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Introducing Our NEW
Cold Stone Massage    

Cold Stone Massage

Special Introductory Price*


Our Cold Stone Massage Therapy combines aromatherapy, headache point release, and the strategic placement of cold, marble stones on the face and neck to eliminate or diminish the pain and pressure of migraines.


This effective therapy is also proven to reduce nasal swelling and soothe sinus pressure.  Cold Stone Massage can also provide relief from allergy symptoms,  sinus pain,  and regular headaches.


Try this natural therapy as your first line of treatment, before resorting to medications! 



*offer valid thru.11/30/12. limit 1 special per patient.    


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New Patients, please call (818) 549 - 1300

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Biotics BioProtect   


Rich in Vitamins A, C, # E plus Zinc & Selenium, BioProtect supplies a wide spectrum of anti-oxidant nutrients to naturally prevent colds & flu.


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