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September 18, 2014

 I am really proud of our students who attended last month's Certification Workshop. We had a Jewish rabbi, an author, a business owner, a regional sales manager and a medical intuitive to name just a few and they all left being able to read faces. One person reported, "The entire weekend was excellent and the teaching modules were perfectly delivered. I especially liked the explanations given by Mac followed by activities that kept us focused on making applications to help us absorb the information."


We now look forward to the next evening class that is being held on Thursday, September 18th from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Courtyard by Marriott University, Fort Worth. The class will cover a section of the face as found in our flash cards. First there will be a presentation followed by an activity in order to apply the information. Each participant will also enjoy having their own face read.  It is an interesting and fun evening for everyone.


Please plan on joining us. $40 per person or $70 for a couple (bring a friend). E-mail Ann at or call 682-365-5298 to register and get directions.

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August 2014 Newsletter

For something different, this Newsletter may be used as a self test to help you practice your face reading skills. We will first present you with a friend's photo and the list of qualities that can be read from his face. Your challenge will be to decide which one of his features gives you that information. You will then be able to check your answers in the section that follows to see how you did.


In the last section we will analyze the features on a deeper level by looking at their left or right brain orientation. As I have discussed in recent newsletters, there is a wealth of information to be gleaned on how to connect with another person by understanding their brain dominance. However, it is not as simple as labeling someone as being "right brained" or "left brained" since every feature on the face can have either a right or left brain expression or a combination of both.  

 Can You Name the Feature?


  1. He has worked hard at developing and stretching his intellect.

  2. He takes in information carefully, preferring wisdom over speed. He "evalu-waits" as in waiting until he is certain.

  3. Shows kindness because he will give his time and attention to other people.

  4. Is selective and does not like to be rushed into making a decision.

  5. He is good for long term strategy and planning. (Hint: Combination)

  6. Once he makes his mind up it is hard to stop him so it is best to get out of his way or get on board because he is going for it.

  7. Has experienced a shock to his system either an emotional, physical or financial shock where things did not turn out as he was expecting.

  8. He is a good judge of character. A short time after meeting someone he has an insight about them.

  9. Has a natural charisma and is all about making personal connections. He can turn someone from a customer or client into a friend or acquaintance. He is loyal in relationships and may have many long term professional relationships. People often tell him more than he probably wants to hear.

  10. He needs to be able to control his pace and style of work, does not like someone looking over his shoulder trying to tell him what to do. He prefers to be given a job and then let him do it his way.

  11. He has faced circumstances that required courage. This mark indicates that his character has been forged by overcoming adversity.

  12. He has the universal symbol of power and authority. When he speaks, his words carry weight.

  13. He knows about money and when he talks about money, people will listen to him.

  14. He uses his understanding of people to get what he is going after. (Eyebrow/chin combination)

  15. Has a tougher, gruffer, pricklier exterior which protects his softer side. He doesn't want people to take advantage or run over him or mistake his kindness for weakness.

  16. He is tight with money or at best cautions and not a gambler.

 Feature and Book Reference


  1. Mental development - p.61

  2. Low ear bottoms - p.40

  3. Large ears - p.36

  4. High eyebrows - p.14

  5. Combination of Low ears/high eyebrows - p.41

  6. Freight train line - p.61

  7. Sunken cheeks - p.43

  8. Access hairs on left eyebrow - p.16

  9. Abundant eyelids - p.23

  10. Large nose - p.27

  11. Courage lines - p.63

  12. Jowls - p.50

  13. Big bulb on nose - p.32

  14. Combination: Straight chin/curved eyebrows - p.56

  15. Square beard - p.68

  16. Small nostrils - p.34

 Our Friend's Face Reading


Taking this man's face reading to a deeper level, we find that he has several features that indicate both strong left brain and right brain inclinations. As a reminder, our right brain captures an impression of our experience. It is about connections with others and our relationship to the whole, the intuitive and the implicit. It captures what is felt but not necessarily seen. Our right brain is also the repository for all our emotional experience except anger.

The left brain is our problem solver. It is the analytical thinker, our protector, and our ego. It is the opposite from our right brain experience in that is sees how we are different from others rather than how we are alike or connected. Our left brain lives in the world of abstracts: words, numbers, time, money, maps and mechanical operations, while our right brain is focused on relationships and living organisms.

It is not surprising that the mental development lines seen on his forehead are a left brain expressions since the left brain is our thinking side. In fact, his lines would be   an indicator of applied mental effort. I have found that three or more continuous horizontal lines are the equivalent to the typical effort one would use earning a graduate or PhD degree.  These lines indicate that he is good with left brain attributes including academic pursuits, logic, theory, planning, and creating categories of distinctions.

Other left brain features shown on his face are his large, low ears, square chin, power pouches (jowls), and a thin upper lip. Large, low ears show a need to carefully consider and analyze data to reach a logical conclusion. His square chin reveals a man who goes all out for his goals. We know that the left brain is the "doer", planner and goal seeker. The jowls show he has exercised authority and that his words carry weight. Jowls are a left brain trait because it is a physical manifestaton of the left brain's will to power and its confidence that its perspective is the correct one.

Normally the upper lip reflects right brain qualities. That is why some movie stars get collagen injections to increase the size of their upper lips. It makes them appear more sensuous. However, the thin upper lip indicates that feelings are being repressed. A larger bottom lip reveals a desire to talk about the more mechanical aspects of the external world rather than discussing personal feelings or emotions.

Three right brain features include his "Bambi" or abundant eyelids, high, round eyebrows, and full round forehead. Abundant eyelids reflect the right brain's high capacity for intimacy, a desire for relationships and a natural charisma and ease in connecting with others. High eyebrows capture the entire experience but are a little slower in developing an action plan because the decision needs to "feel" right.

Round features on a face tend to have right brain qualities since even babies perceive round features on a face as nurturing. His round, full forehead is the right brain's natural dislike of rigid systems and procedures and a desire to look for a new or better way. (The left brain prefers what is known and dislikes new or untested information.)

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