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Classes & Workshop
Our final evening class for 2013 will be held on Tuesday, November 5th from 6:30 - 9:30 PM at the Courtyard by Marriott University in Fort Worth. This three hour session will focus on a specific part of the face with time for explanation, interactive exercises
and your personal face reading.
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Our next
Certification Workshop will be held at the same Marriott property as the class mentioned above. It begins on Friday, March 21, 2014 and concludes on Sunday the 23rd. Participants will leave the session able to read any face. The workshop is limited to
12 people in order to maximize individual participation.
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November 2013 Newsletter 

From one perspective, we are all involved in sales, it's a fact of life. Regardless of whether we are professional sales people or not, we all have opportunities to "sell" our ideas or points of view. Even if we are just trying to convince a family member of the next best vacation site, we are in one sense "selling". We all assume the role of a salesperson when we are discussing ideas with our family or friends or neighborhood association or even having a yard sale. Each of us steps into the role and we want to be successful.
Those who are successful in sales have one thing in common...they find ways to connect with the other person. The key word in this dynamic is "connection".  
This newsletter will give you some hints and tips about improving your odds in selling by having a deeper understanding of your audience and perhaps a better way to connect with them.
Small, High Ears
It probably comes as no surprise that people with small ears tend to be more visually oriented. They appreciate being able to see the information. The more you can show them, the better they can grasp and understand the idea or product that you are trying to sell. For example, if you are trying to persuade your significant other about going on a beach vacation, pictures of the resort, location and lodging will be helpful in getting your idea across.
People with high ears have a quick mental uptake of information so it is best to have your facts lined up with the most important information given first. Remember, those small ears tend to get filled up quickly. If you are too slow in your explanation, wander off point, or repeat what you have already said, their attention may click off before you get to your best selling points.
If they also have low eyebrows, add into the equation an overly quick mind. They may be having several thoughts of their own while you are trying to sell them yours. So, don't be offended if they interrupt you. They are not being rude just enthusiastic and if they don't get a chance to say it while they are thinking about it they may lose their thought . 
High eyebrows on the other hand mean that they may need some additional time to sift through the information to know that it "feels" right. They resist being rushed into  a decision. A good approach might be to back off and give them some extra time before expecting them to give you their answer.                                                                       
Small and Large Notrils
People with very small nostrils often have money issues. In most cases, they have experienced some felt sense of scarcity, either financial or emotional, at some critical point in life. As one small nostril client put it, " I wouldn't say that I am cheap, but my friends say that when I open my wallet it creaks like a rusty hinge." 
If you notice that the person has small nostrils then your main focus needs to be on price. They love getting a bargain. Working out a payment plan may also have great appeal for these folks.
On the other hand, people with extra large nostrils may seem like an easy sell. They are often over-filled with confidence in their own abilities, but they may over estimate their resources and take on too much. On a large ticket item a credit check might be wise, since they can have an expansive nature that seems to negate any obstacle to making a purchase, including not having enough money to pay for it.
Thin and Full Upper Lip
Every feature on our face can have either a right-brained or left-brained expression. Upper lips express our right-brained or  feeling perspective while lower lips are more connected with a left-brained thinking stance.
If you are selling to a person that has a very thin upper lip, do not count on them to tell you how they really "feel" about the deal you are presenting to them. They want the facts without much of a sales pitch and may be uncomfortable discussing their feelings on the topic. Lead with the facts, logic and proof.
If the upper lip is large, then you are likely to find out exactly how they "feel" about you and your idea or product. Remember, the people with those large upper lips are good at detecting phonies at 10 paces, so be careful not to "over-sell" or make any promises that you can't personally deliver. Lead with how your product will make them feel.
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