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Monday, September 9

Our next 3 hour evening class will be held at Chimy's in Fort Worth. It is located just off 7th St. at 1053 Foch Street.
Chimy's has a room in the back that is reserved for our class and we will have some chips and dip for you at each table. You do not have to purchase anything but if you do, you are welcome to bring it into the room. There is the usual charge for the class which is $40 per person or $70 for a couple.
Reservations are required so call
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September 2013 Newsletter
Recently, I was reflecting on the progressive development of face reading. When I first got interested in using face reading for jury selection, I read everything I could on the topic and continued to search for the scientific proof to back up its many assumptions.
Now, more than 20 years later, I am not only finding breakthrough scientific evidence but I continue to discover interesting new facts about features that I had not considered.
In previous newsletters, we have discussed the cheeks and their meaning. A type of cheek that I have read for quite some time but which is not found in my book nor in the flash cards is what I call  "warrior cheeks." Classification of cheeks has to do with where they protrude. If they protrude at the side of the face, they are healer cheeks, out in front they are "movie star" or protruding cheeks and
in between these two types of cheeks are the warrior cheeks.
Cheeks are the billboards on which the other features are hung and serve as a basic foundation for any face reading. Each type of cheek reflects its own personality profile and creates a predictable unconscious response from others. While other newsletters have discussed the meaning of "wide" and "narrow" cheeks, this month I discuss the differences in where they protrude.
Healer Cheeks
healer cheeks

What we call healer cheeks is where the widest part of the subject's face is just below the level of their eyes. It is almost like their face bulges out where the cheek bones attach to the side of the face. Healer cheeks are important because an enormous part of human communication is our natural response to the features on faces. This feature creates a natural perception of being seen as trustworthy by others. Of course, as discussed in earlier newsletters, features that give the face a round appearance are also seen as nurturing.


Sporting healer cheeks creates the additional perception of being able to trust the advice of a person who has them. Not surprisingly, those with healer cheeks are often found in the helping professions. such as doctors, nurses, psychologist, teachers, human resource managers, coaches, counselors, professors, or really any profession where one is giving advice or directives to others.


We are all face readers at an unconscious level. Our reactions, attitudes and assessments of others often begin with our response

to their face. Furthermore, the reflections we receive from those responding to our face contribute to our own self-identity.  People with healer cheeks naturally surround themselves with an aura of nurturing and healing because in some part that is the way they have been perceived. Additional features that fit comfortably with healer cheeks and which will enhance the meaning include round eyebrows, round chins, (both are "people" persons), large nostrils (generous) and abundant eyelids (a focus on relationships).

Warrior Cheeks
warrior cheeks

Warrior cheeks are a bit harder to describe since they are not the cheeks that protrude at the side of the face (healer cheeks) nor are they the classic "movie star" cheeks that have the appearance of ping pong balls under the skin on the front of the face (just below the eyes). Warrior cheeks are found in between these two types and protrude from the face at an almost 45 degree angle. They give the appearance of having high cheek bones or possibly some American Indian heritage. People who possess these cheeks can be indomitable in difficult circumstances. They seem to possess an inner strength and an ability to stand their ground to persevere and survive even in hard times.


While the unconscious response to healer cheeks is to be perceived as nurturing, warrior cheeks belong to people who others will see as being tough or strong. Warrior cheeks signify people who possess the inner fortitude necessary to survive insurmountable odds. However, American Indians don't have a monopoly on warrior cheeks. They may be found on every race on the planet and they are not limited by gender. One of the best examples of healer cheeks that I ever saw belonged to a female prison guard. After reading her cheeks she exclaimed, "You are absolutely right, if someone messes with me I am going to put them on the ground." If you know someone who has these cheeks then you know someone who is not likely to back down.

Protruding Cheeks
protruding cheeks

Protruding cheeks, (also called "movie star" cheeks as described above) can be found just below the eyes. Cheeks are our natural signposts that announce our presence and they are often the first thing that we notice when we look at someone's face. A person with protruding or "movie star" cheeks that reflect the light as they walk into the room are often seen as being "striking". There is a natural tendency to notice and pay attention to them and sometimes, even put them on a pedestal. Isn't this the kind of attention movie stars often receive?


However, as with all of our facial features, for every gift that a feature gives us there will often be a challenge that goes with it. While a person with "movie star" cheeks may make heads turn as they walk into the room, the unearned attention their cheeks provide can be a source of unexplained resentment. While the detractor's reaction may be completely unconscious, a person who suddenly finds that they are being ignored in the presence of "movie star" cheeks can become resentful or even jealous.


If you are a woman with "movie star" cheeks you may have, at times, been puzzled by the negative response that you have received from some other women. You may have wondered what did you say or do to cause such a reaction. Well, it was nothing you said or did... it was your "movie star" cheeks! The people who are not getting on your bandwagon are having a reaction to the ease with which you seem to get all the attention.


My advice to those with movie star cheeks is to share the limelight with those less endowed in the cheek department. If you have protruding cheeks, a good response to a chilly reaction or to someone being unnecessarily disagreeable might be, "My goodness, Sally, that was a brilliant idea and where did you get those gorgeous earrings?" By sharing the attention and bringing them into the limelight even difficult people can be won over. While your detractors may never admit it, secretly the attention they covet the most may be your attention. It is not hard to understand how being recognized and acknowledged by the popular fashion model could make the overlooked wallflower feel special.

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Your feedback is valuable. My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.
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Mac Fulfer