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Our next class will be held on Wednesday,  September 14th from 6:30 - 9:30 PM at the Courtyard by Marriott University in Fort Worth.

 This three hour session is an excellent introduction to the art and science of face reading. Each participant receives an individual face reading and a lesson on how to begin reading features on every face.
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Summer of 2016 Newsletter 

Have you ever wondered why a human face changes so much over a lifetime? We might immediately think "age" but other animals get older and their faces certainly don't change to the degree that human faces change. The answer is that the human face is a self-contained form of communication.  It communicates enormous amounts of information that, for the most part, we take for granted.
In a very real sense the story of your life is written on your face, including every significant life changing event and life challenge that you have ever faced. Quite literally, your face is a living record of your personal genetic expression which can be read by anyone who can read faces. Genes are the instruction booklets for everything we are and everything we become from the way we physically appear, to how we think, our attitudes, our preferences, even how we mentally process and make decisions. The appearance of your face is a product of both the blueprint created by your original genetic makeup, plus the epigenetic changes to the orientation of those genes as they are modified by personal life experiences.
This Newsletter is an example of linking our personal history to our ever changing face. But before I begin using my own face as an example, I want to encourage you to find photos of yourself at different decades of your life. See if you can notice from your pictures when something changed on your face. The change you see is a recording of your personal life history. It marks a significant change in your life or a significant event that impacted your life. The value of actually taking the time to do this exercise is priceless and the reward is having a personal profile based on objective data that lets us better understand who we are. Quite literally, who we are is as plain as the nose on our face.
My Early Years

As a child, my small high ears, high curved eyebrows, small chin and small nose revealed a right brain dominance. The fact that my ears also stuck out, marked me as an  spontaneous non-conformist who was always caught up in the present moment. In class I blurted out answers to questions without raising my hand. My 4th grade teacher squashed this independence and reigned in my enthusiasm in her efforts to socialize me. In response, you can see that in my 5th grade picture (seen above) my bottom eyelids have become flat indicating that I was  much more wary and guarded.
The extremely flat bottom lids show that I maintained a defensive posture and began to self-monitor to avoid social rejection and criticism from the teachers. My eyebrows were even, which showed that I was bright and a good student. However, my small high ears and high eyebrows combination accurately reflected that, during this period of my life, I could experience sensory overload and would "choke" under pressure. Especially If there was a time limit when decisions had to be made immediately.
Mid Life Chages
At age 26, I was just out of law school, trying to launch a career as a solo practitioner. My years of law school had changed my face. Now my forehead was slanted backwards and my eyebrows were angled and lower indicating the left brained dominance that I surely needed just to survive law school. The left brain influence is also evident in growing a beard. At the time, I was unaware that I was covering up my small chin to give me a better chance in the courtroom against opposing lawyers with bigger chins and a lot more experience. I also didn't realize that my "big hair" was an unconscious attempt to have a bigger head. Somehow having a bigger head made me feel less vulnerable in courtroom situations. Now, I laugh at myself in thinking that "poofy" hair would make me look tougher. The high ridge on my nose showed my need to work more independently. My angled eyebrows reflected my mindset of wanting more power and needing to be mentally in control while trying to stay ahead of the curve to be able to predict legal outcomes.
Fortunately, in my early 40's I stumbled upon the science of physiognomy and became interested in face reading. I continued to practice law but this liberating venture of face reading brought my forehead back to round and full as I reconnected with my earlier right brained dominance. Practicing law for over 20 years affected my ears as they went from sticking out to diplomatic, which means they were in at the top and out at the bottom. This change in my ears documents that I had lost my non-conformist perspective as I had to work closely with everyone who came in for my legal services and the entire judicial system. I needed to understand their reality as they saw it before I could help them. I never liked my receding hairline but I now realize that it was probably more helpful than a beard. The seemingly bigger forehead made me look smarter.
My Face Today
Now, at age 66, I have a much larger nose, jowls and a longer upper lip. The bigger nose is the epigenetic result of a lifetime of being my own boss and being in charge of running my own business. It is a left brain feature which indicates a need to be in control. My jowls are proof that I have become comfortable with being an authority in my field. Jowls communicate authority and give weight to the owner's words. My longer upper lip reflects life changes that have given me the potential for greater longevity. My round full forehead is objective proof of my right brained interest in new things and an interest in finding creative alternatives. It also indicates that I dislike mechanical approaches, being micromanaged or required to follow rigid rules or procedures.
However, while it does not show in this picture, I do have a left brained brow ridge which shows that I have developed and follow my own systems and procedures. Of course the numerous lines on my face have recorded my life history. The horizontal, but broken lines on my forehead, show a lifetime of study and a wide range of interests while the vertical lines reflect the years of operating under mental pressure. I got the grief line that runs from the corner of my lip down onto my chin when I lost Mojo, my beloved dog. Every time I see that line it reminds me of him and his impact on my life. But I also realize that our capacity for empathy, which is perhaps one of the more powerful of human connectors, comes from having had one's own experience of deep loss. So, I cherish that line as Mojo's gift to me.
Okay, now it is your turn.
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