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March 2015 Newsletter 

 You may recall that our eyebrow shape, paired with our chin shape gives us 9 combinations that help define
 certain personality types. In our December Newsletter we discussed curved eyebrows with round, straight and pointed chins. Our January Newsletter continued with straight eyebrows and their possible meaning when combined with the three chin shapes. The final combination we will discuss in this Newsletter is angled eyebrows combined with each of the chin shapes. These final 3 combinations will present the attributes of a specific personality type and how it aligns with left and right brain qualities.


Eyebrows are the facial feature that tell us about a person's decision making style. Chins tell us how the person will act on those decisions. Angled eyebrows reflect a very left brain decision making perspective. These people are very analytical in their approach, have definite opinions about how things should be done and like to be mentally in control. They step back to check things out and they usually get it right or at least think they do. In fact, telling your friend or partner who has angled eyebrows that they were "absolutely" right will be music to their ears. They will hear it as a confirmation of what they already believe, that they have superior analytical abilities. Let's see how their thinking style combines with their chin shape and what that may mean in further relationship issues.

Angled Eyebrows & Round Chin

People with angled eyebrows and a round chin are the world's self-appointed helpers. Their angled eyebrows reveal a left brain approach in decision making and they are quick to offer their opinions on how almost everything should be done (even when they are not asked for their input). On the other hand, round chins are a right brain feature, therefore when acting on their thoughts (in true right brain fashion) these folks tend to take the needs of others into consideration. Unfortunately, this personality type can be seen at times as "self-appointed bosses" and be accused of being bossy or nagging. Instead of reacting with, "Quit telling me what to do!" Your best response is, "Thank you, that was so helpful," and then go ahead and do it the way you wanted.

The Dalai Lama, the world leader of Tibetan Buddhism, is one example of this combination. While his angled eyebrows give him an immediate impression of authority, his leadership role requires him to somehow be an example of a person in the world but not consumed by worldly possessions and status. His round chin reveals how he uses his authority to help others. Forced out of Tibet, where his home still exists, he has lived most of his life in exile. He has traveled the world advocating for the welfare of Tibetans, teaching Tibetan Buddhism and talking about the importance of compassion as the source of a happy life. He has spoken about the environment, economics, women's rights, non-violence, interfaith dialog, physics, astronomy and reproductive health.

Angled Eyebrows & Straight Chin

As mentioned above, people with angled eyebrows desire control and tend to be left brain dominant in their thinking style. In left brain fashion, they understand the world through abstractions like numbers, words, stories, time, money, maps, and theoretical concepts. When coupled with a straight chin (also a left brain feature), this personality type can take left-brain dominance to another level. People with a straight chin are invested in "doing" and therefore accomplishing the goals they set for themselves and the causes they believe in. A challenge these people face is keeping their ego out of the picture, otherwise their goals may become self-serving.


Martin Luther King, Jr's is an example of this personality type. He was an American Baptist minister, human rights activist and humanitarian leader in the African American Civil Rights Movement. Firmly rooted in his principle of equality for all, he is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs and was prepared to lay down his life for his cause. While his angled eyebrows contributed to his charisma and the ability to persuade others, his square chin revealed his fortitude to speak truth to power and never back down.

Angled Eyebrows & Pointed Chin

People with angled eyebrows and a pointed chin possess a rare combination that falls into the most extreme left brain dominate category. This is a personality type that stays mentally in control, they seldom compromise their goals and constantly strives to have their way. They are convinced that their perspectives and decisions are the right ones and once a decision is made it is seldom, if ever, reexamined. When angled eyebrows are coupled with a pointed chin, we find a life stance that may be summarized as "either my way or the highway." Such a left brain attitude will often leave this personality type insensitive to the needs of others and make it difficult for them to make equality based relationships.


Hollywood had to make the wicked witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz (pictured here)look frightening so they gave her a pointed hat, angled eyebrows, a very pointed chin and a pointed down turned nose. Granted, people who have this combination are not necessarily wicked but they can easily detach from other people's feelings and can be very intimidating. If there are no softening qualities like dimples, concave nose, abundant eyelids or full lips, they may have no compassion in carrying out their plans. When defending their lack of compassion for others they might respond with an attitude summarized as, "if you want to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs." 

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