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Do passions die? I'm thinking about the passions that we form as young children. What happens to these as we get older, especially if we don't nurture them as we age?


Last month I went on vacation with my husband to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. One of the places I wanted to visit was Jacob's Pillow Dance, a beautiful haven for dancers and dance lovers. I first heard about it when I was in high school and read Dance Magazine. I had a secret desire to study dance there, though I never pursued it.


Last month, many years after my first introduction to Jacob's Pillow, I realized that this was on my bucket list. I felt like I was in my element even though I was an observer and not a participant. Visitors to Jacob's Pillow are allowed to watch the dance classes and rehearsals of the talented students from around the world who are selected to participate in The School at Jacob's Pillow. One morning I sat at the side of the dance studio and watched the extremely challenging contemporary dance class led by Milton Myers. He worked the dancers hard and they were up to the challenge.


At the end of class, the dancers clapped for their teacher. The teacher acknowledged their thanks and then warmly grasped the hands of the musician who accompanied the class, and the students then clapped for the musician too. I wasn't the only person in the room who felt immense gratitude.  


I walked outside and said hello to a Jacob's Pillow staff member who stood at the door. A tear appeared in my eye. I saw my husband standing further down the flower-laden path, and as I approached him more tears flowed down my cheeks. I was as surprised as he to see this outpouring of emotion.


Clearly my passion for dance has not died. It was nurtured early on by fabulous teachers. And while I did not make it my profession, I do still enjoy dancing and watching dance. And I do believe that my interest and training in dance has enhanced my work.  


I notice people's bodies - how they move, hold themselves, breathe and this is helpful in my coaching work with them. We may ask "what is the presence of a leader/manager/performer?" And then we may explore how they might enhance their physical presence.


What are your passions from childhood? How do they show up in your life now? Would you like to bring them back if they have lain dormant? How might you do that?


Still dancing,



Dancer's warming up prior to performance
Dancers warming up prior to Inside/Out performance at Jacob's Pillow


  • To learn more about Jacob's Pillow, watch the documentary film, Never Stand Still, on Netflix.



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