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This newsletter offers more insights on the dynamic of selling. If you are a person who is trying to sell a product or convince another individual about your plan, being prepared to sell would always be your basic approach. Doing your homework and knowing your proposal or product inside out and upside down will definitely promote trust on the part of the potential buyer. The buyer is likely to perceive you as knowledgeable and therefore someone who knows what they are talking about.
However, even if you have your facts nailed, there are some people who will test you. Being vague or making up answers may be easily detected by people with certain features. Here are a a few of the features that might be found on your potential buyer that you need to be on the lookout for and expect these people to challenge you.
Tangled Eyebrows
People who have eyebrows that are long enough that the hairs cross over or tangle with other eyebrow hairs are very good at playing devil's advocate. Since they see all sides of an issue, they can take an opposing view even when it is not their view. They will test every angle of your story to make sure that you know what you are talking about, so be prepared.
People with these tangled eyebrows are not trying to be difficult. They think that if you really know what you are talking about then you should be able to defend your position. Instead of becoming frustrated with your client's, "Yeah, but what if..." questions accept the fact that questioning every statement is the way they test information. While they can be very trying, realize that it's just a personality trait, and don't take it personally.  
Crookd Bottom Teeth
People with crooked bottom teeth often hold themselves to impossibly high standards. They hate being wrong and will double check themselves when in doubt. But, they may also double check the information you give them. Their questions stem from the expectations that they place on themselves, which is different from the tangled eyebrow person who is more concerned that you know what you are talking about. 
Let's see how this feature might play out in a real life example. Perhaps you would like your spouse to agree to buy a new car. You realize that you need to make a good case because your spouse has crooked bottom teeth. Rather than just saying "We need a new car." You could be more effective if you gather supporting information first. Maybe doing some research about  new vs. used autos or the best times to make a deal or comparison pricing of a few vehicles would be in order. Printed information, especially if your spouse also has small ears, could help immensely.
Remember, on a big purchase item "crooked bottom teeth" hate the idea of making a mistake and they want to feel that they got the best deal available. Your through research will give them more confidence in making the decision even if you already know which car you want.
We all have built in personality traits that shape our decisions. The gift of face reading is that it gives us the ability to not only spot the trait but to also respond appropriately to the other person. It is easy for us to become frustrated when the other person's decision making process is different than our own. Understanding and accepting them on their terms not only eliminates the friction but also leads to a better outcome.
Eyes Angle Down
People with eyes that angle down have a gift for spotting problems. Their life experiences have taught them to be prepared for things not turning out as expected. Consequently, they look for what could possibly go wrong and they are quick to spot errors. In a sales situation they will have this uncanny ability to anticipate the bumps in the road. If you are the seller, be prepared for this person to confront you with potential problems. However, admitting that they were right when they find a mistake may get you closer to closing the deal than trying to prove to them that they were wrong.
While " angled down eyes" may seem to always be seeing the glass as half empty, they take pride in themselves for being able to see the error. Since they see what is "wrong" with almost everything, they will forgive a small mistake if you quickly admit it and then thank them for pointing it out. In any relationship, acceptance of the other person as they are beats confrontation every time. Acknowledging their ability to see what others overlooked and then thanking them for it leaves them feeling good about themselves and better about you.
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