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January 2015 Newsletter 


There is something about a New Year that seems to help us let go of the past and find hope for the future. The longer I live, the more I appreciate the experience of connecting with others. If you are reading this Newsletter, then I know you value human connection as well. Thank you for being a part of the Amazing Face Reading following and may 2015 be a time of ever deepening connection and understanding for you.

You may recall that our eyebrow shape, paired with our chin shape gives us 9 combinations that help define personality types. In our December Newsletter we discussed curved eyebrows with round, straight and pointed chins. Each combination presented the attributes of a specific personality type and how it aligned with left and right brain qualities. We will continue this month with straight eyebrows and their possible meaning when combined with round, straight and pointed chins.

Straight Eyebrows with a Round Chin

Straight eyebrows are the mark of someone who sees the world from a left brain perspective. This personality type express themselves with "I think..." and they are often good with data. They prefer facts over opinions (unless it is the opinion of a recognized authority). They understand their world through abstractions like numbers, words, stories, time, money, maps, and theoretical concepts. While their eyebrows tell us how they think, their chin tells us how they will act on their thoughts. If they possess a round chin, when acting on their thoughts and ideas, they will operate in a more right brain mode. Round chin folks take people, relationships and the connections with others into account. They are aware and sensitive to the interests of others and not just their own. 


People with this combination  have a blend of left and right brain qualities and a more balanced approach in the pursuit of their goals. I sometimes refer to people with this combination as pragmatic humanitarians. A good example of a person with straight eyebrows and a round chin is Mark Zuckerberg, pictured here. Being one of the co- founders of Facebook and one of the world's youngest billionaires, he might be viewed as the "king" of social media. From a face reading perspective his combination of straight eyebrows and round chin are a natural match for a brilliant computer programmer who used his skill to set up a way for people to connect with family and friends around the world. He has earned the designation of being a philanthropist by donating millions of dollars for promoting education and more recently in assisting with financial aid toward solving the Ebola crisis.

Straight Eyebrows with a Straight Chin

People with this combination occupy both a left brain thinking style and a left brain response in their actions. They are more apt to both think and act from that left brain perspective. Once again, in true left brain fashion, they prefer facts over feeling and they are more likely to take what they know as a certainty, refuse to admit error and assume control. Their straight chin indicates that when it comes down to acting, it will be in line with the goals they set for themselves and the causes they believe in. When reading a straight chin, I always take into account how "square" the chin appears.  Sharp corners may indicate even more left brain or domineering approach while rounded corners means that the person will give others some consideration when achieving their goals.

Ted Turner, pictured here, would be read in the latter category.  He has straight eyebrows and we know that he is a brilliant businessman. His big, straight chin shows that he is not afraid of competition and in true left brain mode he goes all out for the goals that he sets for himself and the causes he believes in. A good example of these qualities is his famous one billion dollar donation to the United Nations Foundation. Interestingly, the donation had a few strings attached because the money is earmarked to be used for the causes that Ted believes in such as programs on population control, environmental regulation and other  interest that he values.

Straight Eyebrows with a Pointed Chin

We are all face readers and we all have a natural ability to read the genetic expression registered on the face, although at a somewhat unconscious level. For example, even a baby will have a reaction to any feature on a face with a forty five degree angle and respond with apprehension, alarm, or even fright. This natural stereotypical response can make the combination of straight eyebrows and a pointed chin a challenge for its owner, especially if they have a small pointed chin.


The straight eyebrows signal a left bran thinking style  that is more interested in the facts than in the feelings, relationships, or connections with others. When that is coupled with a jaw line that creates a forty five degree angle, the normal response from others will often be a somewhat wary, guarded, or defensive reaction.


If the person with a pointed chin has a large chin, the response of wariness may be completely appropriate, but what if the person with the straight eyebrows and pointed chin has a small chin as seen on Jennifer Love Hewitt? The small chin is a right brain feature and signals a natural emotional sensitivity. The eyebrows and jawline angel can create a defensive, combative or challenging reaction from others. Consequently, these small chin people can feel extremely misunderstood and may develop a quick and over reactive defensive posture of their own. From their perspective they are just trying to protect themselves. However, these straight eyebrow with a pointed chin folks may not realize that what feels like justified self-protection may be seen by others as aggressive or even harsh.

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