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  Participants will leave the session able to read any face on the planet. This workshop is now available for registration.
We limit the size to maximize individual participation. 

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Winter of 2016 Newsletter 

I must confess that every time that I read a newspaper or watch the news I am shocked and saddened by how quickly we are ready to pass judgment on others. We seem to be sliding into a world governed by the "politics of fear" where we are constantly reminded of the dangers we face from anyone not like us. The theme is one of vs. white, rich vs. poor, old vs. young, gay vs. straight, capitalist vs. socialist, immigrant vs. non-immigrant, Christian vs. Muslim. We are programmed to fear aliens, terrorists, communists, liberals, religious radicals, identity thieves, sexual predators, and serial killers with an urgency that would imply that "they" have taken over the world. Even our own political arena is divided into rigid, intolerant camps of thought and values where members of opposing parties are seen more as enemies than fellow collaborators working for the good of all the people.
This type of thinking produces sweeping generalizations where entire groups of people are labeled and judged with an assumption that one size fits all. Fortunately, that is not the truth. The truth is that we are all unique and any attempt to stereotype humans into rigidly defined categories will always miss the mark. If you have ever been misjudged, excluded or felt discrimination you know how painful it feels and how it often fuels an almost immediate reaction that perpetuates the cycle of bias and bigotry. We have to ask ourselves how this can happen? How can we be frightened into losing our empathy and compassion for our fellow man?
One of the reasons we are so quick to believe what we are told is that we lack the tools to make assessments of one another for ourselves. How can we know what our neighbor is really like? How can we trust if what someone is telling us is the truth? Unfortunately, as a society we are losing our ability to assess one another as we retreat into our internal world. It is predicted that in the near future almost everyone on the planet will have a cell phone or a mobile data device. This will certainly increase our ability to connect with others electronically but diminishes our personal face time. Today, in public, we hardly look at one another and with the advent of self- checkout counters we can shop in stores crammed with people without saying a word to anyone. We see other people but we don't take the time to really look at them. What is even worse, without practice we quickly lose our ability read others and retreat into an unspoken attitude of "stranger danger" and avoid them all together.
What we all need, including our children, is the ability to quickly and accurately assess and evaluate every person we meet on an individual basis rather than applying a misguided stereotype that creates fear and divisions. Face reading provides those tools and it is something that even a child can learn. Face reading gives us an immediate awareness of the underlying character and personality of the other person. It also lets us evaluate the other person in our interactions with them to read their unspoken intent or deceptions as they occur. More importantly when we can read the life stories written on every face, people become more interesting and we want to interact with them.
Knowledge will always trump fear as paradigm for relationships and having the ability to accurately see and understand one another including the politicians whom we elect can prevent us from falling victim to the propaganda of fear used to manipulate our beliefs and actions. Without compassion we lose our humanity.
Quiz about the Qualities of this Woman

What features show that she has:

1. Courage, especially in her personal life.

2. Determination because once she makes up her mind she is almost unstoppable.

3. A healing influence. She has an aura of healing and others trust her advice.

4. Provides for those under her umbrella with a willingness to also care for them.

5. Bound by her word. She is  responsible  and once she gives her word she will keep it.

6. Compassion. She understands the pain of others because she has dealt with grief and loss in her personal life. She is a true wounded healer.

7. Mental control because she evaluates her circumstances and analyzes her options and always has an opinion.

8. A concern for others. In her actions she takes the needs of others into consideration.

9. An appreciation for beauty. She has a developed aesthetic sense and knows what looks good. (A+ if you got this one) 

Quiz Answers and More

The name of the feature is followed

by the page in the Amazing Face

Reading book and where the feature

appears on her face. We have added

an "R" if the feature has a right brain

orientation and a "L" if the feature

has a left brain orientation.


1. Courage lines (p. 63) The diagonal

lines across her cheek bones. "R"

2. Freight train line (p. 61) Single line in between her eyebrows. "L"

3. Healer Cheeks (p. 43) Face is broadest at side of her eyes. "R"

4. Wide Nose (p. 30) Wide at base of nose. "R"

5. Responsibility lines (p.62) Many fine lines on bridge of nose. "L"

6. Compassion lines (p.64) Lines at the corners of her mouth to her chin. "R"

7. Angled eyebrows (p. 13) Her eyebrows have a definite up and down.

8.Round chin (p. 53). The combination (p. 55) of angled eyebrows and round chin make her a self-appointed and  responsible helper. "L"/"R" Combination

9. Large hooped earrings (not in book) Wearing large earrings is a way to enhance your earlobes. Large earlobes indicate a developed appreciation for appearance. "R"


Certified Face Readers
Therina Simmons
I am a cosmetologist who has written My Fashion Revolution which is a book that teaches everyone how to find their own personal style based on their facial features, body movements and personality type. Amazing Face Reading backs up the principles in my book. Now I have a better understanding of how our features are shaped by our personality and our life's experiences. I am on a quest to empower people through fashion! When you look good you feel confidant and have a desire to contribute to humanity. Helping people understand why we all look different helps us appreciate differences and creates connection instead of competition. If you want to know more about my fashion revolution:
please visit my website 
Email me and I will gladly send you a test to determine which season you fit into and help you find your personal style. Phone 435-279-2673

Sheryl Smith   Cell: 540-470-8372
My work is to help my clients release the stresses that prevent them from enjoying a healthy body and a successful life.  I run a company called Stress Less ~ Weigh Less.  The method I use to help people is an emotional form of acupressure, without needles, called Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping and I have now incorporated Amazing Face Reading as a way to better connect with my clients and draw them out. Here are a couple examples:
One client told me she was stupid - her limiting belief.  I told her that I read faces, and that her high eyebrows and high ears meant that she in fact took in information very quickly, but had to give herself time to process it before knowing what to do with the new information.  We tapped on her belief that she was stupid, affirming that she is smart, and began changing her negative program.  She has now gained much more self-esteem. Another client has very thin lips and a small mouth. I said that I needed him to tell me what he was holding back so that I could help him with what was really bothering him.  Out poured the truth that he was thinking of leaving his wife. So we started to tap on that, and he is coming back to work on that situation further.  
Previous newsletters may be found posted on my website:
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Thank you for your interest. I welcome your comments, questions and observations. You can e-mail me directly at
or my business partner, Ann Marks,
Your feedback is valuable. My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.

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