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February 2015 Newsletter 

In celebration of Valentines, this February newsletter will depart from the final combination of eyebrows and chin shapes to focus on LOVE. We are calling this newsletter "A Valentine for Janey." Janey was Ann's sister and my dear friend, who recently passed away from early onset Alzheimer's. As Ann prepared a tribute to her life she reflected that the best words she could use to describe Janey were to say that she was a lover of life and a friend forever.


Every person who comes into our life presents us with an opportunity. If we choose to connect with them at a deeper level, they will teach us a valuable lesson or give us a profound gift. Janey's lesson was to remind us what a precious gift life is and how short it can be. Her parting gift was to teach us again the true meaning of love. Our Valentine begins with a face reading of the young Janey and then her face in her later years.

I encourage you to take some time and try this same process on your own face. You too may discover the richness that life has brought you as you examine its record written on your face. When we look closely at some of our old pictures, we might see how certain life events left their mark by creating, deepening or altering a feature.

The Early Years

Janey always had high eyebrows and she shaped them to be winged. High eyebrows reveal that she couldn't be rushed into making quick decisions. She needed time to put the information on her mental framework to see how she felt about it. Her high eyebrows indicated that her thinking style was right brain in that her decisions also needed to feel right. Eyebrows with more hair at the beginning which thin out to almost a point as they move out towards the ends are "visionary". They reveal that at even an early age Janey saw the possibilities and was excellent for getting things going and making a plan. However, she was always happy to let others do the windup and follow through. For example, Janey loved to plan and have parties but the clean-up was a task she could save for later.


Janey also had a small nose which is the mark of a hard worker. In work she seldom asked for help because from her perspective she could already have the task done in the time it would take to explain to someone else what was needed to be done. Her full lips revealed her natural expressiveness. Both attributes proved handy in her years of customer service.

Janey had three features that blossomed in her lifetime. First, were her healer cheeks (wide space at the side of her eyes). Her healer cheeks not only gave her an aura of healing but also let anyone know, "this is a face I can trust". Not surprisingly, Janey was the person whose friends often sought for her counsel. She definitely had a knack for helping people feel better. It was as if things improved in her presence.

Janey always put the interest of others before her own and always took the interest of other people into consideration before acting. Those personality traits were perfectly reflected, not only by her healer cheeks and round chin but also her abundant eyelids, which meant she was a friend forever. After her passing, there was a long list of people to contact. They ranged from childhood buddies to friends she made in every town she lived in and every job she held.

The Later Years

Janey always had a wide space between her eyebrows which means she had innate self-will even as a child. In that same space she had 3 vertical lines showing that she was a perfectionist. She took after her dad who definitely believed there was a right way to do things and every other way was wrong. The line between her eyebrows on her right (or external world) side was very deep and indicated that she was hard on herself when it came to her career. She devoted herself to the company and became one of their top customer service supervisors, but she always felt she could do more.

The line near the start of her left eyebrow (on her personal side) was much longer and deeper. She earned this line from her dedication to her parents and being their primary caretaker for almost 25 years. Janey quit her job when her father was stricken with Alzheimer's and continued with her mother who became severely diabetic and required practically a full time nurse to manage her condition.

While Janey made sacrifices in her own life it was her diligent care that kept her mother alive and enjoying life until the age of 88. It is not surprising that Janey had many survivor lines on her upper lip since she buried both parents and survived two divorces among other heartbreaks in her life. It is also not surprising that she had a talk line running under her chin - she did love to talk and laugh. She always loved life.

The Love Connection

hearts-icon.jpg In recent workshops and classes we discussed the value of Face Reading in understanding another person's reality. While we may assume that we all share a common or "fixed" reality, we actually each have our own point of view and therefore a different reality or perspective from everyone else. Janey's experience proves this point. Her condition was one of being trapped in a body with a mind that was slowly losing its ability to function. At first, it was a matter of losing the words that she needed to express her thoughts. Later it became impossible for her to hang onto a thought long enough to express it.


I quickly learned not to ask Janey a question about the past like, "How was lunch?" or "What did you do today?" Not only was it frustrating for her in not being able to recall the correct answer, it was even more frustrating to occasionally know the answer but not be able to track the thought long enough to share it. Of course this would be a terrifying experience for anyone.

One of the major lessons that Janey taught me is that we are more than just our body or our mind. We each have an essence that is untouched by even the most severe life circumstances. The world of memory, with words, time, dates, numbers and stories, and the world of future plans had left Janey. But, the Janey I had known and loved was still there. When I visited Janey I quit trying to carry on a conversation and instead held her hand and looked into her eyes.

I still used words when I talked with her but I realized that the tone of the words and the departing hugs were more important than the words. By entering into her reality and trying to understand her world, we were still able to make a connection. For Janey, even the simplest things, such as putting on her shoes, became a frustrating and insurmountable challenge. But, occasionally, in the midst of the confusion, Janey would look me in the eye and the glaze would disappear and the hint of a smile would cross her lips. We connected and Janey let me know that she was still here.

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