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November 2014 Newsletter 


You may recall that our October Newsletter was devoted to a discussion of eyebrows and ears and how they may be seen from a left or right brain orientation. If you wish to review that information before considering their combinations, you will find it in my website at www.amazingfacereadng.com. Click on Newsletters as we have every one listed from the most recent down to the very first (January 2009). As promised in the last newsletter, this one will feature the Ear and Eyebrow Combinations found in my book on page 41.


Remember, our ears are considered high when the top of the ear is at or above our eye level. Ears are considered low when the ear lobe is below the base of the nose. High eyebrows are those where there is flesh between the eye and the eyebrow, while low eyebrows sit near the top of the eye and little or no flesh can be seen. When these features are considered in the context of brain dominance the high eyebrows and high ears align with the right brain and the low ears and low eyebrows align with the left brain. In this newsletter we will discuss how these combinations can be a gift or a challenge.


In understanding the eyebrow and ear combinations, the more comfortable combinations are those that have both a left and right brain component to take advantage of the gifts that each has to offer. The less comfortable and therefore more challenging combinations are those that have both right brain or both left brain dominance. Examples of all four combinations follow:

High Ears and Low Eyebrows 

 High ears (right brain), takes in our immediate first impression capturing the tone, context, innuendos and relationships but are not as focused on the words. While the low eyebrows (left brain)  produce a speed  in processing.


Once the left brain receives the right brain's first impression it quickly unpacks the information finding all related categories and their logical connection to other categories. People with this combination process so quickly that they are sometimes perceived as being mentally intimidating due to the speed with which their minds work.  However, that which is gained in speed is lost in absolute accuracy and these folks may make several mistakes and correct them while the low ear/high eyebrow person is still trying to decide.     

Low Ears and High Eyebrows
Low ears and high eyebrows are another comfortable combination that uses both left and right brain associations. In their processing of information, the low ears carefully
analyze and compare the data in all the related categories and then focus on getting  the most correct solution. In fact, low ears are associated with a type of perfectionist tendency.

High eyebrows (which have a right brain association) take the time to carefully evaluate what the low ears have concluded in the initial uptake to be sure that the result feels right. In this case, the high eyebrows are double checking the low ears intake and initial processing to be sure it is correct. This action produces a slower result than the high ear/low eyebrow combination but a much more thorough and thoughtful conclusion. Therefore, these folks make excellent strategist and planners, but they don't like to be rushed into making a decision.
High Ears and High Eyebrows
On the other hand a person with the high ears (right brain) and high eyebrows (right brain) combination takes in the information quickly (right brain) but then needs time to evaluate (also right brain) and may feel a sense of sensory overwhelm. Their speedy uptake method (high ears) has given their slower processor (high eyebrows) too much information to evaluate immediately and they need to give themselves more time.
When a person with this combination finds him or herself in a state of overwhelm they may decide to step outside or somehow remove themselves from the onslaught of too much information. It is a mechanism they employ to give themselves time to digest the information and  decompress. Learning to say,"Let me call you back." is another way they can buy some time.
Low Ears and Low Eyebrows
A person with low ears (left brain) and low eyebrows (also left brain) combination take in the information more slowly and thoroughly as they carefully consider every word and its appropriate category but they are wanting the result immediately.
These are the people who want things to be perfect (low ears) but also want it right now (low eyebrows). This situation creates a challenge as they are constantly pushing themselves to accomplish their goals faster and better. They often create a physical, mental or emotional strain for themselves. I often notice that these folks develop heart lines in their ear lobes. Reminding themselves to relax and stop pushing themselves to meet unrealistic self-expectations will add quality and length to their lives.
Final note: Every feature on our face can have either a right-brained or left-brained expression and can also vary by degrees. The higher the feature the more the right brain is dominant. The lower the feature the more the left brain perspective is in control.
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