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May 2015 Newsletter 

Recently we were reminded of a horrific event in our Nation's history. Twenty years ago Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. To this day it remains the worst terrorist attack by a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil. Most of us remember where we were when we heard the news. Within days it was determined that McVeigh was the terrorist who committed this atrocity. If you would delve into Timothy's life, you may come up with an understanding of what led him to commit such a heinous crime. Even though he served his country in Desert Storm, after his return he was influenced so radically by others that he planned and executed the bombing that took the lives of 168 people and injured more than 600.


I use photos of McVeigh to illustrate the drastic changes that occurred on his face when he went through this radical change of view. Our response to our life experiences will leave their mark on our face. The face is an amazing low tech biometric recorder of our life history and our perceptional perspective. I have mentioned in other Newsletters the idea of reading your own face from each decade of your life. Inevitably you will find changes. Timothy McVeigh's face shows an extreme transition from his early years to the day was arrested.

Timothy's School Photo

In reading the younger Timothy's face we see from his eyebrows that he was a person who cared about people but that he did not like to be rushed into making a decision. In the end his decisions needed to also feel right. His rounded chin reveals that when acting on his ideas he would take into account the interests and needs of others. His full lips showed a warm, passionate, caring personality. Timothy's ears sticking out reveal that even at this earlier age he was a self-starter, independent and non-conformist who chose to do things his own way. All of these features indicate a person whose orientation was people and relationship based with a concern for others.


However, in this early photo Timothy also had a very strong left brain feature in his straight bottom eyelids. This feature signals an intense guardedness and a need to erect an internal social wall for protection. It also indicates a life approach that divides people into either an "us" or a "them". Folks with these extremely straight bottom lids are loyal to a fault toward those they consider to be an "us" while not trusting to any degree anyone considered to be a "them". They are wary and judgmental in their interactions and are suspicious of strangers.


McVeigh Arraigned

Timothy's mental transition over just a few years created noticeable changes on his face. We see a transition from having mostly right brain features indicating a desire for connection and concern for others to a dominant left brain stance where the main focus is to accomplish the goal. The changes include his eyebrows changing from high to low and from round to straight. His bottom eyelids are even straighter as he becomes even more suspicious and guarded. His nose becomes thinner at the base, which shows that in his actions he was much more self-reliant and also extremely self-sufficient. He required little help in pursuing his goals but in the process he lost connection with anyone who might have offered a different perspective. His face now indicates that we he was losing the ability to have any perspective other than his own or any capacity for empathy for others as he became locked in an extreme left brain perspective.


His thin lips show that he was suppressing his emotions and putting his feelings in an emotional vault. The most telling feature of his radical transition lies in his chin. It went from round (considerate of others and right brain) to very straight. The change in the chin indicates a shift from a person who takes others interests into account to one totally focused on achieving the goals and the causes that he believed in. In summary, we see from the changes in his face that Timothy went from being a sweet shy kid to a radicalized remorseless terrorist who was so detached from any reality other than his own that he actually saw himself as a true patriot and the new age Paul Revere.


The Amazing Biometric Face

It is not surprising that all the numerous aspects of ourselves are interrelated and interconnected. Since we start out life as a single cell that diversifies into all the numerous pieces and parts that make us up we would expect a connection between the various parts. But, what is surprising is that our face is a low tech biometric that is not only recording and revealing our individual life history, but is also a predictor of our mental perspective, emotional response, and even our interactive signals that reveal our true feelings of the moment.


Yet, the greatest gift from learning how to read faces is being able to verify visually that every person on the planet is unique. Each has their own particular perspective of reality and capacity for experience and the information is written on their face. Just as it would be impossible to judge the best snowflake since they too are all unique we learn that we must all accept each other at face value.

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