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Fall of 2015 Newsletter 

Amazing Face Reading has given me numerous memorable experiences over the years. In this Newsletter, I want to share some of the highlights from our recent summer Advanced Certification Workshop.
You may not have heard about this event because it was posted only to the Certified Face Readers who had completed the basic certification workshop. The people who signed up for the advanced workshop had been practicing face reading since their certification but were eager to learn more. The final section of this newsletter will share more about a few of these individuals and the side panel is about our next Certification Workshop being held next month on October 16 - 18. If you are interested, apply now because we keep the class small and limit the number of students to give each participant the optimal individual attention.
First, though, a little more information about how we got this advanced workshop started. Learning to read faces is not magic. Like anything worthwhile it takes practice, so we began the workshop with some review. The next morning we discussed in depth the value of reading a face with the features divided into a left or right brain category. This added dimension leads any face reader to an even deeper understanding of every person they meet. It also offers a better grasp of instantly reading the other person's perspective to create a deeper connection. It is almost like being able to stand in the other person's shoes and see the world from their point of view.
In this Newsletter you will have a chance to test your own face reading ability as we read and review the meaning of the features on the face pictured. For those of you who want to use it as a test of your own face reading skills, try to determine what are the features you can see and, if you can match them to the hint given in the first section, then check your answers found in the second section which also separates them into their left and right brain qualities. 
Qualities of this Man
What feature indicates the following quality? Can you also determine if the quality is more Left brain or Right brain dominant?
1. Good, clear, reflective listener.
2. Prefers the facts over endorsements
3. May interrupt (a Combination)
4. Divides the world into "them" and "us"
5. Worked hard at developing and stretching his intellect
6. Supports and encourages others
7. Relies on himself rather than asking for help.
8. Has more thoughts than words.
9. His actions take others into account.
10. Sees all related aspects quickly and easily
11. Takes in information quickly
12. Frequently puts his own needs on hold to take care of  everything and everyone else
13. Perfectionistic tendencies 
The Feature with Left brain (LB) or
Right brain (RB) orientation
1. Straight mouth (Left and Right)
2. Straight eyebrows (LB)
3. High ears (RB), low eyebrows (LB)
4. Flat bottom eyelids (LB)
5. Mental development lines (LB)
6. Support lines (RB)
7. Thin nose at base (LB)
8. Thin lips (LB)
9. Round beard (RB)
10. Even eyebrows (RB)
11. High ears (RB)
12. Eye puffs (LB)
13. Three or more lines between eyebrows (LB)
Advanced Certified Face Readers
Dr. Ethelle Lord, is an Advanced Certified Face Reader and is the owner/founder of The International Caregivers Association (ICA - Ethelle tells us that she is now using face reading to change the course of dementia care all over the world. The ICA is a global resource of support and advocacy for families, medical practices, and care facilities who provide for patients with Alzheimer's and other dementias. It's ICA's mission to improve outdated modes of dementia care with more individualized, "person-centered" care. As part of ICA's mission to improve and standardize the way care is provided, they've added a new weapon to their caregiving arsenal - face reading. Dr. Lord can be reached at . 
Sherri Brown, another Advanced Certified Face Reader has been a dedicated medical coding specialist for many years. But now she wants to make a significant career change. Over the 21 years as a coder she has continued to earn degrees, licenses and certifications to prepare for this transition. Sherri says, "I started taking advanced education classes at sixteen. Out of all of my degrees, licenses, and certifications I've never taken a class like this (Advanced Certified Face Reading).  It is truly unique and the best money I've ever spent."
Using her face reading capability is providing her with the kind of career move she has always dreamed of. Sherri told us that during a recent interview she read the faces of her potential future bosses and they were so impressed that they started working to create a new full time position for her. While Sherri's background and education are exceptional and also somewhat unique, it was her ability to read faces and thereby connect with those she would be working with that provided the winning combination in their decision to hire her.
Audra Coleman is another graduate of the Advanced Certification Workshop. She is very successful private investigator who owns her own business and came to the workshop from North Carolina. Since returning home she has been using face reading wherever she goes. While at a recent bail bond meeting she started reading faces and quickly drew an impressed crowd. She said that she became the "talk of the room." In fact they were so impressed that Audra was invited to speak at one of her industry's major conferences. She includes the use of Amazing Face Reading as part of her presentation on Skip Tracing. Audra tells us that she has been so well received that she is also starting to build a Power Point presentation to teach face reading classes to other members of the Bail Bond industry.
After Thomas Ramos took the basic Certification workshop he started practicing reading faces. He created a sign that is pictured here and he would display it while having his coffee at a local café. It created a win-win as people were interested in having their faces read and he got more feedback and experience. Thomas came from California to participate in both Certification workshops. He has been a successful business man his entire life and he is a recognized sales professional. Thomas shared that he is moving towards a less busy sales career and enjoys face reading as a kind of hobby. Besides just reading for fun, he recently gave a well- received presentation on Amazing Face Reading to his National Sales Group's Convention.
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