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Because our April Certification Workshop is filled to capacity and we had people on a waiting list, we have decided to give a workshop in July and we hope, if you are interested, you will join us. It will be held from the evening of Friday, July19th to Sunday, July 21st. For more information and details on how to register, please call Ann at
Our next evening class will be held on Tuesday, May 7th from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Both of these events will be held here in Fort Worth at the Courtyard by Marriott, University.
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April 2013 Newsletter

Twenty years ago I would watch the audience roll their eyes when I put up my sign, "Amazing Face Reading". Their skepticism was obvious. However, recent scientific breakthroughs in brain mapping have given us a new understanding of the importance of this topic. The fusiform gyrus, right insula and right pars opercularis are just three of the discovered brain structures dedicated to face reading communications. Researchers have found that face reading even plays a vital role in our capacity to feel empathy for one another. 


In the last newsletter we discussed the value of Amazing Face Reading for people with autism who often have defects in their natural face reading ability. This newsletter is devoted to the superstars of natural face reading. Artists, sculptors and cartoonist have an amazing gift of communicating through the creation of faces. However, they would have a difficult time trying to explain what they are doing because much of their work is rooted in their more non-verbal right brains. Their creations communicate feelings and generate responses that are so instantly felt and understood that they actually transcend words which is the true test of works of art.


In this newsletter I have pictured some works of art. Try to look with the eye of the artist who rendered the work and see if the facial depiction feels right to you.

General Mandible
general mandible 

When DreamWorks Animations decided to create a film about ants, they had their cartoonist create faces that would portray the position of the ant in the colony and even matched the face with a voice. While neuroscientist might have a difficult time proving the connection between faces and voices, for the artist it is easy...it just feels right.


Here is the character from the movie Antz called General Mandible. He is the supervisor of the tunnel digging ants and we can see from his face that he is a force to be reckoned with. He has been given an enormous chin (mandible) that will not quit, showing that he is competitive and aggressive and yet also earthy and grounded (no pun intended). When he barks orders, the ants under his command quake with fear.


The squareness of his chin suggest that he is tough and goal oriented. It shows that completing the task at hand for the good of the colony is his primary focus. His angled "don't jack with me" eyebrows and the extremely exaggerated self-will pad between his eyes guarantees that no one will challenge his authority. Like an ancient Roman soldier, he has the features that we all, on an unconscious level, associate with being a true warrior. 

Male Nigerian

The artist of this male head is unknown. It is believed that the artist was probably portraying one of the king's servants. It is a sculpture from the Nigerian Ife civilization around the 12th to 14th century AD. The tilt of the head and the lowered eyes do seem to speak to the humbleness and humility of a servant but there are volumes more about this man's qualities that his face exudes.


The broad base to his nose is indicative of one who is a provider for those with whom he is bonded and connected. The upturning lips show an acceptance of life's struggles and a resignation to authority. The small, high ears denote his preference for visual information and his ability to take in information quickly, but the higher eyebrows mean he still has a wait-and-see attitude. Perhaps the most telling feature is his small and possibly receding chin. His lack of a strong chin, which is the opposite of what we saw above on  General Mandible, suggests that he was a person who took orders but seldom gave them. 

Barbara Streisand by a Nose

Caricaturist have the knack of finding the prominent feature on a face and accentuating it to expose an underlying personality trait. Here we immediately see Barbara Striesand and yet the artist has taken the liberty to distort her facial features and exaggerate them without losing our ability to recognize her.


The size of Barbara's nose has always been her trademark. Here it has been drawn to be even proportionally larger. With this one feature the artist has communicated, on a non-verbal level, her desire for status, her appreciation of quality and that she always wants the very best. From a face reading perspective, a large nose belongs to a person who wants to be in a position of prominence and feels best when they can run the show.


The high ridge on her nose indicates a preference for working more independently. Finally, the ball on the end of her nose accented with a dimple in the nose tip shows that she inherited an artistic or creative gene but always needs new challenges and projects. While most of us may not be able to verbalize the meaning of her nose, the artist here gives us a visceral feeling without using a single word. The true power of face reading is the fact that we all respond in a very powerful way to the features on a face even when we are unaware of it.  

Previous newsletters may be found posted on my website: www.amazingfacereading.com   Please take a look.

Thank you for your interest. I welcome your comments, questions and observations. You can e-mail me directly at mac@amazingfacereading.com or my business partner, Ann Marks,
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My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.
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