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Volume 7 Issue 3
August 2013


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Stakeholder Consultation

Payroll Revision

Safe Advantage Deadline

NAOSH Toolbox Challenge Winners

Labour Day

Holiday Reminder

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Stakeholder Consultation


Stakeholder consultation allows the WSCC to exchange information and ideas with stakeholders about specific issues. Consultation provides you, our stakeholders, the opportunity to contribute to the policy development process.


According to Policy 00.07, Consultation, the WSCC Governance Council directs when the Commission consults with stakeholders. While the Governance Council directs when the WSCC formally consults with stakeholders, the President may in turn advise the Governance Council when consultation with stakeholders about a specific policy issue is beneficial.


When consulting, the WSCC follows these principles of consultation:

  • Clearly and openly states the intentions and objectives of the consultation;
  • Establishes and communicates a minimum 90-day consultation timeline, allowing time for stakeholder input and comments;
  • Provides relevant quantitative and qualitative information, including policy options so stakeholders may knowledgably contribute to the policy development process;
  • Uses an appropriate consultation method for the issue;
  • Provides feedback to stakeholders participating in consultation, at the end of the consultation process; and
  • Adheres to all WSCC governing instruments when selecting a policy direction.

The WSCC wants to hear from our stakeholders, even when the Governance Council is not requesting formal consultation on an issue. If you, or your organization, have ideas or opinions about current or proposed policies, send an email to or Find the upcoming policy review schedule online.


Thanks in advance to all of our stakeholders for your contributions to the policy review and development process.

 Payroll Revision

It's hard to believe the year is half over! Employers, now is a good time to review the payroll estimate you provided for 2013 and report significant changes.


Reporting significant changes in your payroll estimate throughout the year is the easiest way to avoid penalties for underestimating.


To report changes, complete a Payroll Revision form, available on our website. Fax it toll free to 1-866-277-3677 in the Northwest Territories or 1-866-979-8501 in Nunavut.


If you have any questions on revising your payroll, contact Employer Services at 1-800-661-0792.

Safe Advantage Deadline


The deadline for Safe Advantage employers to submit the Management Practices Questionnaire, October 31, 2013, is quickly approaching.


Remember to complete both sections: Prevention, and Return to Work/Claims Management. Submit the questionnaire by email to


The Prevention section assesses a company's health and safety program. The Return to Work/Claims Management section assesses the return to work process.


If you want more information on our Safe Advantage program, call the Safe Advantage Technician at 1-800-661-0792, extension 4432, or visit our website for information on the program, the Questionnaire, and FAQs.


NAOSH Toolbox Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the City of Yellowknife's Solid Waste Management Division for winning the Toolbox Minute Challenge during the celebration of North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week.


Submitting their safety meeting minutes to the WSCC gained them entry for a random draw to win a SPOT messenger, an emergency locator.


Toolbox Winners


After a tour of the Solid Waste Facility, WSCC President & CEO Dave Grundy and Vice-President, Prevention Services, Stephen Moss awarded the prize and certificate to the crew.


Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered our contest! We look forward to celebrating NAOSH 2014 with everyone again next year.

Labour Day


The Northern Territories Federation of Labour (NTFL) invites the public to celebrate Labour Day on Monday, September 2.Exclamation


Celebrations in Yellowknife take place at Stanton Plaza, outside of the NTFL office, from 11:30am - 2:00pm. Activities include a free barbeque with hamburgers, hot dogs and cake, animal balloons, face painting, and a bouncy house for children.


Watch for announcements on activities taking place in Inuvik, Iqaluit, Fort Smith, and more!

Holiday Reminder 


WSCC offices close in recognition of Labour Day on Monday, September 2. To report a serious injury or incident during the closure, call1-800-661-0792.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


The Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission commits to service excellence. Share your suggestions with our President on how to serve you better. Email or call (867) 920-3888, or toll free at (800) 661-0792.

We Want to Hear from You


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