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July 2014 Newsletter

 In both the May and June Newsletters we discussed features that are found in the middle of our faces. I brought out that while our left brain controls the right side of our body and the right brain the left side of our body, there is an exquisite balance between the two hemispheres when a feature is found on the midline. These features have qualities that have both a right and left brain orientation.


In this newsletter we will look at a couple more of these midline features. First, the Visionary Lines are found between the eyebrows. This feature is formed by the convergence of two vertical lines. One line comes to the center from the left eyebrow and the other line comes to the center from the right eyebrow. They meet forming a peak or upside-down "V" as seen on Margaret Thatcher below. This feature should not be confused with the forced focus lines, which are also found between the eyebrows, but do not meet. 

The second feature actually combines two features. You will find it in your face reading book and/or flash cards as the High, Wide Ridge. When I read it on a person's face I tell them they have the same configuration often found on Greek and Roman generals or NFL quarterbacks. This feature is a wide space between the eyebrows where we found the Visionary Lines. The space is joined smoothly with a high, straight nose ridge. Both the Visionary Lines and the High, Wide Ridge will be discussed in detail below.

Visionary Lines

The central definition of this feature is that the person possesses a type of inner wisdom. However wisdom, like creativity (May Newsletter), requires the gifts provided by both halves of our brain working together. First, wisdom uses our capacity for a present moment and felt experience of the other person or situation which is the gift of the right brain. Wisdom also requires the ability to take that felt experience and relate it to similar experiences retrieved from our past. We are then able to act on the feeling.  


This capacity to retrieve our captured life history is the gift of the left brain, which records our personal life history as a story. It can then logically apply previous outcomes to the present situation. Being able to feel the experience without having the knowledge of previous life experiences leaves us clueless as to what the feeling means. Having the knowledge of previous life lessons, but not knowing when to apply them, is like having money in the bank but not being able to spend it.


Indeed, wisdom may be the best word to describe the quality of a person who has learned a level of integration of both sides of their brain as they move through life with a more balanced capacity for decision making. The point that I have made over and over in these newsletters is that each side of our brain has something to offer in making our lives manageable. The danger is in living almost exclusively out of one side of our brain which will cause us to become trapped and off balance. The challenge for each of us is to consciously utilize the gifts of both our left and right brain to become more integrated.

High, Wide Ridge

We have discussed at length and in almost every newsletter the fact that the right brain traits or qualities manifest themselves on the left side of the face and the left brain manifests its traits on the right. That concept is easy to understand because the right brain physically controls the left side of the body and visa-versa. But there is another right and left brain division that divides from the top to the bottom. Combined features like the lips carry right brain energy on the top and left brain energy below. In pervious newsletters we have discussed how the upper lip carries right brain qualities of relationship while the bottom lip expresses our left brain external or business side.


The High, Wide Ridge is another example of this top and bottom division between right and left brain attributes. The wide space between the eyebrows at the top of this feature provides the right brain gift of inspiration, the ability to imagine what does not already exist.That inspiration is passed down in one smooth straight connection to the high nose ridge below. This feature, as seen here on a sculpture of Alexander the Great, illustrates what history bears out. "He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history's most successful commanders." (Wikipedia) 

The high ridge of the nose is the mark of a person with sufficient ego drive to act independently, push ahead and get the job done. The left brain is the ego, the "doer", and the problem solver, but without the right brain's felt desire there is no direction or problem for the left brain to solve. On the other hand, inspiration without an action plan is just a dream that never gets accomplished.

Life Force Connection

The other day, while I was sitting in a restaurant, I looked around at the other patrons and I noticed that many of them were sitting there with their cell phone in hand. At one of the booths there was an older couple sitting across from each other and both were occupied with their phones. There appeared to be zero interaction between them. Even when their order arrived, they managed to eat and continue their cell phone use. I found myself having a left brain judgment of them and wondered what the quality of their relationship was overall. Maybe they are the happiest couple on earth just catching up with sick relatives. I will never know. However, it was a teaching moment for me. I don't want to be a slave to my cell phone and miss opportunities for a present moment life force connection and I hope you don't either.


Every day I have occasion to visit my younger sister who has early onset Alzheimer's and is in a facility devoted to the care of people with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia. The suite that my sister resides in has residents who have no cell phones or any other kind of electronics except maybe a TV. Most of these people, despite the progression of the disease, are able to make a connection with their eyes and a few can still smile. My point is how precious and fragile life is and how the only valuable life experience we have comes from a present moment encounter with another person. Why not make an effort to smile and connect more with the people whom you live and work? If you do, there is no telling how much of an impact you could make in someone's life and the difference it can make in your own. As our dear friend Oletha says, "I never thought at 101 that this time could be the happiest of my life."

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