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We had an excellent class mid-January in which each participant got to play with a set of flash cards and use them to read faces. We are going to continue with another set of cards and a different part of the face in our next class.
It is being offered on Thursday, February 28th from 6:30 - 9:30 PM and will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott University South,
Fort Worth.
Please consider attending our Spring Certification Workshop beginning on Friday, April 5th at 6:30 PM and continuing through Saturday and ending on Sunday the 7th. Not only will you leave this workshop a certified face reader but you will be able to read any face on the planet...guaranteed.
For more information and to make a reservation for either of these events, please call Ann at
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February 2013 Newsletter

In nearly every newsletter I encourage you to read the faces of those with whom you live and work. The hope is that you will understand and connect on a deeper level with every person you meet. But what about wanting to meet someone special and not knowing how to go about it? Face reading can help in this endeavor as well. Many people tell me that face reading has helped them in their romantic relationships.


I met a man once who was depressed because his love life was in a shambles. He had tried and failed so many times to find the "love of his life" that he was ready to give up. He came to my face reading class hoping to find a solution to his problem. He began to realize that he was always looking for the most physically attractive woman. He was picking people who looked like a fashion model or movie star. But, after a date or two he would realize that their beauty was only skin deep and the relationship really did not work out.


From the class he got the idea of going through my book and finding the facial features that correspond to the qualities he wanted in his "ideal woman". Based on his finding, he proceeded to make a collage of her face and when he finished, he declared "I'll know her when I see her." He even bragged to his buddies at work that he now knew what the woman of his dreams would look like.


This Newsletter is dedicated to all those out there looking for love. I couldn't help thinking along these lines in the month of February when we celebrate love on Valentines Day.

A Recipe for Relationship Success

Unfortunately, like the man mentioned above, our attraction to someone is sometimes based more on their looks than their compatibility. Wanting the person you spend time with to resemble a model is okay but the inner beauty of a person is more critical for a long term relationship. On-line dating services charge money to match people and some of their matches are successful. But what if you can put those gimmicks aside and use a short cut and cost saving way to find your perfect Valentine by using Amazing Face Reading. Here is how it works.


If you are looking for a person who is...


generous and a giver then find a person whose gums show when they smile. These are people who are "givers" in a relationship and would be the opposite of a gold digger. 


a provider...and feels like they have enough to share, then look for someone who has a broad base to their nose with large nostrils. They shelter, protect and defend the people they bond and connect with and they are willing to share what they have with those whom they feel bonded or connected.


loyal and committed then notice if they have abundant upper eyelids. These people focus on relationships and want a partner for life. However, be warned because they will want the same level of loyalty and commitment that they are prepared to give. They may feel rejected if they are not included in all aspects of the partner's life.


fun to be with and has a good sense of humor then see if they have lines on each side of the bridge of their nose. These people like to tease people and play with people and have a good time.


an optimist then look to see if the outside corners of their eyes are higher than the inside corners. It appears that their eyes slant up. They feel like someway everything will work out fine. When their hopes aren't met however they can become more disappointed than the average person.


warm, passionate, expressive personality and a good communicator find a person with full lips. These are outgoing people who have a natural expressive ability and a warm passionate nature.


people oriented then find a person with round eyebrows and a round chin. A round chin means that when acting on something, they will put people first. Round eyebrows mean that their mental focus is also people oriented.


affectionate then look for a smooth upper lip or a wide space between the frenulumon on their upper lip. These people thrive on physical touch and affection. Physical connection is an important means of communication for them.


Here is a suggestion for those who have the Amazing Flash Cards: Go through your cards and sort them based on the qualities you are looking for in your ideal partner. See if you can create a profile of your ideal mate. You may be surprised to discover that they may not look like what you expected. 

My Ideal Woman Continued

In the opening paragraph I wrote about a man who created a profile of his "ideal woman" based on her facial features. That is not the end to the story. One day we both happened to end up in the same eye doctor's office. He told me that his sister, who lived in Houston, had invited him to her home for a party. He confessed that he was not that thrilled about going to his older sister's dinner party but decided to go anyway. As the party guests began to arrive, he noticed one of his sister's friends looked just like his ideal woman. The only thing that did not match was the shape of her eyebrows, but other than that, she was perfect.


Before learning face reading, he said he had always been nervous about what to say when he first met someone. If he found himself really attracted to the person it was even more difficult to "break the ice". He said this encounter was different. He walked up to her and said, "You have an amazing face." She looked at him and replied, "What did you say?" He said, "I am a face reader and you have an amazing face. "Challenging him she said, "Well what does my face say?"


Her request to have her face read was not that difficult since he had already memorized all the features he was looking for in his ideal woman. While she was impressed, she was still skeptical, so she said, "OK, your sister must have told you about me, but what about these other people's faces?", pointing to the other guests.


Panic began to set in but he was able to find at least one feature on each of the other people's faces and everyone was impressed. It became a night to remember when she invited him over to her house for a spaghetti dinner and their relationship began to blossom.  Now, several months later they were beginning to think about getting married. The man told me he has never been happier.

Previous newsletters may be found posted on my website: www.amazingfacereading.com  Please take a look.

Thank you for your interest. I welcome your comments, questions and observations. You can e-mail me directly at mac@amazingfacereading.com or my business partner, Ann Marks,
Your feedback is valuable. My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.

Kind regards and Happy Valentines Day,