August 2014

Importance of Reporting

Our September issue of SafetyNet will discuss the importance of reporting workplace injuries and incidents to the WSCC. The article will also highlight recent changes to Policy 11.02, Reporting an Injury, Disease or Death which has reporting implications for Northern workers and employers. You can view the revised policy here.


Stay tuned for the September feature.


If you have a workplace injury or incident to report, call our 24-hour Incident Reporting Line at 1-800-661-0792.

Working on Wellness

We can't always find the motivation or energy to put towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Imagine if employers offered support and assistance to make those lifestyle choices easier!


The BC Healthy Living Alliance, Canadian Cancer Society, and Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC), in partnership with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), are embarking on a 2 year project called Working on Wellness (WoW). The program offers employers tools to create workplaces that support and encourage healthy lifestyle choices, customized to the needs and interests of their workers.


The first year of the WoW program will focus on five pilot sites: De Beers Group of Companies, Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation, Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., WSCC, and GNWT Department of Health and Social Services. The goal of this project is to reduce preventable cancers and other chronic diseases through implementing workplace wellness initiatives. 


The program provides the tools to educate, the opportunity to act on that knowledge, and the environment to facilitate shared support. The WSCC looks forward to taking part in this new initiative. The first module is set to begin in November.  For more information please click here.

Payroll Revisions 

Employers, now is a good time to review the payroll estimate you provided for 2014. The WSCC will be sending out payroll revisions to all employers at the end of August. Included in your letter this year you will receive your owner/director information to update. It is important to review and submit if there are significant changes.


Reporting significant changes in your payroll estimate throughout the year is the easiest way to avoid penalties for underestimating. To report changes, complete a Payroll Revision form, available here. Fax it toll free to 1-866-277-3677 in the Northwest Territories or 1-866-979-8501 in Nunavut.


If you have any questions on revising your payroll, contact Employer Services in Northwest Territories at 1-800-661-0792 and in Nunavut at 1-877-404-4407.

Policy Changes

The Governance Council is reviewing the following policies at its September meeting. If you would like to participate in the review of future WSCC policies please email our Policy and Corporate Reporting unit. 

September 2014

  • Policy 02.01, Employer Assessments
  • Policy 02.03, Personal Optional Coverage
  • Policy 02.05, Reporting Payroll
  • Policy 2.06, Account Registration

Working with Poor Air Quality


With a summer filled with extreme forest fires and a dump fire coined the "Dumpcano", air quality has been top of mind for many workers. The health effects from the smoke of a forest or dump fire may affect some people in the workplace more than others. People with heart or lung conditions, infants, young children, and the elderly are particularly at risk.


To reduce exposure to smoke in the workplace, workers should stay indoors as much as possible; close doors and windows; and if you have to work outside, ensure you use the appropriate safety equipment and take regular breaks.


We realize it is not always possible to follow these safe work practices. If you must work in conditions with poor air quality, some symptoms to watch out for include wheezing, breathing difficulty, tightness in the chest, light headedness, and dizziness. Smoke may also irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. If symptoms persist and you cannot continue working seek medical attention.


Remember, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of all persons in their establishment. And, it is the worker's right to refuse to perform duties which they feel pose an unusual danger to themselves or others. If you have questions, contact the WSCC at 1-800-661-0792.

What's New

WSCC Publication Highlights 

The WSCC works hard to bring you fresh and informative content in all of our publications. This reoccurring section highlights recent updates and new safety tools for you to use!


New Worker Rights Posters

Do you know your worker rights? Click here to view our new Worker Rights posters, available in a variety of language options. To request copies to display at your workplace, email us.


Homeowners' Responsibilities Brochure

Do you know that as a homeowner the WSCC might consider you to be an employer when you hire friends, family, or others to perform work on or in your home? Check out our new brochure, available here.

Kivalliq Trade Show 
September 29 - October 1, 2014

Come visit the WSCC booth in Rankin Inlet at the 5th Annual Kivalliq Trade Show. We hope to see you there.

Office closures:

Labour Day - September 1, 2014 

(Northwest Territories and Nunavut offices closed)


To report a serious injury, incident, or fatality, call our  24-hour Incident Reporting Line: 1-800-661-0792.

Course Tips

Upcoming Safety Courses

WSCC, along with our partners Northern Territories Federation of Labour (NTFL) and Northern Safety Association (NSA), offer courses about workplace safety and awareness. Stay informed about upcoming courses!  


Northern Safety Association - Contact the NSA for more information

Principles in Health and Safety Management 
September 22
Auditor Training Program
September 23-24
Leadership for Safety Excellence 
September 25-26


Northern Territories Federation of Labour - Find out more information here!


Step One: Understanding Workers' Compensation
September 16
Step Two: Introducing Return-to-work
September 17
Step Three: Developing Return-to-work Programs
September 23-25


WSCC - find out more information here!


Supervisor Safety
September 9-11
Supervisor Safety
September 16-18
Supervisor Safety
Cambridge Bay 
September 23-25



Interested in any of these topics, or looking for more information? Check out our website, or email us! We'd love to hear from you!   /  1.800.661.0792   *  /  1.877.404.4407