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Instead of trying to "make the sale" by giving the other person all the data and all the reasons why they need to make the purchase, face reading recognizes that the most important aspect in a sale is the relationship between the seller and the buyer.


Are you in a position to provide education to your team or company? Does your sales force need a tool to help them better connect with and understand what their customers want? 


Face reading can transform the way we see and relate to every person we meet. Whether your conference needs revolve around sales, hiring, team building, creating new

business relationships, developing personnel and/or client profiles, jury selection or just improving your personal connections, face reading can be tailored to fit your need.



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March 2013 Newsletter

Several years ago I was speaking at a Human Resources Conference that was being held in a large conference center. I mistakenly assumed that all the rooms were for my HR group. When  I saw a room where a continental breakfast was being served, I went into the room and helped myself to some orange juice. While enjoying the beverage, I heard a man clear his voice behind my back. As I turned to face him he asked, "Who are you?." I told him that I was a speaker at the HR conference, but as I looked past his shoulder I noticed that almost everyone in the room was in a wheelchair.


As the embarrassment began to creep into my face, he asked me what was my topic. I told him, "face reading". I noticed his skepticism as his bottom eye lids went flat. Then he said,"What does my face say?." After I read his face, his surprise was obvious and then the participants in his group wanted to have their faces read. Because these people had cerebral palsy many of their verbal responses were more sounds than words. Nevertheless, I could easily understand each person's appreciation for what I was saying from their excited non-verbal responses.


My heartfelt belief is that every face can be read regardless of their life story. If face reading did not work for every person, I really would not want to be a face reader. Too often we are tempted to take the coward's way out. Rather than engaging with someone with special needs, it can feel easier to just ignore them or pretend that they are not there. The truth is that they, like us, are viable beings longing for connection and recognition. What is even more important, they often have something very valuable to contribute to our lives if we take the time to discover who they are. The purpose of this newsletter is to show how people with disabilities or injuries can be seen and validated through face reading.

My Friend Sara
Speaking at another conference, I shared my pilfered orange juice story. I explained how  rewarding it was for me to be able to connect so deeply with people who often feel almost invisible. After my presentation,  I was approached by one of the participants who said that his daughter, Sara, also had cerebral palsy. He gave me her picture and I sent back my reading of her face. He later sent me the videotape of her reaction as he read to her what I had seen on her face. It is difficult for her to speak, so when she agreed with what I said she put her hands together. What was even more telling was her excitement at being seen as she sees herself rather than how she appears to others.

After watching the video, it was heartbreaking for me to realize what life must feel like for her. I could only imagine how difficult it is to be a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent, young woman, so full of potential, whose life got saddled with a body and mind that just won't work.


Face reading is based on genetics and the amazing connection between the face and the brain. However, it is not just the genes that we are born with that shape our features. Every alteration of our existing genes will produce a change in the face. Whether it is a genetic error, or genetic damage (as we can sometimes see in methamphetamine addicts), or even our normal life experiences (such as extended sleep deprivation), any changes in the genes will be marked on the face. What actually occurs is that our existing genes get turned "off" or "on" or they get dialed "up" or "down" producing a genetic change. This is a branch of science called epigenetics. Any modification of the gene will result in a corresponding change in the face.


Sara's gift to me was more profound than anything that I ever learned in law school. While the face reading allowed me to see the person beneath her affliction...the person with the potential predicted by her inherited was the incredible human that I discovered sitting in the wheelchair who moved me. My empathy and compassion for all beings, regardless of their life story was forever changed. The remarkable part was that all she had to do was to be herself. 

Steve, a Burn Victim 

At another conference I met Steve, a participant whose face had been badly burned. Since I knew that every part of a face tells its story (and because I wanted to include everyone) I asked him to be a volunteer. At first, he hesitated, but  being a good sport, he finally agreed. However, he told me that he didn't think it would work on him. After all, how could I read his ear when he didn't have one, and he got a big laugh.


I told him that his high eyebrows reveal that he is selective and does not like being rushed into making a decision. Also, that things must "feel" right and so he prefers the "wait and see" approach. His wide face shows that he has energy for the long haul. He laughed when I told him that he would wear out the people trying to keep up with him. His full lips indicate a warm, passionate, expressive personality, while his abundant eyelids draw people out. He cracked up when I told him that he is probably bewildered by the fact that everyone seems to need to tell him "their" story. 


Finally, his large nostrils announce his innate self confidence but there may be a challenge for him in over-estimating his abilities. He will only realize after the fact that he has taken on too much. In fact, I told him that one of his biggest challenges is saying "no" to someone with whom he is bonded or connected. He just shook his head, " I don't know how you are doing it, but you just nailed me."  


The real lesson here is that there is something valuable and important to be seen on every face we encounter, despite our initial reaction. And that everyone needs to be seen and appreciated for who they are.

Asperger's Syndrome

A few years ago I was invited to speak at Southern New Hampshire University where I was offering free face readings in the morning to generate interest in the talk that I was giving later that day. One student sat down and I began to read his face. He had absolutely no response to anything I was saying. It was so odd that I thought perhaps he was deaf, spoke a different language, or that I had just completely missed the mark in my reading.


When I finished his first words were, "I have to have that book." He went on to explain that he didn't have any money at the time but he felt sure that my Amazing Face Reading book would change his life. He told me that he had some of the top grades in his class but that school had always been really difficult for him...not the class work...that part was easy. He confided to me that he has Asperger's syndrome and he has never been able to read the intentions, reactions or responses of other people.


He said he spent most of his time in middle school in the principal's office because he was involved in a fight almost every day. Either someone would react to something he said or did and push him, hit him, or call him a name or he would fly into a rage and attack a person whom he thought was making fun of him. He said, "With your book I would finally be able to read people so I could understand what is really going on with them." I was so moved that I gave him the book as my gift to him for not giving up and for his finding a more intelligent way to solve personal conflicts.


There are 50,000 autistic children turning 18 this year. Many of them are high functioning, even exceptional, but what is their future? How will we integrate them into society and the workforce? These kids are often highly gifted with left brain functions but are lacking the right brain's felt sense of connection with external surroundings and its ability to make emotional connections and relationships with others. Their condition proves to be a huge handicap in their integration into society and gaining acceptance by others. They can be seen as rude, inappropriate, and even offensive in their speech and conduct as they blunder through what can feel to them like an impossible maze of social norms, expectations and requirements.


As humans, we are all face readers, but our ability to read the intentions written on the faces of others and then to anticipate their meaning have all evolved from right brain functions. On an unconscious level we are picking up hundreds of subtle cues and clues from the other person's voice or their face but , we then translate them into our "feelings" about that person. While most of us take for granted the ability to read another person's intentions, expectations, attitudes and demeanor, we are often oblivious to the cue that triggered that awareness or "feeling".


The value of Amazing Face Reading is that it takes these almost invisible and unconscious external cues and clues that we normally translate as our "feelings" about someone( a right brain function) and decodes them into a compilation of  data  that can be understood and classified from a left brain perspective. I have taught face reading to people who really didn't seem to have even two right brain cells they could rub together and yet I could still teach them to become excellent face readers. What face reading has taught me is that there are no "throw away" people. We are all in this life together. 

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