Numbness, pain and weakness in BOTH legs can be indicative of a more serious condition.  Nerve pressure, disc problems and muscle injury (conditions that Chiropractic regularly treats) typically present in ONE leg not BOTH.  Conditions such as Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophies present bilaterally.  As well as tumors growing in the Prostate, Colon or anywhere in the lower abdomen can present with symptoms in BOTH legs.  These conditions must be ruled out before seeking Chiropractic care.  If the above symptoms are accompanied by difficulty urinating, numbness in the inguinal area or sexual dysfunction seek Medical attention immediately.

Do YOU have a question for Dr. Heidi?  Submit it HERE
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