February  2015 Part II
Volume 65 Number 64


Wayne This week we are going to go coast to coast with good news and bad news - from Washington, DC to Washington State.

From Washington, DC, we have a new guest writer about news that DOT implemented new rules reducing paperwork filings for truck drivers that should save about 46.7 million of hours of time.

From the State of Washington comes more bad news. This state has now joined the bandwagon on misclassification. They have introduced a new definition for the term of "Independent Contractor."

For those of who have been hiding under a rock this past year, we want to reiterate the fact that the Independent Contractor Model is still under attack especially since the NLRB's intervention in October 2014.  

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DOT to Save Truck Drivers $1.7 Billion Dollars Annually
By Eric Halsey for JW Surety Bonds


On Dec 18th, 2014, truck drivers got some great news as the DOT implemented new rules reducing paperwork filings for truck drivers to the tune of 46.7 million hours saved. This came from a wider attempt by the Obama Administration to reduce waste, and is a signal of more streamlining efforts to come.

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Washington State Bills Address Misclassification
Washington State House Representative Riccelli (D) introduced House Bill 1519 on January 21, 2015 and Senator Frockt (D) introduced companion Senate Bill 5566 on January 22, 2015.

 Both Bills are known and can be cited as the Employee Classification Act (relating to simplifying and enforcing employee status under employment laws to ensure fairness to employers and employees and address the underground economy) and apply to Wage & Hour, Unemployment and Industrial Insurance (workers' compensation).  Both bills propose the Legislature make the following findings:

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Contact your Association representative:

(800) 805-0040 or (562) 279-0557 for details




Wayne Schooling

NorthAmerican Transportation Association  

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