Eyebrow/Chin Combinations
Curved Eyebrows/Round Chin
Curved Eyebrows/Straight Chin
Curved Eyebrows/Pointed Chin
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December 2014 Newsletter 


In the previous Newsletters we discussed the high and low ear and the high and low eyebrow combinations. You may recall that the high features correspond with right brain qualities while the low features correspond to left brain qualities. There is another set of combinations in my book on pages 55 - 57. These combinations address the shape of a person's eyebrows (curved, straight or angled) with the shape of the chin (round, straight or pointed). Each of the 9 combinations point to how a person processes information (eyebrow shape) and how they act on it (chin shape).

In this Newsletter we are going to begin to re-examine these combinations in the light of left brain/right brain orientation in order to add more depth to our understanding of these combination and to use this understanding to better connect with every person we meet. In general, curved eyebrows and round chins are aligned with the right brain while straight eyebrows and straight chins are aligned with the left brain. Angled eyebrows and pointed chins are even more left brained. You might think of them as being left brain with an exclamation mark.

Curved Eybrows with a Round Chin

People with this combination express right brain qualities, including being focused on people, relationships and what is occurring in the moment. They feel compassion towards others and when it comes down to acting (round chin) they put people first. These features have a right brain orientation. You may recall this means they  focus on life and the living. It is the source of our feelings of awe and wonder and has the entire range of emotion with the exception of anger which is a left brain emotion.

A person with this combination might be referred to as a people person and may gravitate towards the helping professions. Our ebola nurse, pictured here once again, is a good example of a person with this combination. When it comes down to acting, she will put people first and always take people into consideration when deciding on how to act. These "rounded" featured folks tend to take the more humane approach and stay focused on others rather than getting swept into mechanical and egotistical agendas.                                                  

Curved Eyebrows with a Straight Chin

People with this combination are right brain and people oriented in their evaluations and they understand relationships (round eyebrows) in the context of the moment. Then they will use their understanding of people( right brain) to accomplish their goals( left brain). Their straight chin is about aligning their actions with either the goals they set for themselves and/or the causes they believe in. A straight chin, therefore, has a left brain orientation because it is always engaged in purpose and focused on doing.

 As noted in earlier newsletters, a combination that has both left and right brain components is a definite plus since we need both sides of our brain functioning well in order to make better decisions for ourselves and those close to us. People with this combination see the context of the experience, the relationships between people and circumstances and even their relationship with the greater whole. However, their actions will be engaged in some kind of purpose and focused on "doing" or accomplishing the goal.

Curved Eyebrows with a Pointed Chin
People with this combination, like the others, have a right brain approach to their thinking style and therefore will be in the present moment while taking people into consideration. Their chin will move them to act in a much more left brain mode. Often these people can be described as "movers and shakers" because they take their understanding of people to shape and control the surrounding events. They have a firm belief that their actions are correct and therefore they may tune out anything that does not agree with that assessment.
For a deeper analysis of this feature let's explore what may at first seem like a contradiction. We think of sensitive people as being more in touch with their emotions and therefore right brained. While small chins belong to sensitive people who might be thought of as being right brained, a small pointed chin is a example of the left brain's role as the protector. These folks don't see themselves as self absorbed or controlling but merely protecting themselves from a world they perceive as trying to run over them.
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