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Welcome to the latest issue of Legal Search Marketing, the newsletter for attorneys looking for effective and affordable ways to market their services on the Internet.

This issue is about establishing an exit plan. Every month I get calls from frustrated FindLaw clients. These attorneys feel that FindLaw is missing the mark when it comes to promoting their services online. They may be happy with the design and appearance of their website but not the results and certainly not the monthly price tag. But extracting a website from FindLaw can be challenging and requires careful planning in order to maintain the integrity of the site as it appears to visitors and to search engines.

If you're a FindLaw client who is not satisfied with your website's visibility in the search engines, or the leads it generates, or the fee you pay, it may be time to consider your exit plan. Read this month's feature article to find out how you can successfully transition away from a company that's no longer right for you.

Ian M Bardorf 


Ian M. Bardorf  

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Feature Article


5 Things To Consider When Creating Your FindLaw Exit Plan 


Internet marketing for attorneys is a well-established practice. As more of us spend more time online, using Google to find any kind of professional service has become second nature.


Which means it's more important than ever to have a great website that's easy to find and promotes your firm well. If you're like most attorneys, you turned to a professional agency to create and manage your site instead of doing it yourself. Some of you choose FindLaw, one of the biggest, for its reputation and resources.


But Internet marketing is more than just a listing in an online directory and a website, and over time, many clients of big companies like FindLaw become dissatisfied, not only by the level of service but more importantly, the results they get and the premium price they pay month over month, year over year.


If you don't have a website already, FindLaw might be a good option to help you get started. But working with FindLaw is a case of diminishing returns. While it may be worth the premium rate the first year to get a well designed website introduced to the search engines, it's definitely not worth this much in the third year, never mind year four ... or ten.


Plus, upon entering an agreement with FindLaw, most attorneys aren't sure who owns their website, the domain, the design, and the content upon termination. They are surprised to learn, when they dig into the terms and conditions, how much leverage FindLaw maintains.

If you're a FindLaw client, you're probably spending more than you need to for the results you're getting. Once you've come to the conclusion that your total marketing budget is probably adequate, but spending it all on FindLaw is not a long-term solution, it's time to consider your options.


Here are 5 things to consider when making your FindLaw Exit Plan 

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Q: I have a website I'm happy with. What else can I be doing to market myself?


A: Successful Internet marketing means creating and leveraging a strong online presence. Your online presence is a combination of all of the ways you are represented on the Internet: your website, online profiles, videos, blog posts, podcasts, social media pages, directory listings, and more. Used separately, each one helps you be found by more prospects and clients. Used together, they will help you get as much visibility online as possible to grow your business.


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