vibrating cells
the fun begins

Sunday 17th March, 10.30-12.30pm
Good Vibes - Sound Healing

for four Sundays of sounding disharmony
right out of your system

why do we do it???    because:

 life is the whim of several trillion cells

 to be you for a while

those cells vibrate together
that vibration is the glue of you
the vibration of your soul.

    lets get the rhythm of the breath

      have you got the rhythm of your breath?
    lets get the rhythm of the soul!

      have you got the rhythm of your soul??

    lets get the rhythm of you!

      have you got the rhythm of you??

the rhythm of life is a powerful beat
you can feel it in your fingers
you can feel it your feet!!!

can you feel it in your heart?
in your trillion cells????

as Rabindrath Tagore said:

"The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers."

The distance and difference between your experience and those universal rhythms,   the discord between the vibrations of those few trillion cells that call themselves you - these distances and discord are what bring to us experiences of illness (dis-ease, dis-harmony), and feelings of being dis-connected.

Good Vibes - get your trillion cells vibrating harmoniously.

Connect with the rhythmic measures of the universe and begin to vibrate the song of you in this grand universal symphony - how?


Good Vibes is all about breathing, moving (kundalini yoga style) and making noise... yes chanting & singing, to get our cells vibrating more harmoniously, creating calmer and clearer mental and emotional states, and even potentially helping to heal our physical bodies - finding a cosier place in our selves, and our place amongst the grander rhythms of the universe.

So.... get ready to

 it doesn't matter if its not good enough for any else to hear

(to paraphrase  Sesame Street)... and if you are still not convinced...
et the guys from Sesame Street inspire you - there is a song in all of us

A-List Celebrities
A-List Celebrities "Sing" Sesame Street

you don't even need to be a muppet to feel these good vibes
(but it wont hurt if you are)

And to put it all into context, we will also share with you relevent and enlightening information from the traditions of chinese medicine through to the latest scientific findings and everything in between, so you can really get  a grip on your mind, your emotions, your life.

starts Sunday 17th March

4 weeks of meditation and sound filled bliss
with Natalie and Brie 
Fill yourself with good vibrations and wash away the past, clear your mind, heal yourself from a cellular level. Here is a brief look at the four weeks:

week 1 - the heart - love, grief & vibrating clearly from your core
week 2 - the spleen - intellect, worry & the vibration of nurturing
week 3 - the liver - anger, depression their impact, anger's role
week 4 - the kidneys - fear, anxiety and your life force

More detail can be found on the spirit rising website, or call and ask your questions. This powerful course will impact every area of your life and empower you on a supportive path of deep self understanding.

dont forget to book
or call Brie on 0422 963 207

This world needs all the good vibes it can get - please pass this on to anyone (and everyone) you think might enjoy what we have to share, or even better, bring them with you.

spirit rising yoga

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