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February 2014

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What is workers' compensation?
We may grumble when we pay insurance on our vehicles and homes, but having insurance can save us from a lot of hardship when something goes wrong and we experience property damage, or even worse, personal injury.


We spend more time working in our jobs than most other activities. Employers' legislated responsibility to keep their workers safe includes paying insurance to cover injury and illness that may come from being on the job. But how and when is the worker covered?


Learn more about workers' compensation and how it protects and cares for Northern workers in the March issue of SafetyNet

What's with the new look?

introducing safetynet

So you may notice that we're looking a little different this issue. We've revamped our previous e-publications into one flagship format: SafetyNet!


SafetyNet brings WSCC content to your inbox every month. Alternating between a newsletter and a feature article format every month, SafetyNet is your resource to find out what's going on in the Northern safety culture.


Let us know what you'd like to see in future issues by emailing us at
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wscc joins social media

WSCC is now part of the online social media community! You can interact with us on Facebook and Twitter, in both French and English.

Social media is a way for us to continue our commitment to partner with stakeholders to ensure workplace safety, and care for workers, and promote a strong safety culture across the North.

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deadline alert!
eps forms due february 28

Reminder to all employers! The deadline for returning your Employer's Payroll Statement is coming up quickly. Make sure to send your completed form in to the Employer Services Division before February 28. Haven't received your form? Find and fill it out online!


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wscc's publication highlights

WSCC works hard to bring you fresh and informative content, in all of our publications. This recurring section highlights recent updates or brand new safety tools for you to use!


WSCC 2014 Calendar - get our trilingual, double-sided calendar and always be in the know about our upcoming events and deadlines! Contact us to request your copy today!


Hazard Alert: Working Near Power Lines - power lines can be an extreme hazard, especially when operating large equipment around them. Find out safe work practices for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and remember to be aware of your work environment.


course tips
safety education 

WSCC, along with our partners Northern Territories Federation of Labour and Northern Safety Association, offer courses about safety and awareness. Stay informed about upcoming courses!


Northern Territories Federation of Labour - find out more information on courses here! 


Step One: Understanding Workers' Compensation


March 11

April 9


Hay River

February 20


Fort Simpson

March 4


Rankin Inlet

March 18

Step Two: Introducing Return-to-Work


March 12

April 10


Hay River

February 21


Fort Simpson

March 5


Rankin Inlet

March 19

Step Three: Developing Return-to-Work Programs


February 25-27

April 29-May 1


 Northern Safety Association - contact the NSA for more information!




February 24-28

Prime Contractor


March 3, March 4

Back Injury Prevention


February 20



February 17, February 18


 WSCC Supervisor Safety Course - find out more information here!


Supervisor Safety Course


February 25-27


Hay River

February 25-27

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