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Movie Star Cheek Challenge
Baggage Under the Eyes?
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September 9, 2013

All of our evening class are interesting and fun to attend. Our next class on Monday, September 9, 2013 will be more fun than ever as we are holding it at Chimy's at 1053 Foch Street here in Fort Worth. They have a room with screens for our power point presentation so we will have the same quality of class.


The fun part begins with chips and dip on every table. Their bar and restaurant will be open for any other food or beverage you would like to bring into the class. As always, the class will include having your own face read. The session will begin at 6:30 PM and end at 9:30 PM but our meeting room will be ready to enjoy by 6 PM.


Please plan on joining us. $40 per person or $70 for a couple (bring a friend). E-mail Ann at or call 682-365-5298 to register and get directions.

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August 2013 Newsletter

We had another powerful workshop over the weekend of July 19-21 and each graduate became a Certified Amazing Face Reader. There is always intensive input throughout the 16 hour program, but we never come away from the experience without having some deeper insights of our own. The participants are amazed at the layers of self-discovery that occur when they are willing to read their own faces and reflect on its meaning from this new perspective.


In this newsletter one of our graduates shares her own self-revelation from the workshop. Another participant from Europe shares his personal and professional insight about the area under the eyes. Additionally, I want to offer some consideration regarding anger and how it might manifest on one's face. 


In this most recent seminar we were able to weave some of the newest breakthroughs in neuroscience throughout the course. The inclusion of these recent scientific discoveries added a deeper understanding to the amazing amount of information we can already learn from a face. 

Move Star Cheek Challenge
movie star

Frequently, when I read "Movie Star" (protruding) cheeks on a  woman's face, her first reaction is to be flattered. However, I explain that those prominent cheeks are like neon signs announcing her presence and making her stand out. This kind of attention may be desirable for a movie star, but what may be overlooked are the possible negative reactions. While her cheeks may quickly capture the attention of the room they can just as easily create resentment and  jealousy from those who suddenly discover they are not in the lime light.


Jennifer, one of our workshop participants with these wonderful protruding cheeks, had an amazing breakthrough. Her unexplained rejection by some other women had always made her feel like she must just be too much for them. She felt like she must be doing something wrong and that was causing their reaction. Consequently, she made a conscious effort to suppress herself and her personality to avoid seeming so overwhelming.


By reading her own face during the program, Jennifer suddenly realized that her experience of feeling misjudged by others had turned into a lifelong judgment of herself. She says it best in her own words. "The most significant change has been personal. I truly meant what I said on my "self-read" - I am no longer judging myself. I feel that I now have greater self- acceptance and it's wonderful! Why was it so easy for me to care about others and not myself? I'm not lingering on this question; I'm moving on!"


By providing a more objective understanding of ourselves, face reading can lead to greater self-acceptance. Perhaps there is no greater gift that we can give ourselves.

Baggage Under the Eyes?


In almost every workshop we learn something new. This latest workshop was no exception. We were honored with the attendance of one of our students, Peer, who lives in Denmark. Peer is a popular speaker who teaches classes in  alternative medicine including iridology, homeopathy, and naturopathy.


During this workshop, someone brought up the topic of "bags" under the eyes. I had no face reading "read" on those puffs under the eyes because I had always associated them with a medical condition such as possible exhaustion, allergies, or even excessive alcohol consumption the night before. 


Peer claims that the bags under the eyes are a sign of procrastination. As proof, he offered his own experience. He said that he has noticed that his own "bags" swell up and get pronounced when he puts off doing something which he feels under pressure to accomplish. The longer he puts it off the bigger the bags get.


Let's think about it. If a person is affected by allergies, chances are they are not up to speed in their daily tasks and may well fall behind. Or, if a person feels exhausted, it would stand to reason that they may put things off that need doing. Of course, a hangover can also be a game stopper.


As with all face reading, the accuracy lies in the confirmation of each person who has the feature. So the question is "When you have bags under your eyes are you putting things off and therefore creating more "baggage for yourself?" 


Are You Angry?

Recently, my sister was telling me a story about one of her neighbors. I said, "Sis, why are you so angry?" She quickly replied, "I am not angry!" So I said, "Let me rephrase my question, why is your face showing anger?"


In face reading, we are able to read the emotions expressed on another person's face for two reasons. First, the physical structure of all human brains is almost identical. Second, all brains are hardwired to their respective faces. Thus, the expressions we see on a person's face are reflecting the brain's inner workings. Together, these two facts make facial expressions both universal and identical and most often make facial expressions one of our best pieces of evidence as to what the other person is feeling or thinking.


In actual practice, at an unconscious level, mirror neurons in our brain make a mental copy of the person's face we are seeing. We are then able to project ourselves into that mental image and relate to their expression. In other words, we know how we would be feeling if the expression was on our face. Fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, and joy to name a few, are all emotions that are expressed with very specific muscle groups to create a very specific universal facial expression that we then identify as an emotion.


While I could not argue with my sister as to what she was actually feeling, it was easy to identify her expression. I was simply matching her expression with the pictures found in the literature on facial expressions... her face was showing anger. Sharing this insight let her understand that even if she was not in touch with the actual cause of her anger, it was still being projected by her expressions. What was even more significant was her new awareness. The mirror neurons in brains of the people with whom she engaged were causing them to perceive her as angry, which explained some of their reactions.


Paying more attention to our own facial expressions may not only help us understand the mystery responses we may sometimes get from others, but may also open up a deeper awareness for ourselves about the emotional issues that we are suppressing. The gift of the mirror neurons is simple. If you want a smile, give a smile. Or stated another way...laugh and the world laughs with you. Try it and see.

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