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Family Fun

The story below about the family eating out and face reading together made the entire meal enjoyable for them. Often I see families at a restaurant all sitting around the same table but there is little interaction. In fact, I usually see the children on their mobile devices playing games to keep them occupied. Here is a suggestion to make the outing a lot more fun and a true "family" experience. Bring our Amazing Face Reading Flash Cards along. You might have each one draw a card and see if they can find that feature on someone in their own family or even at another table. The card gives the meaning of the feature which encourages understanding people better. Perhaps the most rewarding part of this activity is discovering qualities about other family members. Being seen and validated might be the best dessert possible.





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Summer of 2015 Newsletter 

 If I had to sum up my entire face reading experience in one sentence, I would say that EVERY face on the planet is amazing. Of course, we are all face readers from birth, but most of us never get past the level of unconscious face reading which includes face reading for identification- "I see Uncle Harry." Or perhaps we don't know the person but we have a felt sense of them - "She looks nice," "He looks smart," "I don't trust him."


We also unconsciously read approximate age, gender, health, and genetic abnormalities from the face. While we may not admit it, we immediately read "other" on a face. Our inherited genetic programming from our earliest ancestors is still with us. For tens of thousands of years humans lived in a tribal existence. Allegiance to the tribe was paramount to survival and we were suspicious and even wary of anyone different from our group. Even though we no longer live in tribes, we are still quick to unconsciously divide the world into "us" and "them" based on racial, ethnic, linguistic and social differences.

Unconscious Face Reading

We all know what it feels like when                 people2.jpg                    we are not seen as the unique individuals we are, but rather we are viewed more like an object and lumped into a  generic category. This type of stereotyping is another example of our unconscious face reading. It creates barriers rather than removing them. When we feel misjudged, we are often quick to judge back and raise our own protective walls.

Having a  more objective assessment of others can eliminate the natural tendency towards xenophobia or fear of strangers that we inherited from our earliest ancestors. When we have a better way to truly see and understand another person we will quickly disregard any inferior way.

Conscious Face Reading

The depth of our connection                                  people2b.jpg            with anyone ultimately depends on our ability to understand their perception of reality. When we accept that every person has their own unique view of the world then we can easily understand that the only way to connect is to see things from their perspective. For most of us, we have no way to comprehend the other person's reality and therefore, we assume that it must be like ours. The gift of face reading is that each person's perception of reality is plainly written on their face. Here are a few of the ways that face reading promotes this level of conscious awareness and acceptance of others:

Complete non-verbal language: The face is the most sophisticated low-tech biometric known to man. If you can see a face, you can read it and that person does not have to say a word. Our life history, thinking style, preferences and responses to our life experiences can all be read by anyone who is willing to become a conscious face reader. 

Personal history: Every time we have a thought or feeling there will be a corresponding micro-expression on our face. We work those muscles from the day we are born until the day we die. Consequently, our habitual patterns of thought and feeling, as well as those overwhelming crisis in our life, will all be marked on our face. That is why our face changes throughout our life. When you suddenly notice a new line it is not evidence of aging but rather something you earned that reflects a part of your personal life history.

Personality profile: Are you a talker? A thinker? A provider? A gambler? A hard worker? Are you competitive? Sensitive? Intuitive? Logical? Detail oriented? Do you like to be in control? Do you have secrets? Are you able to keep a secret? All of these personality characteristics and many more are found on your face. Being able to see these qualities could aide you in hiring the right person for the right job or choosing a friend or life-mate.

Preferences: Do you prefer the facts or would you rather hear how it worked for someone else? Is logic your guide or are you more apt to go with your gut? Do you spend money like there is no tomorrow or do you own your first dime? Do you enjoy working alone or would you rather be part of a team? Do you take in information quickly or do you take your time and listen carefully to get it correct? All of this valuable information is on our faces and is available to the conscious face reader.

Thinking and decision making style: Knowing someone's preferences leads directly into their thinking and decision making style. For example, people with high eyebrows need some time to make up their mind and don't like to be rushed. While people with low eyebrows, want to move on and get it done now. Some people can make a decision based solely on facts, others rely on their gut. Some people make decisions only after achieving a balance between the two.

Some people are creative thinkers as they see the possibilities and they may be excellent at planning an event. Others may need more time before becoming mentally committed, but then they will stick with it until the end while taking care of all the details. Your face provides the answer. This information can be essential in relating to others, but is especially important for understanding those folks we live and work with.

Relationship/intimacy requirements: Relationships in life can prove to be a challenge especially when seeking a significant other. Unfortunately, finding the perfect mate often requires a delicate balance. We don't want a clone of ourselves because we don't want to be stuck with a single, limited perspective. We need a partner who can offer a different and intelligent point of view. On the other hand we still need someone who shares our interests and values because we want to have a solid connection.

Face reading holds the key to understanding the other person's intimacy requirements. The basis for any deeply bonded relationship lies in our ability to give our attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowance of the other. Being able to see the other person as they see themselves allows for that type of connection.

Family Face Reading

 After a recent face reading class one of the participants came up to tell me that his entire family has become excited about face reading. "It is our favorite family pastime when we all go out to eat," he said. After being seated at a table their "target" is the server who visits them for the drink orders. Everyone is looking at this person's face and they will always ask the server's name and hopefully get them to move their face to reveal hidden lines. When the server leaves to go after the drink order, the family begins to discuss the server's face and any features they noticed.

As the food order is taken, more face time is afforded and there is a chance to check out what the other family members may have noticed. The best part of the meal is yet to come when they tell the server that they have been reading his or her face. After explaining what they mean by "face reading" the server is always curious to know what they saw. The look of amazement and surprised reaction of the server is its own reward. One server once told me, "Having my face read was the most amazing experience I have ever had while waiting on tasmiling-family-sm.jpgbles."

Reading faces as a family activity creates a deeper bond between each family member. Now with the tool of face reading the family has its own new secret language and a new way to communicate and connect with the other people and with each other. The bonus is that reading as a joint exercise helps everyone become better face readers.

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