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April 2015 Newsletter 

 Over the years I have had the good fortune to travel to some of the far away parts of the world and where ever I go, I read faces. This is especially true when I am in a country where I don't know the local language. Luckily,  face reading is a universal language so I have still been able to connect and make new friends.


The gift of face reading is that it gives us a way to step into another person's reality and see them as they see themselves.  Watching the joy on the other person's face, who suddenly feels seen and acknowledged, is its own priceless reward. That moment of connection cuts through all the bias, bigotry and prejudice that we might use to divide ourselves from someone who we see as "different." In this newsletter I want to share the story of my friend Bolt, pictured in the next section below.


While visiting Outer Mongolia we went to the countryside and stayed in a campground of "gers"  the Mongolian version of a mobile home. While we where there we met and visited with some of the local people. One man was named Bolt who was a shepherd. We  discovered from our guide that he had lost one of his lambs. I went with him in search of the lost lamb and as you can see, the story has a happy ending. But our relationship took another turn that evening when he came to my ger with a friend who could translate our communication. Bolt did not speak a word of English and I did not speak a word of Mongolian. Before I tell you more of the story, let's see how you would read Bolt's face.

Bolt's Amazing Face Quiz

Name the feature for these qualities of Bolt:

  1. Very responsible and committed to what he does for a living.

  2. Bolt is a provider. He shelters and protects his family.

  3. He is generous with what he has and shares it freely.

  4. Bolt takes in information quickly but cannot be rushed into making quick response. (Hint: a Combination)

  5. Not afraid of competition.

  6. When it comes down to acting he puts people first.

  7. Bolt has the capacity for focus.

  8. He has a strong need for intimacy, touch and affection.

 Feature Answers and page numbers:

  1. Forced focus line deepest on his right side (p.62)

  2. Wide base to his nose (p.30)

  3. Very large nostrils (p.34)

  4. High ears/high eyebrows (p.41)

  5. Large chin (p.51)

  6. Round chin (p.53)

  7. No upper eyelids (p.23)

  8. Libido lines (p.65)

Bolt's Face Reading

Bolt has several very strong right brain                              features including his small high ears, high eyebrows, broad nose, full lips and round chin. He is about relationship with people and is a generous provider who needs physical touch and affection. Bolt takes other people's needs into consideration (round chin) and enjoys working with others (low nose ridge). He is focused on life and he values all life which is demonstrated in his effort to find one stray lamb rather than leave it to the elements or a predator.

Bolt's life is embedded in the nomadic herders tradition still lived on the grassy steppes of Outer Mongolia. His flat bottom eyelids reveal his tribal perspective of maintaining reserve toward foreigners and perhaps a bit of shyness at having his photo taken. His upturned eyes reveal his optimistic outlook and his belief that somehow things will work out for the best. He exemplifies the power of positive thinking.

 Bolt's ear and eyebrow combination are right brain as you may recall from the November 2014 newsletter. He has high ears and high eyebrows (both right brain). His high ears capture the experience almost immediately but then his high eyebrows need time to find the subliminal pattern recognitions that makes it feel right before he makes the decision. This time lag may at times leave him with a feeling of sensory overwhelm.

Bolt also has several strong left brain features which give him balance. The left brain features include his forced focus lines, his wide warrior cheeks, and big chin. These features reveal that he has the physical strength and focus to conquer the elements. Bolt not only survives but also thrives in Outer Mongolia. As you may know, that part of the world has a very harsh environment for many months of the year that would overwhelm most of us.

Unforgettable Connection

If you have been in one of my Amazing Face Reading sessions you may have recognized the photo of Bolt. I use him to show the universality of face reading and to relate my experience of meeting him that evening when he came into my ger with a friend who could translate our conversation. After we sat down I began reading Bolt's face and his friend translated what I said. A few minutes into the reading Bolt blurted out something. I asked the translator what Bolt said. His friend replied, "He says you know him better than his family." I continued on with his face reading and after a while Bolt said something else. When I asked what Bolt said, the translator replied, "He wants you to tell him about his future. "

I always smile when I remember that moment. Of course, I don't own a crystal ball and face reading is not mind reading, nor about predicting the future. Our patterns of thought and feeling and our significant life experiences are marked on our face almost like a written record. However, the true value of face reading was captured in my experience with Bolt. When I read his face, there was a perceptible moment of bonding with a person whose life is about as opposite to mine as imaginable. The result is a treasured gift I shall never forget. A few days later, as we were leaving that part of Mongolia and were heading for the Gobi Desert, Bolt came rushing out of nowhere, riding his horse while standing up in the stirrups in order to keep up with our vehicle. He was smiling and waving but his eyes said it all....we had connected.

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