The Importance of Our Bottom Eyelids
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Spring 2016 Newsletter 

Our recent Certification Workshop was a resounding success. We are continually amazed at the depth of connection it generates among the diverse group of attendees. In the last class we had participants from Tennessee to California. One doctor flew all the way from Saudi Arabia and brought his sister just to take the workshop. We had another doctor, a lawyer, a corporate executive and a business owner. We also had a rancher who raises race horses, a city office manager, a holistic healer, a political consultant and a realtor. One might think that such diversity within the group could be a hindrance, but giving students the ability to see beyond stereotypes creates a rare level of openness and personal connection. Our family of Certified Amazing Face Readers is growing. For more information on how to become a CFR please see the side column.
This Newsletter is about our bottom eyelids which are perhaps one of the most important facial features that we can read. The subtle differences between the shapes of our bottom eyelids play a powerful role in our perception of others. Our bottom lids not only signal our internal affect but they also reveal when we are seeing the world from a right brain, open and accepting stance or from a guarded and protected left brain perspective. Being one of the numerous interactive signals that can be found on the face, the bottom eyelids instantly reveal the changes in our perception. We will discuss what our bottom lids mean when we are in a neutral space and also how they become an interactive signal. 
Curved & Straight Bottom Eyelids
You have probably heard of eyes being labeled as the "windows" to the soul. It is no doubt that our eyes are the most captivating feature on our face. They are the first things we notice when looking at someone or even when looking at our own face in a mirror. Good eye contact with another person signals our attention and interest and is the first requirement for creating a deeper level of connection.
People who have naturally rounded bottom lids have a more relaxed, unguarded receptivity to their present moment awareness. They are experiencing the world from a right brain perspective. On a physical level, their eyes seem more open as in the top picture. We tend to respond positively to people with these round bottom lids because they are signaling openness, acceptance, and receptivity. However, this openness does not necessarily mean that the person is agreeing with everything we are saying, but rather that they are willing to listen and take it in without prejudgment.
On the other hand, there are people who have naturally flat bottom lids. These straight or flat bottom lids as shown in the bottom picture, signal a more left brain protected and guarded attitude. If the bottom lids are consistently straight it indicates a judgmental attitude and a tendency to divide the world into "us" and "them". A person with flat bottom lids will have standards that they hold for others and will evaluate people based on these standards. However, once a person with flat bottom lids accepts someone who has met their standards, they can be the most loyal and faithful friend, supporter or spouse that anyone could ask for.
Bottom Eyelids as Interactive Signals
Regardless of how our bottom lids are when at rest, they are in a constant dance as they reflect our internal changing attitude in each life experience we encounter. Additionally, our left and right bottom eyelids operate independently to record our specific reactions. Our left bottom lid acts as a barometer to our personal life including our personal response to the other person. The right eyelid records our responses to experiences in our external world. Noticing these fluctuations in a person's bottom lids is almost like taking their emotional pulse. If you maintain good eye contact during a conversation and notice the dance of the other person's bottom eyelids, you will receive constant feedback about the degree of their receptivity to you and to what you are saying.
A curved bottom lid on the other person's left eye indicates their willingness to accept us, while a curved bottom lid on their right eye indicates openness to what we are saying. If you notice a change in the other person's left bottom eyelid as it goes from curved to flat, it is a signal that he or she is having a problem with you personally. The unspoken message is that they are finding you somehow threatening or not trustworthy and they have moved into a more guarded defensive stance. Similarly, if their right bottom eyelid changes from curved to flat, then the person is signaling that they are having a problem accepting your information. At that moment, they moved into a more left brain perspective and have put up an internal protective wall while they analyze and judge what you are saying. 
The Bottom Line on Bottom Eyelids
Our bottom lids instantly telegraph their owners internal affect and even subtle changes from curved to straight expose an internal shift in attitude. By learning to focus on the dance of the bottom lids we can compare the speaker's words with the unspoken communication of their eyelids to have more accurate evaluation of their true message and their unspoken intent. Armed with an understanding of how powerful our bottom lids are can give you an advantage in every face to face interaction. The depth of our relationship with another person depends on our ability to understand them. Mastering the reading of this one feature can help create relationships that are both powerful and mutually rewarding.
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